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  Feb 2017 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
The atmosphere is atomised fear
Your cant full of four letters
War decreed and now we bleed
Forgiveness owns two debtors

Just hanging on a hangover
Begin the counterclaims
Each a zeppelin filled with adrenaline
Ready to go up in flames

We've been here before you / I
And this mirrored glass
My ugly reflection devoid of affection
Always a snake in the grass.

Trapped with another violent prisoner
Who torments their cell "mate"
Full of sin but, which would get in
To that approaching pearly gate?
  Jan 2017 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity

How I miss that feel
That concrete, glass and steel
Suited enslavement
Trudging down the pavement

Oceans of faces consigned
Microwave meals on their mind
Future holidays in the sun
Oh, the anticipation

Coconuts fall behind me
As I gaze across the sea
Feels like I've been here
For an eternity
  Apr 2016 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
Cheap flowers in the sink
A card with lies cast in the bin
Beers are frosting in the freezer
Shivering next to the ice cream
I scream
You scream
The neighbours bang the wall
A framed photo whizzes past my head
A family behind shattered glass
I turn to leave
Insults fly
I want you in my past
Exit hysteria
Outside another world
The curtains twitch across the street
What are they looking at?
What have I become
Sirens in the distance
Run you idiot run
Door crashes behind me
I spin to see that maniacal grin
Thrusting your fists toward my gut
Something sharp breaks the skin
The world slows on its axis
Just like the first moment I saw you
And as I slip from consciousness
Your enraged blood splattered face
has never looked more beautiful
So full of life
Farewell my valentine
  Mar 2016 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
Lost in an unfamiliar home, deep inside a book
In the comforting glow of that lamp that stood...
Standing to attention in that gloomy nook
The words jumbled & spun on that page
So I slammed shut the book

Above me burned a coil of tungsten
Blazing bright
And from it
Every angle burst its miracle of light
Beams/ waves destined for far off places
But shackled by the shade
Mocked by the tasselled trim
Harnessed by the braid

My mind wanders...
It is a marvel of our age
That we choose to create lamps so bright that they need a shade
That they need to be shaded
Those lamps can't shine so bright
For without the shade the dark won't creep in and we wouldn't be aware of the night.

I step outside
Into that night
Shadows cast by the city street lights

Down that dank alley
Lives an uncelebrated man
In a tattered box with faded damp
Barely noticed
To most he's just another jaded *****
If only they could see
Individually tailor the shade for our lamp
Privately (inside translucent shields)  we all burn bright.
Shaded by fear and notions of what's wrong and right
Right and wrong
Wrong and right
Creations of those that had the strength to fight
Not by the humbled, battered and bruised
Too shaded to raise a blazing revolutionary fist
Too fractured, hungry and confused
Afraid of the attention caused from cries for any justice
Inside my head
I imagine I have my own bed
A good book
An cosy reading chair
And a lamp standing to attention with its thousand-yard stare

Staring out to the ever rising seas

Cometh the great submerging eviction
Mass migrations fleeing war, famine & filthy camps
Oceans rise and tears fall with whispered benediction
How many of you will become degraded tramps
But we just keep insisting that it is farflung fiction
Back to my box and its faded damp

Silhouettes of four impatient horses appear on an windswept horizon.

This false paradise we live in with its twisted ergonomics?
Should we really sit and wait for the catastrophes to appear?
Surely we are collectively able to create a smarter economics?
Or is it just easier continuing to accept living in fear?
Because when all is accounted for
All the pros and cons have been weighed
What matters most
Is not the brightness of your lamp
But your choice of shade.
  Mar 2016 Mr Berg
A snooze and my life leapt
A lift of space to another
A tear dropped and flowed
Coursing the meandering river
In your heart, you hold destiny
In your smile you ink eternity
Our senses will be tramped
Rejected as insane dissolutions
Drowned and dwelling as whole
The touch of your soul is palpable
The depth of your tongue palatable
The echo you engage in my heart
The call to rouse my ancient being
For you existed, persisted, resisted
Then arrested, attested and tested
Here is my well drink from it
Dwell and tether in my pastures
Let my words flow in your divine vibes
  Mar 2016 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
Bring back the wolves, nature's balance has gone astray
The ancient flowing water is carving a new way

Reds and Roes are rampant, stripping blade, stalk and leaf
Diversity is dwindling, the knife is in its sheath

Bring back the wolves, not those that shoot for "sport"
Untame mother nature with her sharpest retort
  Feb 2016 Mr Berg
Shaded Lamp
Parched and lost on the wild moor
Every limb swollen and sore
This journey had taken its share of soul

Then from the east paradise strode
Rains fell and seed was sowed
Two animals sharing the same goal

Our love dried with the rising sun
I dug a deep and bridgeless canyon
A divide and mutual water hole
I watched as she poisoned our well
yet I drank and went straight to Hell
Her tearless eyes always in control

Cast back on that baron moor
Weaker but wiser than before
Only half of a wretched whole
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