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Moumen ali Mar 2019
Insecurity; is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself & your abilities...

Insecurities are nothing but impurities to the temple you call your mind..
Cloud your judgement of yourself and sometimes others..
can leave you trapped under the covers..
And not wanting to leave the room.
Cuz you don’t want to see you, you don’t others or even the world to see you, because people have left you to believe that you’re too ugly to be loved..
To weird to be accepted, to crazy to be seen as normal no matter how many people you talk to or how many people tried to tell you different, It won’t change.

These thoughts have glued them selves to your brain,
They’re stuck there, watching them rip away your self-esteem..
Hoping it’s just a dream..
But It’s a curse.

And it’s not like Cinderella or sleeping beauty because you can’t reverse this.
And we all know that you want to...
But these words they haunt you..
Wear you like a coat and flaunt you..
As each and everyday they taunt you..

Insecurities leave you with the lack of trust,, even for yourself..
Screaming for help..
But these insecurities block any sound..
So no inner beauty can be found..
Sniff around for it like a bloodhound..
But under these insecurities the true beauty is bound.

Insecurities leave you not wanting friends because you think they’ll stab you in the back like previous have.
They will leave you constantly worrying about if your (better half) will eventually pack up and leave you for someone else with little to no explanation.

That’s why to all the women out there,, tear these insecurities down..
Tear them down because they got the best of you..
Told yourself, “Without a guy, I’m just so empty inside..”
Dying to hear “I love you”, and eventually you did..
But you became nothing to be his all.

You see.
Some women get pretty and accessorize..
Tryna’ access our hearts, but they access our eyes..
Value beauty over brains, then have the nerve to be surprised..
When men disregard their thoughts just to analyze their thighs.

Men are arroused by their senses, but women do not sense it...
Spending cents to buy scents to find love,
it’s so senseless.

So please . set your standards.
NO ifs, ands or buts.
If you keep falling for buttholes, then stop showing off your ****..
Do you keep falling for losers? Then start being a winner..
Tired of being used for your body? Stop falling for sinners..
Seek godly men, Yes they got swag too.
BETTER YET, be a women.. let godly men seek you.

— The End —