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Mo Rojas Oct 2015
don't look at the clock
do not look at the skyline
close your eyes and lay
Mo Rojas Aug 2015
I wish to fall away in a dream. Sometimes I wish to never wake. And they say it's just a phase. And they tell me to pray, but the miracle of a god cannot wash this away.

And they are willing to tell me who I am, what I want. They tell me my dreams and desires when all I want is to be free.

I wish to fall away in a dream, much like the ones where I felt every bit of me panic as I fell. But I wish not to be wretched awake. I only wish to escape.
Mo Rojas May 2015
I wish to kiss your
jawline and gaze upon the
starlight. What a wish.
Mo Rojas May 2015
the sky is screaming
pouring an intoxicating pitch into my broken eardrums
this toxic melody violently shaking my brain, leaving small ripples on my flesh like the waves of an ocean

moist palms cupped around the curves of my ears
enough to dull the angry cries from the skyline
the sky is screaming

but I don't want to hear
written 5/24/15
Mo Rojas May 2015
dandy lion dreams
caked dirt on my worn out knees
i drink from the sky
Mo Rojas May 2015
ive managed to lace my head with hallucinogens and watch the bees rest in my eyes. pale blue is the sky as their wings buzz in unison. i can feel the silk petals nestled in my skin.

i wish to taste the clouds even more. white shrouds of dreams wrapped around my tongue. funny how the sun melts me down like a candle. funny how i still find myself in my bed.
Mo Rojas May 2015
small secrets pour from your pores
a poor soul wrapped inside your flesh
feverent sweats
complacent attempts to envelope me in your sorrows
tomorrow the sun will set and by then I would hope to have forgotten your face
tomorrow I will pour myself another drink and think about poor you
tomorrow you will intoxicate my evanescent daydreams
I pray they don't take me far from the shore of reality
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