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be the thorne
everyone scared of,

Not the flower
people use and then throw.
Be with someone who can walk miles to bring a smile on your face.
Not with the one for whom you can walk miles to bring a smile on there face.

And then either don't let him walk miles
or walk with him to bring smiles.
I am that voice you can't suppress.
I am the body you can't consume.
No, the fault is not of my dress,
it's in your mind that you assume.
monster in the body of a man.
more than a target or a pleasure,
someone's daughter maybe I am.
this is the last sin you must measure
I will bring you out and expose
the way you touched and tear me 'part.
with you hanging, the report will close.
I will keep going with a new life to start.
I want to be a lamp
In your beautiful camp,
We will track together.
Hold me when I shatter,
I will be with you forever.
Sometimes like a kid and sometimes elder.
All you need is to hold me tight,
The loneliest person I seem might,
But in your heart, you also know,
I  need you in my life like snow.
I feel complete with you around,
You are the ointment to my wound.
this raining noon makes me bloom.
that kick from Lil one in my womb.
I drenched in rain from head to toe,
enjoying the reason behind this glow.
with pain in back and peace in the soul,
wondering will he/she gets his Father's mole.
the drops of rain can't touch inside,
but I believe someone just took a sigh.
the day of arrival is approaching soon,
we welcome this stranger like a boon.
I feel I do not exist
for the ones,
I expected to be their world of.
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