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Oct 2022 · 88
Migel Oct 2022
We let things come and go
To and fro
but for some reason
Letting you go aches me so

One day we'll be okay
till then we stay
it will all make sense
everything will coalesce

pain will exist
as to why I'm writing this
bare with every kiss
even if not in a bliss
Aug 2022 · 122
Migel Aug 2022
A walk from home took me miles
a walk from home would be different
if home was so full of smiles
Aug 2022 · 67
Sun shy
Migel Aug 2022
The sun never compared to those eyes
With burning passion enough to melt ice
Who knew a gaze could feel warm
Warm enough to feel like home to no harm

Lay onto me while gazing through
Reaching hotter than the sun
Lay your body against mine
And burn for more heat we can barely stand

Don’t shy away for these eyes shine,
That shine brighter reflecting from yours
I hope time passes slow for us
For you to look into more deep
Till i could barely contain the heat
Jul 2022 · 90
Cobwebs and tears
Migel Jul 2022
From shallow halls to painted walls
Each time it fades, we put it back to place
Heavy time forever mine
These cobwebs stick, entangled minds

As we dance to our song played
Along with the sky dim but star gazed
Blew of cold winds to our skins
The only warmth we felt was ourselves

Yesterday was a gloomy day
The only thing i knew
Was your heart that day
Now i’m covered in cobwebs
With entangled mind
How did it come to this
How did it led to tears
Haziness of yesterdays events always reflect at present doubt
Jun 2022 · 91
High on you
Migel Jun 2022
You’ll always be a drug that i can’t help but take
You wring out my cents, captivated by your scents that makes my world make sense

Soberiety is a state i avoid, keep me high, keep me in this void
You leaving me will wake me up from this slumber
This dream i’m having, i hope it lasts forever

Let me be the only one that you intoxicate
I’ll let my sanity be tamed even self contained
Let me in to feel the sensation, held by your temptation
I live in this world where you are all i crave
To which all i taste is all of the moments we have
And live in the memories we make

The seek of others attention deeply affects me
You are my drug that is supposed to intoxicate me
Obsession may be the word but you’ll be my drug and i’ll be your addict
May 2022 · 179
No end
Migel May 2022
Path left unprotected is a path bound to be neglected
Misty and weary eyes, stare at the roads with lows and highs
Gaze upon the road no that has no end
Only to see, it leads to a cliff, a dead end

Dismantling every possession, made pact and became a possession
I fell deep and as deep as i go, the higher you go
Capture the love you need that you deserve
And maybe i’ll fall more deeper, deeper till i feel no nerve
Apr 2022 · 105
Migel Apr 2022
If the eyes you seek were eyes that are not weak
You seek solice to the eyes of someones so meek
If i pour rain your cup shouldn’t be filled
For the roof is for protection that i built

Clouds take up a storm, thunders that form
It gets heavy as i take in
Don’t mind if it starts raining
Releasing is part of it don’t catch the sick of it
Releasing such tears is form of sincerity and fatigue
Not to direct onto you the pain which cost me
Tears i let go are things that are just hard to keep in
The more you keep it in the more you are struggling
Mar 2022 · 113
Arms of thorns
Migel Mar 2022
How long can everything last
moments we lost count
feels nothing but stored only in the past

These arms are no home
Only pains to hold and let go
keeping you close don't keep you safe
holding you back, I'm out of place

For the while we intertwine
Keep the memory of joy
or even the times we whine
even cried

Never forget where we started
let it be a lesson for how we ended
Mar 2022 · 83
Working it out
Migel Mar 2022
Knowing it wears on heavy
Every words has it’s own effects
Bound to indicate how much it affects, Us

Working it out takes toll
Days, months and years
All this time i never were able to run dry

Who knew weariness can catch up to me
Many weights add up, heavy for us to lift up
Maybe if doubts were straight

We never would have felt this way….
Feb 2022 · 163
Migel Feb 2022
Time will come where words won’t match
Feelings unattached, colors mismatch
Having no clue to what to do
But look where the mess you made
brought you..

Whimper seen, misty scene
Foggy till i lose sense
Making it hard to coalesce

Maybe love can fix
Maybe love can amend
But it won’t be easy
Because love is not enough

Make it seen, even effects shown
For day by day
Bits get taken away
I still for that day to come
Where i see your smile reach up your eyes
Feb 2022 · 60
Migel Feb 2022
Powered through the night
Even stars that watch get caught by the light
But only goes for so far and for so long
Even stars lose it’s track, no turning back

I manifest for sunlight to seep through blinds
See through lies, seek full ties
To receive such warmth and light
Like a solar
Keep me through the night
Jan 2022 · 369
My Love
Migel Jan 2022
May the heavens give you reasons to stay when you have none left
And time to spare for little moments we deeply care
Jan 2022 · 160
My preservation
Migel Jan 2022
Part of me where still resides inside of you
that resemble my flower in a stormy field

I still hold what's left of you
that's grown big enough to resemble the tree
that can't be move by even strong winds...
Oct 2021 · 145
Migel Oct 2021
My dearest star in this empty night sky
Hold my hand till you bid goodbye
Sun will always rise my dearest star
Dry those eyes for I won’t be far
I’ll always be close wherever you are
The sun will soon rise
But i still want to stare at your dearest eyes
The sun will soon rise
My dearest star

In another timeline
Oct 2021 · 297
Migel Oct 2021
There will be days where I can't fathom
can't handle
selfish to say but I expect you to be my candle
may you be lit or not
just stay with me.
Sep 2021 · 220
Cloud Chasing
Migel Sep 2021
All you ever wondered was chasing clouds
In all every of it's form
unsatisfied to which bounds
hard to catch and deform

While the clouds are what you chase
I stay focused on you
unlimited to my case
because you are my cloud
in all every of it's form..
Sep 2021 · 307
Behind the scenes
Migel Sep 2021
I talk behind these closed curtains
Where tears echo to the sound of it’s drop
And every silent gasp you hardly maintain
behind every curtain
Is a smile exhausted
And i don’t watch from the audience
I stay behind curtains
Behind your burdens i see
Sep 2021 · 68
My fire in the snow
Migel Sep 2021
I've written new, far from being blue
for seeing you is flames burning in the snow
light that sustains forever glow
if ever it dims and weakness show
do not worry
I have more things to make you burn
more things to make you grow
for giving me the warmth
it's my turn to give you hope
You are my hope, I'll be yours too
I love you
Sep 2021 · 95
Migel Sep 2021
As we dance gracefully in the heat of the moment
We burn for more than we could imagine
We dance without care
We cry heart out
And till we can’t
For it’s all burnt
Too late to extinguish
Sep 2021 · 62
Migel Sep 2021
This shell that i portray
Where dark and misty mindset and thoughts
Don’t cover of what’s in me
There a safe space beneath under this mess
That can offer anything
Even nurture a seed
For i’ll hold you for as long as i can
Sep 2021 · 44
Migel Sep 2021
I would cherish our relationship as to a bread
For i’ll pick and save even the crumbs
Small things i do appreciate, even problems at cost i comprehend
Sep 2021 · 45
Migel Sep 2021
To when two point come to misunderstanding
would it be to understand alone or to make way for the other to understand
Sep 2021 · 475
Migel Sep 2021
Let me hear your thoughts
see your troubles
feel your pain
only then will I ever be useful
Sep 2021 · 276
Migel Sep 2021
There are days that I can stand nor understand
but I comprehend in the end
things will come clear
like how inevitable a fog is
if you wait you shall see
till then be at peace
Sep 2021 · 108
Migel Sep 2021
Raise you heart, offer your world
pride have sunk on the ground
**** up the words
for I want to give rather than recieve
Sep 2021 · 233
Migel Sep 2021
I intent to cope with expression
but drown with frustration and agression
I want to be cleared out of this sea of thoughts
and fasting mind that eat me up
now I write only to express
unable to cope
Sep 2021 · 218
Migel Sep 2021
You wish for a star so from a far
unable to reach it from a far
settling in what's bearable
I felt unfavorable
2nd option max
Sep 2021 · 174
Time Alone
Migel Sep 2021
Befriend the existence of your loneliness
because only then you'll feel
the company of yourself
Reaching out to those who feel alone
Aug 2021 · 86
Flunk down
Migel Aug 2021
Words filled, stored in
Bring nothing but ill words
Sick steam, high beam
How uncontrolled this mind works

Now i fall in this state
To which i wonder
And realize
It’s like this
When i always over ponder
Aug 2021 · 50
Migel Aug 2021
How a heavy heart
Weighs down words to be spoken
Living in the state of bed ridden
With chains that clamped the soul
Stuck in the illusion
Of sorrow
And dark tomorrow
Aug 2021 · 65
Migel Aug 2021
If i told u that i lost hope in me too
Would you also lose it?
Leaving me wondering to take
Precautions that i make
One step and one breathe away
For it all to crumble
Get taken by the wind away
Aug 2021 · 44
Migel Aug 2021
I can’t bring much more
doubts have been more to reach the floor
I sink in the ground ponder and ask
Why everything for you is such a vast
Why life is such a blunt knife
For you to cut and push hard
Only to see nothing to be inflicted

Mind has swallowed me whole
And this’ll be my space
Thoughts and words is all i have
Heed this call
Cause i don’t think i might last
Aug 2021 · 42
Migel Aug 2021
A loop of metal with shiny thing on top
Where flesh and bones pass through
And cannot be removed nor blew

A long with the words we utter
Silent loved ones listen
To the sound of butterflies flutter

Still fear could struck
Hosting for it to be abduct
The future you breath
Might be the breathe of regret you exhale
I overthink confusedly, tag between hope in myself and doubt, now things get difficult, and affect things even the future
Aug 2021 · 142
Migel Aug 2021
Would the scars heal faster than the wounds inflicted?
Those are not the questions to be asked
Why do constantly inflict wounds?
Jul 2021 · 51
Migel Jul 2021
Both stays at fall, but meanings don't match at all
one might mean the action to fall
and one mean to crumble

for the other means inlove
and without notice... the other means apart
To my thinking we would go down the same path of falling... i guess i lead u the different direction
Jun 2021 · 240
Migel Jun 2021
Intent to fill your heart with all of me
Not knowing i'm the thorns of the rose not the petals

Intent to fill your heart with love
But only made you bleed and be left with scars.
Too much a heart can take
Jun 2021 · 362
Migel Jun 2021
For so much the eyes can see
Naked is bestowed only for the body
Not so well known but being naked is also bestowed from deep with in
No secrets to hide
No intentions that are not shown
And open feelings

As two souls unite, two must require to be naked
As two souls unite, no unknown feelings or thoughts should hide
As two worlds collide unity is only to provide

Insecurities must be stripped away
Only a touch of your trust is required

Worries be removed so is doubt
A touch of your assurance is required

Past be removed and accepted
A touch of your settlement

Clothes resemble the feelings we hold
For two souls unite no clothes be worn
And the two worlds provide what is required for them to unite.
You should be open to you significant other, such things you hide and your lies, add up and end up to failure. Hold them close be stripped of the clothes you wear and settle down.
Jun 2021 · 151
Migel Jun 2021
Life is what i hold dear to most
life is a breathe of releif and comfort you feel, oh hold me close
Life is where you reside and i simply exist to for the reason that you also do
Life is never temporary always there to exist
life is a ray of light seeping through the clouds
life is where you reside for my life is upon you
Life is filled with glimmering eyes and shy smiles
life has sweet cheeks that turns red from just a simple peek
life is immaculate, unexplainable, unbeleivable
Life has a heartbeat and can breathe
life is simply you
for so much time left and time spent
never have i been happy to spend not time but life with you
life is so wonderful
because simply it's you...
Life love
May 2021 · 172
Life In Those Eyes
Migel May 2021
Seeing such feats is breathetaking, always got my knees shaking
Like how i look at the stars i get lost, same thing when i look into your eyes
Amazing how i can see you far more than my naked eyes
all i see is a woman pretty as the moon
with eyes that shine like stars at night
May 2021 · 164
Migel May 2021
For every mistake that's been made
accustomed to every pain we take
silently growing inside
that's taking us apart

distance from each other's heart
is what's making it hard
like how the sun see's the moon
forever chasing each other's tail
but it only takes a single look from behind
and maybe if both looked the same way
it won't be as far as it looks

Silent voice with loud thought and aching hearts
no wonder words feel sharp, a blade with no handle
Unsaid feelings birth space to distance
May 2021 · 87
Migel May 2021
Hope is for those who wish
Faith is for those who believe
and i do not hope for us, i have faith in us

— The End —