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Migel Oct 2022
We let things come and go
To and fro
but for some reason
Letting you go aches me so

One day we'll be okay
till then we stay
it will all make sense
everything will coalesce

pain will exist
as to why I'm writing this
bare with every kiss
even if not in a bliss
Migel Aug 2022
A walk from home took me miles
a walk from home would be different
if home was so full of smiles
Migel Aug 2022
The sun never compared to those eyes
With burning passion enough to melt ice
Who knew a gaze could feel warm
Warm enough to feel like home to no harm

Lay onto me while gazing through
Reaching hotter than the sun
Lay your body against mine
And burn for more heat we can barely stand

Don’t shy away for these eyes shine,
That shine brighter reflecting from yours
I hope time passes slow for us
For you to look into more deep
Till i could barely contain the heat
Migel Jul 2022
From shallow halls to painted walls
Each time it fades, we put it back to place
Heavy time forever mine
These cobwebs stick, entangled minds

As we dance to our song played
Along with the sky dim but star gazed
Blew of cold winds to our skins
The only warmth we felt was ourselves

Yesterday was a gloomy day
The only thing i knew
Was your heart that day
Now i’m covered in cobwebs
With entangled mind
How did it come to this
How did it led to tears
Haziness of yesterdays events always reflect at present doubt
Migel Jun 2022
You’ll always be a drug that i can’t help but take
You wring out my cents, captivated by your scents that makes my world make sense

Soberiety is a state i avoid, keep me high, keep me in this void
You leaving me will wake me up from this slumber
This dream i’m having, i hope it lasts forever

Let me be the only one that you intoxicate
I’ll let my sanity be tamed even self contained
Let me in to feel the sensation, held by your temptation
I live in this world where you are all i crave
To which all i taste is all of the moments we have
And live in the memories we make

The seek of others attention deeply affects me
You are my drug that is supposed to intoxicate me
Obsession may be the word but you’ll be my drug and i’ll be your addict
Migel May 2022
Path left unprotected is a path bound to be neglected
Misty and weary eyes, stare at the roads with lows and highs
Gaze upon the road no that has no end
Only to see, it leads to a cliff, a dead end

Dismantling every possession, made pact and became a possession
I fell deep and as deep as i go, the higher you go
Capture the love you need that you deserve
And maybe i’ll fall more deeper, deeper till i feel no nerve
Migel Apr 2022
If the eyes you seek were eyes that are not weak
You seek solice to the eyes of someones so meek
If i pour rain your cup shouldn’t be filled
For the roof is for protection that i built

Clouds take up a storm, thunders that form
It gets heavy as i take in
Don’t mind if it starts raining
Releasing is part of it don’t catch the sick of it
Releasing such tears is form of sincerity and fatigue
Not to direct onto you the pain which cost me
Tears i let go are things that are just hard to keep in
The more you keep it in the more you are struggling
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