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Migel Mar 2022
How long can everything last
moments we lost count
feels nothing but stored only in the past

These arms are no home
Only pains to hold and let go
keeping you close don't keep you safe
holding you back, I'm out of place

For the while we intertwine
Keep the memory of joy
or even the times we whine
even cried

Never forget where we started
let it be a lesson for how we ended
Migel Mar 2022
Knowing it wears on heavy
Every words has it’s own effects
Bound to indicate how much it affects, Us

Working it out takes toll
Days, months and years
All this time i never were able to run dry

Who knew weariness can catch up to me
Many weights add up, heavy for us to lift up
Maybe if doubts were straight

We never would have felt this way….
Migel Feb 2022
Time will come where words won’t match
Feelings unattached, colors mismatch
Having no clue to what to do
But look where the mess you made
brought you..

Whimper seen, misty scene
Foggy till i lose sense
Making it hard to coalesce

Maybe love can fix
Maybe love can amend
But it won’t be easy
Because love is not enough

Make it seen, even effects shown
For day by day
Bits get taken away
I still for that day to come
Where i see your smile reach up your eyes
Migel Feb 2022
Powered through the night
Even stars that watch get caught by the light
But only goes for so far and for so long
Even stars lose it’s track, no turning back

I manifest for sunlight to seep through blinds
See through lies, seek full ties
To receive such warmth and light
Like a solar
Keep me through the night
Migel Jan 2022
May the heavens give you reasons to stay when you have none left
And time to spare for little moments we deeply care
Migel Jan 2022
Part of me where still resides inside of you
that resemble my flower in a stormy field

I still hold what's left of you
that's grown big enough to resemble the tree
that can't be move by even strong winds...
Migel Oct 2021
My dearest star in this empty night sky
Hold my hand till you bid goodbye
Sun will always rise my dearest star
Dry those eyes for I won’t be far
I’ll always be close wherever you are
The sun will soon rise
But i still want to stare at your dearest eyes
The sun will soon rise
My dearest star

In another timeline
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