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Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
Edward scanned the magazine and all its adds, till he found the one that caught his eye.
"Funderwear what ever you want."
Voluptuous and care free, will dress as anything for a further fee.
This was it!
His repression over he made the call,
and sent the money over.
All excited showered and shaved he drove over to madam May's.
Up the path and through the door he made his way to the second floor.
A knock on the door and it opened wide, a voice called "Come inside!"
He entered slowly and in trepidation made his way to the master bedroom.
There she was dressed like a burlesque dancer.
Then the scream.

His sister said she was an accountant, she worked in the city and sent money home.
Now he knew, not the numbers kind, his image shattered and his heart now smashed.
She said she would refund the cash but begged "Please don't tell mum and dad."
They had tea in china cups and were joined by Daisy who owned the rooms.
Daisy was all he ever desired and they chatted into the night. May left at 9 for her next appointment and Daisy took Edward too her room.
Morning came only once, unlike him the night before as he and Daisy rode and rode.
He dressed and smiled and she kissed his lips.
Why had he never loved like this?
Daisy asked could they meet again but somewhere else and not in bed.
They met again and then some more fell in love and more.
Daisy's name was really Jane and after a year they both wed.
Family dinners are never dull and Edward's life is quite fulfilled.
May calls often to see the kids and plays the part of Auntie Suzie.
Grandma tells them be good at school and be successful like your aunt Susan!
Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
Someone once said
"Everyone will have a last day with you."
The thing is you will never know when?
It could be their first day with you.
It could be their worst day with you.
It may have been the greatest day they ever had.
But will you know.
Would knowing change you?
Maybe this was your last day.
Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
What has happend to the country I loved?
Division where their once was love.
Protests now for every reason and reason lost for so many reasons.
The trusted questioned at every turn and Karen knows more than all of them.
No longer safe to walk alone, was it ever I don't think so.
The protectors betrayed by one of their own and no patrols just response once done.
Austerity and technology took them off of the beat and now a bad apple makes them weaker.
No one now walks the beat, as they investigate names called on social media.
Feelings hurt and all made public.
If people grew up it wouldn't be needed!
But the narrative now is all hurt feelings.
I now doubt all that we upheld when compassion is gone we have lost it all.
I don't know the answer, do any of you?
Who stole my country and all that was good.
Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
Ever met someone with a face on them like a boot on backwards
They got out the wrong side of the bed and the beds against the wall!
Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
I would catch her face, drifted of into the past just for moments thinking of him.
The years had passed and I knew she had used me to get over him.
But he was never out of her mind.
The mistakes, excuses. Yes he had cheated on her but she used all she learnt from him to use me.
Then when the time was right.
Move on.
Never be someones second choice or backup plan.
Micheal Wolf Mar 2021
Jesus said believe in me.
The church says
believe in the bible.
Jesus never asked for money.
The church never stops asking!
Micheal Wolf Feb 2021
Running late and running on empty with the kids kicking off and the weather against her.
Has to be there for 835 and at 840 they rolled up outside.
The eldest stroppy as she's back to school the middles in a tantrum and wanted to stay at home.
The youngest crying and wanting a feed and her ******* sore from the infants greed.
Looked at and watched by the perfect mums who have it all and whisper amongst them.
Back to the car and home for the feed she looks in the mirror and what can she see.
Yesterdays make up, still on her face no time to exfoliate.
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