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San Sep 2022
Lifeless abandon
Can this be any more torturous?
What would it be like, to die peacefully, in fun?
What would it be like, to see your soul leaving your body?
Some many unanswered questions.
So, give me back to Death!
San Sep 2022
Driven to Loss.
I saw it all.
Then came the Orifice of Truth,
Of Nakedness, Madness, and Crookedness.
The Eyes of Stone, Cold heart, Amateurs Mind,
all turned white and wise,
There, I let it go all.
Forever. Now.
San Aug 2022
A Lil ray of sunshine
Pristine, Pious
Brings the cherishes of joy
Amidst Sombre.
A dewdrop
Of morning leaf,
Throws back an unparalleled dazzle.

Paves a Passage unswerving into the soul
Squanders your mind, and leads to tranquillity.
Wordless at the Allure of Creation!
San Jul 2022
How does it feel to be leaving,
Leaving behind your almost,
after each drowning,
leaving behind your breath,
now vaccum.
Realms of nothingness.
Built on august indentation.
San Sep 2020
Here I am, lost in a void of my own world,
Poetry and flowers only to my solace.
The daybreak doesn’t amuse me as it did.
The only words that still echo,
Those musings,
Those innocent smiles,
Now, a void truth.
Ceasing to exist,
Like a vanishing wave of a deep ocean.

Saandra S Unni

— The End —