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leaving   soul   void   lost   truth   mind   death   indentation   feel   peacefully   orifice   eyes   questions   wordless   long   flowers   sombre   madness   forever   fading   wave   leaf   saandra   torturous   fun   abandon   curtailed   amidst   innocent   throws   die   crookedness   heart   squanders   ocean   musings   morning   brings   unswerving   loss   solace   dewdrop   built   poetry   pious   august   white   echo   dazzle   amuse   ray   traces   tranquillity   driven   lil   obsessed   paves   drowning   amateurs   nothingness   breath   turned   passage   realms   cherishes   joy   leads   stone   lifeless   pristine   vaccum   wise   vanishing   sunshine   smiles   revamped   ceasing   hush   unni   nakedness   body   cold   deep   exist   creation   unanswered   allure   daybreak   unparalleled   thoughts