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Selena WH Oct 2018
She might be
In immense pain,
But even in
Her most vulnerable state
She is beautiful.
What's most beautiful
About her is
Her strength,
Her tenacity,
Her resilience
Her courage
Which is as vast as the ocean
As she picks herself up
From the ashes,
From the wreckage of her life
To build herself
Once again
Against all the odds
Put against her.
I believe in you.
Selena WH Oct 2018
Her body was a
Soft canvas of beauty
But no one
Saw her and admired her
As an artwork.

She was
Fractured, bruised,
Burnt and broken but
She never
Fell and crumbled
To pieces.

She repaired herself
And came back stronger
Than ever,
Turning herself into
A masterpiece;

One that is
Beautifully marred by
The wonders of life.
Selena WH Oct 2018
I miss those times
When you'd kiss me
With the sunshine on your lips,
Making me burst into
A sea of flowers.

Now I'm just a barren land.
Selena WH Oct 2018
It's beautiful
How when I look
Into your
Dark caramel eyes
That burn into my soul,
I feel lost
But I also feel the
Like as if I'm home.
Selena WH Oct 2018
There are times
When I wished for you
To not exist,
Because you'll make me weak
And break me until
It becomes unbearable,
And then you'll just smile at me,
And like a fool
I'll fall in love with you
All over again.
This is from a perspective that I was reluctant to do.
My mother is currently in a verbally/emotionally abusive relationship, and just last night, her husband (my stepfather) hit her. That was the last straw for both me and my mother. But this poem kind of explains how she had felt before he did what he did.
Selena WH Oct 2018
I'm waiting for that day
When I will look
At the stars in your eyes instead
Of the stars in the skies.
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