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Mbali-Enhle Jan 2020
I think
I am thinking
That i don't like to think
What others think of me
Mbali-Enhle Nov 2019
How do you want to live in joy,
When you search for love in just a boy?
Any other thing can fill that void.

It's things like these that gets me annoyed.

You know, sometimes being selfish,
Helps to get away from alot of *******.
But some girls just don't get it.
Mbali-Enhle Sep 2019
I'm never lonely buh sometimes i have the feeling of loneliness.
I know this is madness.
Old people call it stress.
I can't say i'm depressed

I've never felt this powerless
I wish i was a Disney princess
And have imaginary friends
Because their smiles are priceless

I think the reason why those feelings were familiar is because the situation is similar...

I chose to live and tell a tale
Because at the end of the day,
I can't run away from reality
Mbali-Enhle Aug 2019
There she lies,
Under a tree with countless flies.
She really has beautiful thighs,
But her past wasn't as beautiful.
Her mind is the only thing that's colourful.
However she is a beautiful creature
That loved nature
I swear if she was a bird she'd be a vulture.
#Little girl with kind eyes
Mbali-Enhle Aug 2019
Don't i satisfy your needs as a man?
Or perhaps i do
Just not enough

Don't i love you right?
Or perhaps i do
Just not enough

Isn't my body attractive enough?
For you to be obsessed over it.
Or perhaps you once did
Just not anymore...
Mbali-Enhle Aug 2019
I gave you my entire soul
Even though i was told...
You were nothing buh a player,
I cared less, for i am your lover
Who tries by all means,
Ensuring our relationship never sinks.
I kept telling my friends how precious they are and that they deserve so much better when i knew deep down that i needed to hear that too.
What do i do now...?
Now that you've found yourself a better me...?
Guess imma be relating to all the sad memes.
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
The first time i fell inlove was my second time
Basically my first lover was my second
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