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Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
The first time i fell inlove was my second time
Basically my first lover was my second
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
If pretending was cancer
I would've been dead by now
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
She taught me alot of things.
But mostly regarding human beings.
That they can be a handful sometimes.
Coz they know nothing about being precise.

She told me to find meaning in everything i do.
And that dreams do really come true.
She always told me, she didn't have money.
Even after i saw it.

She always warned me about boys.
I didn't get why.
As i grow older,
I'm starting to see what she was talking about.

I dream one day, i grow up to be like her.
And give my daughter the best advice as well.
I love my mom so so much
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
Betrayal and I were very close friends.
But betrayal was a back stabber.

I then became friends with Karma.
But Karma was a *****.

I met Dishonesty along the way.
But Dishonesty was a moody person.

Me and Lies were best of friends.
But our friendship was poisonous.

I then became friends with Love.
But she brought nothing but trouble in my life.

Now i trust no one but myself.
#trust comes a long way
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
Can't i be a little girl once again?
With bruised knees and messy hair.
Days where my best friend was a teddy bear.
And i had new friends every year.

Can't i be a little girl once again?
With a careless attitude.
Days where i didn't care about a dude.
Coz i always thought they were rude.

Can't i be a little girl once again?
With little pride.
Days where i was so pure inside.
Even though i always lied.
Mbali-Enhle Jul 2019
Days where i needed your love.
You weren't there to share it with me.

Days where i started being naughty.
You weren't there to rebuke me.

Days where i started looking like you.
You weren't there to see that.

Days where i started falling in love.
You weren't there to warn me about boys.

Days where i had many questions.
You weren't there to answer any of those.

— The End —