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MAN Feb 2019
Pushing people away,
Remembering the pain.
Diving into work
Emotions restrained.
Yearning for the touch,
Faint trails on the back.
Wishing those moments
Didn’t leave such an impact.
Smiles are superficial
Emptiness left inside.
Absence of a companion
No one available to confide.
Mind kept occupied moving forward
Memories made a blur.
Heart aching for attention
Wishing for a fervor.
Lost without a path
Still finding my way.
Convinced I must do it alone,
Still pushing people away.
MAN Jan 2019
They say when you’re happy you hear the music.
When you’re sad you hear the words.
Music lost its melody,
Everything I hear is just verse.
MAN Dec 2018
I forgave the ones who hurt me,
yet the pain was still too real.
It wasn’t until I forgave myself,
that the inner wounds began to heal.
There is a movie out called “The Shack”. It puts life in perspective. The delivery of the message is easier to handle the way they name some of the characters.
MAN Dec 2018
We’re adults,
But the boy in me
Will always love
The girl in you.
MAN Nov 2018
You moved on.
I’m happy for you.
Now, to myself,
There’s nothing I have to prove.
You moved on.
That’s surely for the best.
Thoughts of what could be
Can now be put to rest.
You moved on.
Malice replaces my place in your heart.
I’m try to keep it together,
But it’s tearing me apart.
You moved on.
  Nov 2018 MAN
Ariana Bagley
my heart wasn’t intact when I met you
but you took my pieces
and arranged them into a puzzle I didn’t know could complete me.
you held them close,
cherishing the small details they entailed,
and warmed them when they were bitter.
one day,
you decided my puzzle wasn’t yours anymore,
and you threw away those tiny, curvy fragments.
a few there and a few here,
I will find them.
I’ll piece them back together,
and find my heart again.
looking up at the stars,
I wonder why my heart feels this way,
the same way it did before I met you.
october 1, 2018 (10:57 PM)
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