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Margaret Jul 2017
These doctors say I need medication
To control my anxious reaction
To everything and nothing
Real or fake
I can't tell the difference anymore
I've lost the will to get through the day
I can't feel
I can't sleep
I can't eat
I'm wondering when this nightmare will end
Maybe thats why
These doctors say I need medication
I made this up on the spot so please don't judge
Margaret Jun 2017
You see,
This world is just too hard for me,
Cutting only gets me so far,
And I'm taking this hard,
Please tell my mom,
I'm sorry I couldn't stay around for long,
Please tell my daddy,
I hope you understand why I had to leave,
I guess it's too late to explain,
All the pain,
And all the lies,
So I'm saying,
Full discloser this was originally a song I wrote.

— The End —