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cleo Oct 2017
Sa tulang aking naisulat,
Sanay may mamulat ,
Sa kasalana at problemang lagging naiuulat,
Sa telebesyon at radyo ikaw ay magugulat.
Mundong  puno  ng karahasan,
Mga taong makasalanan,
Walang paninindigan,
Mga taong nang iiwan,
Pamilyang nasira sa isang kasalanan,
Kasalanang Patuloy na ginagawat  patuloy na nariyan.
Mga problemang hindi masulusyonan,
Mga  batang sa kalsaday naiwan ,
Mga taong  naiwan ng kanilang pangarap at kinabukasan,

Ito’y  opinion lamang,
Sa aking naririnig bilang isang mang mang.

Ang suliraning laging nariyan,
Kawalan ng kapayapaan,
Kakulangan ng sapat na edukasyon ng mga  kabataan,
Walang sawang Kahirapan,
Kawalan ng sapat na pantustos ng kalusugan ng mga mamamayan.

Pagkagumon ng mga kabataan sa bawal na droga,
Patuloy na pagtaas ng populasyon na di naaalintana,

Nasaan ang hustisya ?,
Bakit ang inosente ang nasa rehas na bakla?, Nasaan ang tunay na may sala?
Maging sa eleksyon ay  may daya,

Pagbabagot pag unlad ang gusto natin,
Kaya simulan  natin sa mismong pamamahay  natin.

Bakit ganito nasaan ang pagbabago?
Laging naririnig ko pag bukas palang ng radio,
Bilang isang kabataan, bilang isang mamamayan ,
Ang pagbabago ay laging naririyan,
Ito’y nasa iyo ung pupulutin mo o itatamabak lamang.
cleo Oct 2017
Breaking up it’s hurt,
In my white shirt dirt,
Why you keep flirt,
In other girls skirt.

Day and night,
My mind was on the flight,
I keep losing my eyesight,
Fooling myself that your coming home tonight.
cleo May 2016
The stories that we know,
The love that grows,
The concern that we show,
The care that glow,
The stories that start with "Hello",
And ends with the word NO.

The heart  that becomes stone,
Our good memories you were thrown,
Our pictures on my phone,
You leave me alone,
You treat me as unknown.

I guess I can't erase them,
I can't throw them,
I can't forget them,
The stories that we wrote using this pen.

Our long time,
You call anytime,
Calling me "MINE",
The house that we design,
Our story with rhyme,
You put some hymn.

Looking around the street,
whenever I passed this street,
Our memories repeat,
And it keeps floating in my head I can't delete,
The place we first meet,
The place you show that love is sweet,
The things that you told me to keep,
And wait cause you'll going to complete it,

You're eyes that cold as ice,
Your face that easy to memorize,
Your attitude is nice,
You think wise,
You occupy my life,
You like pies,
You love skies,
I remember how you cries,
Our relationship that like paradise,
And ends with goodbyes.
#its for my friend. <3 here it is..  :)   #Your story # Love story
cleo May 2016
I fall like a ball,
Throwing on the wall,
They say when everything falls,
Love stands tall.

Big like a  mall,
Love like a fireball,
Infinite like a basketball,
Sweetness like a waterfall,
Arguments like bad cholesterol,

Kind like seashore,
The love that doesn't count score.
Open  Heart like a door,
In insecurities we ignore,
Our trust like a floor,
True love is pure.
cleo Apr 2016
Love to write  poem every night,
Poets have a wide heart,
In poetry, they cried,
It's another way to justified.

It makes them feel satisfied,
Every poem that they write,
It makes the readers inspired,
Every emotion they have inside,
In their poem, they applied
A poet can die but their poem  will still be notified.
cleo Apr 2016
Heart oh! that heart,
Seeing them from the very start,
When time I write my own poem on this chart,
In hello poetry I been a part.

Every heart that I see it makes me proud,
Even just 1,2,3 it makes my heart shout,
Reading those inspiring comments makes me rewrite.

Go write , go write,
You're a Poet, right?
Turn on the light,
Writing poem even its night,
Go bright,
Express your feeling hold your pen tight,
Don't let the laziness bite.

Go write,go write,
Freely like a kite,
Since it quite night,
Activate your imaginative mind.

You can smoothly rewrite,
A new poem that makes the readers excite,
Go write on your paper side by side,
It's not a waste when you type,
Don't make your brain dried,
Let the first word you wrote be your guide,
In hello poetry now you tied.

When you're writing a poem don't deny,
Even other people love to  criticize,
They just don't understand us  cause their  mind are occupied.

Don't let your talent hide,
It's a gift from GOD,He gives you an artistic mind.

Go write ,go write,
Until your hand  gets tired.
#GOD #POem#write#poet
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