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Heartbreak makes you contemplate
Drives you insane
Keeps you awake
But hard to wake
No escape
Feels like *******
Love is a waste
Life is a mess
I feel like a wreck
always so depressed
Get out of my head
Already forgot what you said
Now I’m high
Don’t know why
I feel empty inside
I hope I never die
But my body is crying goodbye
I'm ******
so it's taken all this time
to figure out
what's in my mind

Get high
Watch the sky
Sober up
Catch the bus
Leave your worries
Run away
Don’t look back or stay
You’ll always stay the same,
like the stuttered song by everything everything.
On repeat just like your sense of defeat,
You’ve gotta be kidding me
You’ve gotta be kidding me
Turn around I’m about to leave
I don’t need you to see
while I walk away and turn you off repeat.
Calm down
Who are you,
Look at me & stop the screams.
I haven’t caused your beast inside,
It’s always been there waiting to come alive.
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