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Luby Oct 2018
I loved the way
That you were attentive
To me...
There is nothing else
I am sorry
I never meant to hurt you
But I never intended to love you
I just had to get this off my chest, it doesn't feel like my usual poetry but I needed to say this with brevity and clarity.
Luby Jan 2018
Find one thing
Stare at it
until you
fall in
It is impossible not to

Stop making sounds just to indicate joy
If I was not here you would be dead silent
Is the presence of another so off-putting
Just do as you would there is no ploy

The world is ugly and violent
We don't see it much but stop ignoring it
Be joyful despite all the soul shredding ****
Be joyful in silence if it's your bent
Love everything that makes you senescent!

All your light comes from small explosions
All your explosions are revelations
So stop just making sounds
And learn something
The world is a teacher that God gives us all

Lesson one is that each of us is terrible in a terribly unoriginal way
Look closely
There is such Joy in that
Lesson two is that it isn't in you,
Nor is Joy hiding under some rock waiting to be found
Joy has told you where it is
It is dancing with Love in God's glory
Those are the lessons

Join them

I promise it is better than just making happy sounds
I promise it is better than the fleeting feelings of happiness
Better than the make-up you put on every morning
Better than the pale replicas that your broken heart has confused it for
Better than every last inch of this world
You will explode into tears of joy
And Joy, Peace, Love, Beauty, and Grace
Will hold you
And then in silence you will know
That all the happy sounds you used to just make
Were agony
This came out quite long but I hope at least one person finds it enjoyable.
Luby Jan 2018
Where is the sound of birds
Or the touch of wind up my back
Even this page is a silence that words crack

Come back, snap the stupid out from between my ears
Steady my hands and ******* my fears
I don't care that it makes me conscious of all I lack

Cheers softly sing around brick walls
Consternation bemoans itself in the space between
I relieve myself with writing until I start to hate it
Then I write something new to distract myself from that until I hate it
I hate it
-And I wear that straight jacket because there's less joy in reaching the
top of the same mountain every time you climb it, and I need the exercise-

Is that you
You look like someone I haven't talked to in awhile
Luby Dec 2017
The River Styx is not for fishing
Nor is it for skipping stones
It is for weeping, wishing,
and collecting polished bones

One can float for hours
Lulled to sleep by the ambience like a lullaby
Until the waterfall drops to Tartarus
The pit of unholy things mankind would deify

There are the eternal towers
Home to those frigid burning chains
The ticklers and tormentors plan their artifice
On it all like a fond memory the waterfall rains
I miss the anticipation.
Luby Dec 2017
You for a moment
Become the great love of my life
Then I die again

I in the background
Barely passing into frame
Did you see me there

You brought me hot tea
Giving each other soft smiles
I want to kiss you

My body shaking
My mind screaming I LOVE YOU
My lips shut eternal

I fall for strangers
Blind to the ones at my door
My heart in the wind
To every beautiful woman that I fell in love with that doesn't know who I am.  You are all inspirations, though you may not know.
Luby Dec 2017
We are just what we want
I am a winter coat and you are a vintage car
Together we are a winter coat and a vintage car
And together we can go anywhere
We are torn and we are rusty
But together we can go anywhere
Luby Dec 2017
Mostly I am there
In the wet
In the dark
Carving art into the walls
Making music from the stones
Tears turn to stalagmites that I shape to your form
Telling me you are proud
But it is all obscured by the depths of this cave
Hopefully I never see it
I like the illusion that it is beautiful
Mostly I am there
I would take you
Though you would only see the darkness

It is bright as day to me
Loss is full of pain, it is up to us what we do in the dark even if no one else can see it.

— The End —