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DP Schott Jan 2019
Not To Laugh,

Not To Lament,

Not To Judge,

But To Understand.

~Baruch Spinoza
Not one of mine, but I thought the words here to be significant So Im sharing them here. Hope thats OK
DP Schott Jan 2019
I Am The Lonely One.
Too Scared to Make The Leap.
Too Charred And Disfigured To Near The Flaming heat.

A Lonely Place Gazing At This Flame , Knowing It Can Open The Door To A Lost Vigor For Life.

That Spirit Of Love.
Oh To Ignite The Joy, That Love Of Life
To Make That Vault  into This Beautiful Flame
To Once Again Revel In The joy Of Love.

I'm The Lonely One
On The Sideline, Indecision Plaguing My Mind.
Disunion and Cognitive Oppositions,
Love Is Surely What I Desire.
Safety For Heart And Soul
Paramount, Practical Postures For A Creature So Tortured By This Flame

I Am The Lonely One
Too Scared To Leap
Too Charred And Disfigured to revel in This  Flame And Heat
I Dare Not Gaze At This Crystal Flame Lest I jump In and
Revel once more, no, no, no, Dancing With This Flame Is A Much Too Precariously Dangerous Proposition.  I will Never Be Branded again,  Emotionally ***** Again. Unfortunately For Me,  My Answer Lies Here...

I Am The Lonely One
DP Schott Jan 2019
Music Beget Joy
Joy Beget Love.

Revel In The Music,
While Dancing Amidst The Joy In Your Soul.

Clinching Love Most Of All
Never Consigning it to oblivion.

For Love... Is...Life.
DP Schott Dec 2018
Too many blades of grass
Can't seem to reconcile the past

The past is now and the past is then
Unsure if I'm capable of love again

Parts of me shattered here and there
Love for me is a perfect scare

Betrayals here are everywhere
Breaking my heart, tearing my spirit apart

Calling out for a safety line
Reaching grabbing nowhere to find

I pray out to God, help me in this time to fix my mind
Please dear God would you be so kind
I have found some some power and relief here on these pages posting these writings Thank  you for being so kind and leaving the judgement behind.
what a great forum
O the gorgon dread
contorting me to stone
setting my heart to a place
from whence I craved to fled

O the piercing raw gaze
setting my body to necroses
by a gale of unrequitedness
tearing my presence until it fades

O the beguiled smile
putting my nature to cofliction
with faith placed in a better you
a hope that brings nothing but arousal

O the persuasive tongue
pulling my strings of emotion
flaring me with wings
until I burn too close to the sun

O the reflection I see
of this person who looks just like me
is as unfamiliar as the next
for I plunged this self into the depths of the sea
We don't need to accept the flaws in our character as who we are
but to to accept that they are, is a flaw in who we are
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