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Sunrises and lemon juice
Sunsets and tooty fruits
When life gives you lemons, drink their juice
When life gives you fruits, relish the juicy fruits.

Heart gets broken.
And tears flow with all words unspoken
Sunrises and sunsets are simply the signs and tokens
To stitch your pieces and create an embroidery from the heartbroken.

Life goes on. No matter what life offers on the shelf,
Just be a champ and believe in yourself!
You are not lonely.
Look at the flowers that dance
And feel the branches that swing
They are here for you
You are not lonely,
You’re filled with enthusiasm and zing.

You are not lonely.
Look at the animals that play
And the birds that fly
They are here for you
You are not lonely
You’re filled with infinity of the sky.

You are not lonely
Feel the babies crying and kids laughing
Feel both the happy and sad, feel all that is there,
They are here for you
You are not lonely
Even your tears are filled with gifts of your prayers.

You are not lonely
The Sun, moon, earth and stars
The streets, buildings, people and cars
The universe is here for you
You are not lonely
Your heart is filled with love, let love fill all your scars.

You are not lonely
You are filled with stars.
Just let love in, let it fill all your scars.
Of what use is your name, fame, money and power
If you are stuck in the box of your mind.
Of what use is all your words and arguments
If, to your own heart’s guidance, you are blind.

Of what use are your victories
If you can’t even feel your own emotions.
Of what use are all your fights and battles
If you don’t know how to access your freedom, your own love, an infinite ocean.
Fill your pockets with sunshine
And your palm cups with rainbows.
Fill your eyes with fire of love
And get drenched in it from head to toes.
Fill your lips with the kisses of breeze
And your ears with the music of ocean’s flow.
Fill your moments with the blissful joy
Always keep your inner child alive, play and grow.
Take a motorbike,
Slip into a zipper jacket, do some hike.
Walk in hilly roads,
Taste some hot and spicy street food, be childlike.

Whether you’re sad or broken,
For a few moments, gather all your fragments and be whole.
Stitch your heartbeats together,
And laugh and cry and dance and roll.

Life is too short,
To be confined into structures and goals.
Sometimes just be alive, be innocent, be wild,
Coming out of all the roles, out of your thought holes,
Sometimes, just step into your soul.
I fall silently,
I want to fight back loud
Wearing shoes of diamond,
I want to step over the clouds.

The fog is still heavy
Blinding me, the ashy smoke also arrives.
While the dark night is still looming,
The rising Sun reminds me, that I’m still alive.
With a tiny spark of love,
I will erase the billion years of darkness in your eyes.
With the umbrella of my heart,
I will protect you, baby I won’t let you cry.
No matter what the world has done to you,
Just talk to me my heart and together we’ll conquer the sky.
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