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Alexandra Meelan May 2018
I'll stop the whole world,
from turning into a monster,
right in front of me.
Alexandra Meelan May 2018
I stayed up,
all night,
for the sun,
to come up.
it dawned on me
Alexandra Meelan May 2018
Tim Burton
Make it
Look Cute
Alexandra Meelan May 2018
Do not cry for me.
Don't you dare shed a tear.
I will be okay, as I am free.
Being lonely is no longer my fear.

I wish you wouldn't weep,
or drown yourself in sorrow.
Lost emotions, hidden, deep.
It will all be okay tomorrow.

Wipe your face,
Put on your disguise.
Though tearing up with gentle grace,
I still find beautiful sparkling eyes.
Alexandra Meelan May 2018
Forgiveness is like a pimple,
Nowhere near as cute as a dimple.
It will hurt when you pop it.
Yet the emotions stop it.
But you fixed the problem; simple.
I got a letter
Inside it contains
A series of fears
Running through my veins.

I got a letter
Inside it held
A storm of sadness
Just like a well.

I got a letter
From my soul
Telling me to
Just let go.

I got a letter
Chained up inside
My dark life
Coming alive.

I got a letter
Todays is different
Today I run
Today I send it.

I sent the letter
Back to my soul
Excepting the invitation
To just let go.
Alexandra Meelan May 2018
My favorite thing,
more than anything
is being outside.
Not around people,
or buildings
being able to enjoy nature.
Listen to a slow running river,
Watch trees blow gently in the wind,
Feel the soft damp grass,
Taste the cool morning air,
Smell the pine around me.
Its satisfying,
It is here,
that I find myself.
For once,
I can feel as if I home.
Among the trees,
the bushes,
the flowers,
that´s the Nature of things though,
isn't it?
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