Lorenzo Que Aug 2017
You taught me something;
Something I could have never learned without you.

You see,
I never really knew why I met you—
Why you met me.
But now I do.

It used to boggle my mind,
Why you came into my life.
It felt like putting puzzle pieces together,
But having to keep starting over.

I never had the chance to say thank you,
For completely destroying me.
Because if you didn't do what you had to do,
I wouldn't be who I should really be.

You gave me knowledge about surviving heartaches.
You taught me to stand alone.
It took me time to feel okay,
But now, through the pain—
I found home.
This is about a guy who broke my heart. But little did I know that it was a blessing in disguise. Because through what he did, I found who I'm supposed to be. I found home.
Lorenzo Que Aug 2017
I know you're scared—
You're scared to write.
But I know that you're missing yourself tonight.

So just for this moment,
Forget everything you've learned.
Forget all your missing fragments.
Forget that you were ever burnt.

And just write.

Remember that night,
Where you almost lost it?
You took pen, papers, words, and you learned how to fight.
'Till this day you are still so in love with it.

You lost yourself in this busy world,
But you found yourself in the flow of words.

Never let go of who you are,
Never let go of something that loves you even with all your scars.
My first poem about how words saved me—how it loves me endlessly and how I love it right back.

— The End —