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Leo Jun 2021
Severed sisters addictively
Seeking out serendipity
Atrophied on antipodes
Eating feasts from antiquity
Leo Apr 2021
At what point does tragedy become regular, mundane irony?

Like, why do artists always die in obscurity
When everyone else just dies?
Leo Mar 2021
Det skjer
Altfor mange ganger
Når letter etter lyssen
Vi finner bare mørke
Går det langsomt
Ut fra den plassen
Vi fant det første
Verken slutter
Eller begynner
Leo Mar 2021
Maybe I'm a prisoner
In a system

But you're a slave
Inside your mind

Spending all your precious time
Talking to mirrors


Maybe I'm just a player
In some band

But you're a god ******
******* mime

Spending all your precious time
Escaping glass boxes
Leo Mar 2021
Jesus didn't love you like I loved you

Jesus didn't show you what I showed you

Jesus didn't care for you --

In fact, he died

Lucy left her bracelet on my dresser

Came up to me asking for a picture

We spent the night together

Then I spent the day alone

With all my questions
Leo Feb 2021
I tried to tell you just how dark it was inside
But all the lights were on that time
You said I sounded crazy

I tried to teach you just how dark it is inside
You said, "You don't know what you're saying, no, you don't know what you're saying!"

You were right
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