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  Nov 2020 Myrl Diesto
A- you're adorable
B- you're the best
C- you're cute
D- you're dear to me
E- you're excellent
F- you're fine ;)
G- you're great
H- hehehe
I- I'm
J- just
k- kidding!
Myrl Diesto Nov 2020
There is a girl whom I love
Her name is Althea
The first time I meet her, I was glad  
Finally, I met someone new I could have

She has a beauty that shines like the brightest star
I wish I could see her but her way too far
She is like the sun that center the solar system
In my life, I want her to be at my system

In the morning, she's my sunshine
Her smile makes my day completely done
She's the twinkling star
In my dark and lonely night

She was like a virus
Who quickly entered unto my body
My spirit  lost
When I imagined she's inside me

I made her my hero
That saves my day from loneliness
The one that helps remove my sadness
The one I wanted to give love endless

My heart was again fulfilled
Thanks to the girl I admire
Oh Althea, the most precious of all
My heart is now refilled.
Myrl Diesto Nov 2020
Hello you, who makes me smile
Your existence makes my life worthwhile
It's strange to have you as my friend
A friend that still there even separated through screens
I found comfort, now I'm wishing  to the stars above us
Our friendship will never end.

— The End —