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Čortoloman Sep 2019
People only die when ready.
Rock only rolls down the hill until it stops.
Particle moves another.
Information is forever contained.

The transformation from thought to light is in every form a road to completion.
A thought is a wave until it becomes a particle.
When the cycle of this transformation is completed it will associate itself with time and become light.
It will associate itself with space and become the vessel.
Once it is both it will become reborn.
Čortoloman Dec 2018
Umoran sam. Baš umoran. Nemam volje više i umoran sam. Fali mi fali i umoran sam. Trnce u mišićima, trnce u žilama, pritisak u glavi i pritisak u srcu. Umoran sam.
Čortoloman Nov 2018
Idemo onda zajedno u svijet.

Ja, ti i tko god pridružiti se želi. Idemo dalje od samih sebe

dok ne nabasamo na nedoseživo.
Čortoloman Nov 2018
Jellyfish in the sky. Darker than sunlight, colder than water. She is slimy with giant spring in mind. Devoid of thought, devoid of sorrow. Existence she is in her own eyes, no human to say as well. Existence she is in her own mind, no thought to confirm that as well.
Čortoloman Oct 2018
Puno tamnih opisa. Jezivih priča. Tko je tu lud? Ja, ili ja koji želi biti lud? Jesu li te priče priče? Ili ne želim vjerovati da su tu i sada kao ja i ja.
Čortoloman May 2018
A: Don't you find it irritating?

Z: Hm?

A: Don't you find irritating the human need to feel happiness?

Z: Isn't that only natural? When you are happy you feel good. So
you will want to feel good when you aren't happy right?

A: But that's not natural. Being happy is just a state you can be at. It's not the state you were at before or after. Being neutral is a state you came from and will go to.

Z: So should I feel the need to be sad when I'm happy just as I have the need to fell happy when I'm sad?

A: No, that does nothing. You shouldn't feel anything at all. Or have a need to in the first place.

Z: That makes no sense. Life is what the living does. You can't live without a need to feel can you?

A: Well maybe being alive is not a natural state to be at as well! If it was you wouldn't die or be born.

Z: What do you mean?

A: Well maybe life and death are also just a state you can be at, but neither are the natural states...

Z: Ugh... Third state beside Life and Death?

A: Yeah!

Z: What would that be?

A: Well for that to work I guess there would have to be a third party involved, like a soul or something, then we could say that it's only your body that is alive or dead. Your soul is then just a presence that trough a medium called body is collecting experience.

Z: What about emotions?

A: Let's add another body in the picture! Call it „emotional body“. Emotional body is using a physical body as a medium to get experience from the world and then there is a soul that is using the emotional body as a medium so we get a perfect being!

Z: Isn't that a bit of a stretch?

A: Who knows.... But then we could say that there is finally a natural state to be at. It is called „Soul state“. In this state you resonate your three bodies (the physical, emotional and soul bodies). In this state you are not „Alive“ or „Dead“, you are not „Happy“ or „Sad“, you are just a presence.

Z: And how would you get to this state called „Soul state“??

A: Well you should ask yourself why do the other two bodies exist in the first place?

Z: Hm.. Well to experience things right?

A: Yeah..

Z: Ohhh! So the soul is a presence that trough the two bodies experiences things! So once it has experienced all there is to see and feel. It will finally enter the „Soul state“!!

A: exactly!

Z: But isn't there just soo much? We don't really have enough time to experience all there is...

A: well who said you live only once..

Z: Reincarnations?

A: Mhm.

Z: But why don't we remember things from our past lives?

A: Well it would be rather easier to experience everything if you think you have only so much time. That way you will use all of the time given to you to live at your fullest!
Story I came up with to connect the puzzle pieces together in a way that i feel comfortable with XD
Čortoloman Apr 2018
Koliko se puta moram uključiti u sustav i razoriti ga da bi dostigao neutralnost?

Jesam li ja sustav koji trebam razoriti?

Postoji li razlika između mene i svega oko mene?

Ako razorim sebe možda ću i svijet razoriti.

A onda se mogu ponovno roditi. Kao drugi sustav koji ima drugi zadatak. Jer moji je zadatak da razorim.

Mržnja, istinska mržnja dolazi iz ljubavi. Kao i potreba za osvetom. Možda mogu... i u ovom svijetu koji je lakše razoriti nego voliti..
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