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Kayden Whitaker Apr 2015
All the things you said
Put a ******* bullet through my head
All those jokes you thought were funny
Caused me to hate myself
To the point where I desired to die.
Kayden Whitaker Mar 2015
Why rush into something?
Love isn’t something you can just fabricate.
You’re so young.
You don’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
And I’m not bashing those who have one.
But why rush into drama when you can be living out your life with just friends and being happy?
Would you rather be completely shattered by a boy you met a couple months ago who you bonded to because your ‘friends’ said you looked cute together or just be home binge watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix?
You shouldn’t date someone for popularity.
It’ll just…
Break you.
Just give your heart time to deal with your hormones.
You might be feeling lonely now but the longer you wait to be happy the better you feel with that one special person.
But for now just be single, blare the Manson, and forget everyone.
And just one day that person will walk into your life and they’ll love your little quirks
They will adore your awful puns
Those little fly away hairs on the side of your head
That glitter you get in your eye when you see a cute cat or that new batman comic
They will know exactly what you want for your birthday without ever asking you
That person will know your favorite band and your dreams
Just wait their out there, just keep an open mind and don’t discriminate.
There’s someone out there.
Kayden Whitaker Mar 2015
This place isn’t home anymore
Home should be where you come in and someone cares about your existence.
It shouldn’t be somewhere i just hide in a room and wait for another day.
Everywhere is home but here.
My sister’s house is home.
I’m only there once a week if I’m lucky.
The only beings that are excited to see me when I come to my supposed home are my animals.
They’re the only ones that miss me.
I want to go home.
Kayden Whitaker Mar 2015
All that flows it the waterfall.
Her lifeless body lays in the grass.
Grass that is damp with the morning dew and splashes from the waterfall.
Her eyes are soulless and her brightness is gone.
In a few moments her lover will find her.
Tears will fill his eyes.
No words will leave him.
Only thoughts of her demise.
They shared so many moments near the waterfall.
Do those mean nothing now?
He finally gains his composure
And makes that desperate call.
He picks up her body.
He carries her to the water.
Under the spray of the waterfall.
He lays her in the water.
She floats for a moment.
He takes out a pocket knife and slits his own throat.
He dies there with her underneath the waterfall.

— The End —