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2d · 21
Fairy Land II
Rolling hills, eye popping mountains,
Kissing the stonking ***** of heaven
With fairly capped eternal fountains
Of chalcedony and emerald sheen.

Clouds of opalescent birds in flight
Ineffably croon mellifluous lullabies
In their coats thrice fairer than twilight
Till emerald stars bedight yonder skies.

Silvery galloping rivers gush in ecstasy
On whose foam sitteth many a nymph
Whose starry beaming eyes are as sassy
As of knights upon their maiden triumph.

Gems, like dew upon grass of meadow,
Fairly evermore bedight each strand
In beauty like a kaleidoscopic rainbow
Doth hang in air with a colorful band.

Heaving tides, and many a glassy wave,
Evermore ebb unto the pebbly shore,
But making not a sound like as a grave
Or a peregrinator twixt an enchanted moor.

Soaring towers, paved with fair flowers
Redolent of a novelty loveliest scent,
That doth resemble nothing of ours
But of seraphic breath by heaven's gate.

In Fairyland, their roads of silver hewn,
And there falls rain of crystals of gold
Once in a blue moon, in noontide of june,
All kept in enchanted hoards of old

Beneath dungeons deep as yonder skies,
As dark as the darkest moonless night
By tripple headed creatures of three eyes
That evermore beam than the sun's light.

Their eyes fixed upon them day and night,
So wills their king, of him denizens sing:
O mighty king of lands beneath perpetual light,
Evermore shall we guard thy gems, they sing.

And this, our land, of strands of emerald sheen
Where naught doth ever age as the sun’s rays,
No mortal shall ever stroll by and leave unseen
For our eyes shall wink never till the end of days.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 01/18/20.
#FairyLand #Tales_Of_Nineva #Imaginations


Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko’s legendarium, a miscellany of tales of mystery, wizardry and macabre like thou hast never heard of Lol.

(This Poem hath been languishing in my dungeon of about 100 drafts for Two years nigh Lol. And today I’ve decided to set it free)
One sage to outshine them all, one sage to win them all,

One sage to expose them all and unto light bring them all,

Expose all their evil deeds beneath the sky

Against the indignant poor race of men

That some now beneath sullen tombs dost cry

For these evil men care not for even a mere wren

In the land of America where the shadows lie

One sage to outshine them all, one sage to win them all,

One sage to expose them all and unto light bring them all,

In the land of America where the shadows lie.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 01/17/20.
(If Tolkien was alive might have loved this imitation of the ring verse Lol)

#BERNIE 2020
Not far from here, in so fair a clime,
There doth dwell a rare songbird
That ever hath sang time after time
Mellifluously only not to be heard.

Her songs reverberate sheer lurve,
Not of here but of heaven’s sphere
Though blind as a bat in day skies above
Myriads have been, her songs not to revere.
But she keeps on singing beautifully
Her charming notes every now and again
For her songs she hath held for eons gleefully
With freshness like whispers of summer rain.

Hark! Now is the time her voice to be heard
By the young, the old, and the very wise,
The poor, the rich, the good, and the bad,
Hear the voice of a bird I’m proud to call, Bernie.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 01/16/2020.
Though I know less of American politics as I would like to, Bernie’s ideas and integrity that he hath stood with for decades compelled me to pen him the tribute above. What more could a poet give? Wishing thee the very best of luck, Mr. Bernie.

Edward, an immigrant from Uganda.
Dec 2019 · 41
Musing About My Fave Bard
Upon dissipated streams of time,
In middle earth, in a fairy clime,
There once dwelt an aged man
Who’s tales were impeccably fun
Unto folks who lent him their ear
Whilst they sat entranced to hear
Him reeling off novelty folklore
Of goblins and dwarves of yore.
Of him legends go on and say
His tales glittered like a sun’s ray
Or silvery drops of dawn dew
Upon meadows of an emerald hue
Or the luster of the most effulgent star
That evermore beams forth from afar
Upon heaven’s timelessly stonking bay
In the most splendidly ineffable way.
Hearken ye ladies and gentlemen,
This’s no other than, J.R.R Tolkien.

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 12/09/19.
#Muse #Tribute #FaveBard #Tolkien
Nov 2019 · 463
Colors Of Her Eyes
Effulgence of the brightest star
That evermore beams from afar.

Resplendency of the dawn dew
Beaming forth with a silvery hue.

Opalescence of a neon rainbow,
Or the luster of winter snow.

Glitter of a moon-kissed sea
Murmuring with sheer glee.

Hues of a polychromatic sunset
Upon heaven's stonking gate.

Glow of buds of a rose-gold sheen,
Or snowy lilies by meadows green.

The sparkle of a sun-kissed stream
Whispering along like a sweet dream.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 11/05/19.
#Eyes #Pulchritude #Lurve
Thou, thou violent fires,
Though thou might rage
With all Hellish desires,
No more in a peculiar cage

Of fear, thou shalt shroud us.
At length, thou shalt calm,
And like as the tides of the sea,
Return whence thou dost come.

Thou, thou violent fire,
Though more fierce thy anger
Than the Dragon's ire,
Thou shalt lose thy power

But hark! Into the balmy air,
Rage nevermore to drag men
Into shadowy vales of despair
Like as the hungriest lion in a den.

For though thou might rage
With all Hellish eternal hate,
Nevermore to shroud us in a cage
Of fear, for death too is thy fate.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 10/28/19.
My boat brimful of prayers and well wishes sails unto all people that doth dwell in those rolling hills that have been a beauty to behold but now girthed in mere cinders and darkling smoke. God bless ye all.

I just opened my Facebook page and I realized people have embarked upon fundraising but since I'm not a position to, I came up with the poem above. What more could a Bard give?

However, I've not revised this dirge well, for I've just penned it upon watching the news though I pray it may act as a beam of solace unto the victims of such a great tragedy.
Oct 2019 · 85
Someone tell me the colours of love,
For I no longer got the slightest clue,
Is it white as the very whitest dove?
Is it blue as skies dressed in blue?

Someone tell me the colours of love,
For I no longer know how it looks like,
Is it colorless as the rain from above?
Or like the glitter of a moon-kissed lake?

Someone tell me the taste of love,
Is it sweet as the taste of ancient mead?
Is it like nectar dreamt of Elysium above?
Does it intoxicate as Jamaican ****?

Someone tell me the fragrance of love,
Is it like the perfume of the wildest rose?
Is it like a blooming lavender in a grove?
Or is it like jasmines in a sweet repose?

   Someone tell me ere as quick as a hind,
   I dost wander with a wandering wind.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 10/27/2019.
#Tis now 6 years in this peculiar shell of Loneliness, I've now slowly began admitting that love's a novelty luster that's not meant to shine upon some of us.
Oct 2019 · 105
RIDDLES (Part 1)
Two kings dwell in a kingdom:
One weareth a golden crown,
And the other a shadowy crown,
But alternately rule the kingdom."

"Her legs, thou canst not see,
For deep in darkness they hide.
Her hair, she canst not hide,
For in light aspire for all to see."

Upon a shoreless sea dwells a wizard,
Whilst awake weareth a golden gown,
Upon slumbering an invisible gown,
Yet all creatures have seen that wizard.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 10/27/2019.
Akin to J.R.R. Tolkien's riddles which Gollum questioned Bilbo Baggins in exchange to show him the way from the caves where he strayed, I'm penning my own riddles to be told in my legendarium: "Chronicles Of Nineva"

Each Quatrain is a full riddle in its own.
#riddle #someone riddle me
Oct 2019 · 155
Morning Ode To My Queen
Come let's flap our wings and tails,
Entwined, we'll raise our love-sails.
Sail away to a rose scented clime,
Yonder beyond restrictions of time.

Come let's sail where we'll never asunder,
But always in great fields of wonder,
Wondering the true magic of love,
Like a proud eagle aloft in skies above.

O come, you'll be my Queen, and I thy King;
To you, sweet melodies I'll always sing,
All day long through the ebony night,
Till in the wake of the golden dawn light.

Oh heaven’s most effulgent queen,
Rise and cast thy beams upon the green.
#Ode #love #queen #dawn
Sep 2019 · 250
All flowers spring from the bud,
And waves from bellows of the ocean,
Thunder springs from the cloud,
And ataraxy from a zephyr's motion.

Day springs from the ebony night,
And night from fading beams of day,
From fire springs flames of light,
And many a time crockery from clay.

The mountains spring from the earth,
And from pleasant bowers a haven,
Fountains of love unto joy give birth,
And stars from the shores of heaven.

All vapor springs from the water,
And rain from the far melting skies,
From the sun springs a golden glitter,
And pulchritude from my lover's eyes.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 9/5th/2019.
Unto she who'll never read it.
By celestial shores is there burnished gold
More fair than I see in my lover's eyes,
Or seraphs whose pulchritude to behold
Nears my queen's opalescence of the skies?
For though I know days will fade into night,
And nights will evermore melt into day,
But my love, like as hues of the sun's light
That ever glows the same, so shall it stay
With constance like as tides of gushing time
That neither man nor birds of skies above
Can dare grasp, but watch 'em roll clime to clime.
So, as far as lives time, so shalt my love,

   For like as water doth abound the sea,
   So doth her love upon a heart of mine.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California. 9/1st/2019.
#Shakespearean sonnet #Unto she who will never read it.
All that glitters is not gold,
All sailors this understand best;
Halcyon seas many a secret hold
In their ***** wide as east to west.

The brightest cloud of the sky
Culminates not into rain shower,
But the gloomy unto the human eye,
Her tears doth kiss the garden flower.

The bat flies through the ebony night
Though day is pleasant to behold,
She doth choose never to take flight
For all that glitters is not gold.

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, Aug 19th 2019.
This aphorism hath been told in many a different way but meaning the same in days even before William Shakespeare by great poets like Geoffrey Chaucer, and later on John Dryden, J.R.R. Tolkien, and many more however 'tis William Shakespeare that gave us that famous line in his play "The Merchant Of Venice"

P.s. In his play, the King of Morocco craved to marry the beautiful Portia but before his wish was to pass, he had to choose one box that bore Portia's portrait to which three boxes were brought unto him: One of gold, the second of silver, and the third of cheap lead. He then chose that of gold only to find there was a scroll with words emblazoned:

O hell! what have we here?
A carrion Death, within whose empty eye
There is a written scroll! I'll read the writing.

All that glitters is not gold;
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had you been as wise as bold,
Young in limbs, in judgment old,
Your answer had not been inscroll'd:
Fare you well; your suit is cold.
Cold, indeed; and labour lost:
Then, farewell, heat, and welcome, frost!
Portia, adieu. I have too grieved a heart
To take a tedious leave: thus losers part.

P.s.s. Portia's portrait was in the box of cheap lead...Loll.

And yet again, there's one more by J.R.R. Tolkien:

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

Hope thou hast enjoyed mine as well. Besides, unto the east a great day, and unto the west a great night.
Aug 2019 · 721
The Hill Of Success
Like as heaven's golden eye
In all her timeless grandeur
Doth emanate to paint the sky
In polychromatic hues all o'er
At the break of dawn, so raced I
 Briskly through woods of failure,
     Yonder the mighty hill of success
      That shimmered in the distance.

The closer I drew, the further the hill,
But despite the task seemed sisyphean,
Winds of hope came driving me still
Right through thorny thickets of men
That unto me said I'll never get uphill,
But though girthed with such ill omen,
     I bore it in mind, at the end of day,
     Even the sun fades into heaven's bay.

They tried to pull me down,
But, "giving up" ain't my name;
When at last I wore a golden crown,
They tumbled into a sea of shame
And there deep they didst drown
Till so soddened every part of them:
     "For now every body knows my story,
     I rest not till I behold clouds of glory."

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, 8/4th/2019.

           #Words Of Wisdom
P.S. Unto he who whose beams of hope are marred with clouds of despair.

The term sisyphean means: "Of a task never to be completed."

It's derived from Greek mythology, Sisyphus or Sisyphos was the king of Ephyra. He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top, repeating this action for eternity.
Jul 2019 · 173
Through Nineva's ever rollin' hills
Over meadows of verdant green
Well watered by eternal nectar rills
There we must away with eyes keen.

Yonder woods shadowy and wide,
Motionless since days began,
As swift as falls rain there we ride
And seek our stolen gold while we can.

Though mighty stars, moon and sun,
Upon heaven's ever stonking bay
Might all cease to shine and burn,
There we must away ere break of day.

Yonder vale, yonder hills, yonder briars,
Yonder chasms dim and deep we ride,
Past thorny thickets, through beast's liars,
There our chariots ride as swift as a tide,

With our swords sharp as the sun's rays
To seek our gold from enchanted hoards
Where creatures lament sweet olden days
Long before cloven with magical swords

By dwarf lords in eternal halls of stone
That upon 'em casted mighty spells
Sharper than sunbeams that ever shone,
There we must away ere our bell knells.

Through Nineva's ever rollin' hills
Past meadows of verdant green
Well watered by eternal nectar rills,
There we must away with eyes keen.

Yonder woods shadowy and wide,
Motionless since days began,
As swift as falls rain there we ride
And seek our stolen gold while we can.

Beneath many a galloping stream
That forevermore never find the sea,
For there things ain't what they seem
By day or by night unto the naked eye.

There we must ride past  mountains high
Twixt darkling woods cold and old,
As swift as a wind beneath the night sky
And seek our long stolen harps of gold

Despite there all woods have eyes
For the dwarf Lord upon his throne
That evemore beams than starry skies
There we ride and seek our golden crown

In a realm where fairly shone forever
In days long dead and burried in time,
But though sun, moon & stars shine never
There we must away from clime to clime

Through Nineva's ever rollin' hills
Past meadows of verdant green
Well watered by eternal nectar rills,
There we must away with eyes keen.

Yonder woods shadowy and wide,
Motionless since days began,
As swift as falls rain there we ride
And seek our stolen gold while we can.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, U.SA. 07/30th/2019.
Ode sung by King Boriyon and his men through Nineva's shadowy forests on the quest for their long enchanted gold by dwarf lords in dungeons deep that upon 'em casted mighty spells whose mystery no mortal could ever tell nor unfurl.

#tales of Nineva

P.S. Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium, a miscellany of tales of mystery, wizardry and maccabre that never cease to stun whoever doth lend me his or her ear.

Boriyon was son of Marianah Boriyon, daughter of Nineva's last black smith. Of him legends say he went against all odds to annihilate all evil that upon Nineva loomed like a veil of everlasting night, and restored the long dreamt harmony that once pervaded the realm like as gems immensely dost abound shores of Elysium.
Jul 2019 · 168
A Clerihew
Edward Lear
Quaffed beer after beer,
When they said, Lear you're gettin' queer,
He replied, "how pleasant to hear."

William Shakespeare
Always held a golden spear
When kids said thou can't hunt,old sage,
He did by locking them in a cage.

Robert Frost
In a wood once got lost
When lads asked what led him to stray
He replied, with age no brains can stay.

Sir Walt Whitman
Hid his Captain's mead can
When the Captain learnt all about this,
He threw all oars and sails into the sea.

Edgar Alan Poe
Once climbed a paw paw
To reach one for his love-dove, Lenore,
A raven snatched it croakin', "nevemore."

William Blake
Stood musing at the lake
But all water creatures came to the strand
And said, "bard this ain't dreamland."

Lewis Carroll
Penned a Christmas carroll,
Unto little birds by the echoing green
That mocked him: "Perhaps to the queen."

Sylvia Plath
Ambled by a woodland path
Crying should have loved a thunderbird,
But one squeaked, "it'd be more bad."

William Cowper
Once bore a wire of copper
But one day rats away ran with it
Thus since yon day rats he decided to eat.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
Once was asked by kids so keen
What inspired his mysterious tales of old
And in a mellow voice replied, old is gold.

Rudyard Kipling
Once was asked by a king:
"What brings about thy wisdom,"
Quoth he, "such are fruits of boredom."

William Wordsworth
Once cast eyes upon the earth
By a hill when came he across daffodils
That prompted him to dwell by the hills.

Edmund Spencer
Was a pure miser
But one thing he loved most, a wreath
Of roses, that costed him all his wealth.

Emily Dickinson
Had a sick son
Who always told her, "You aint a Poetess,"
She retaliated by ever buyin' him dresses.

John Donne
Had no gifts like a phone
To win a lass's heart but only a bonnet
And many a pleasantly weaved sonnet.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Once strolling by the sea
Was asked to pen a poem by Ozymandias,
But upon failing, He ate his pancreas.

John Keats
Claimed to know secrets
Of mermaids in the mermaid tervern,
When they said nay, he hid in a cavern.

Lord Byron
Walked in a gown of nylon
Singing she walks in beauty like the night,
But replied a voice, "if only by daylight."
Good friends, greetings unto ye all, fellow bards..., hope thou art perfectly splendiferous. First and foremost I humbly apologize for my absence for quite a while as I'm racing with tides of time and destiny. But though been absent for a while, been missing ye all that while. God bless ye all and hope thou hast enjoyed my nonsensical clerihew about some of my fave bards of all time.

If by any bad chance I left out thy fave bard, below comment his/her name and I'll weave one out of his name...Loll.
Mar 2019 · 239
Not far from thine eyes there’s a garden
And in that garden rolls a strange river,
A river though older than ancient Eden
Hath lost her silvery luster never.

In merry flowers of spring she rolls through,
Meandering past sweltering fields of summer,
Down through verdant meadows of autumn,
Till bids adieu strange barren plains of winter,

Serpentining through flowers of spring again.
And this proudly rolling river akin to any river
Thou canst not touch her same waters again
For swifter than a comet she gallops forever.

This, men of now and of yore have known,
All animals of the woods, all birds of the vale,
The poor and those who wear a golden crown,
For fickleness of this river they know well.

Hark! If thou hast noticed not this river,
A river that meanders from clime to clime
Evermore, thy mind's eye remains blind forever,
For this's the strange river by name, Time.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA. 03/28th/2019.
What if ye viewest "garden" as the "world" and "river" as "time". For if ye take a mental squint about the second verse of this poem, this river rolls through the four seasons of the year: "From flowers of spring, past fields of summer, down through meadows of autumn, right through barren plains of winter and then right back where it began which is spring, what could that be if not time?" #just saying...Loll

And if ye realise well, this river(Time) existed before ancient Eden but her strange water hath lost never its silvery glow.

Otherwise, unto ye all my poetry lovers, I'm truly so sorry it has been a while since a poem last rolled off my tongue due to lack of time but today I took time to muse about time and that's what I came up with. Hope ye hast enjoyed my muse about how time goes by and by.

Now that ye hast learnt something about time, please enjoy thy life to the fullest, for time's the most expensive gem that can't be bought back by neither silver nor gold.
[K  I  K  O  D  I  N  H  O]

"King he was with a novelty vase,
In it effulgent sonnets fairly shone,
Kaleidoscopic ballads and prose,
Opalescent but all unto his lass alone.
Days into nights didst vade, and nights
Into days, and days again to nights,
Never didst the fair queen of beauty
Have a sight upon this vase that though
Opulent, resplendent, remains a mystery."
Dec 2018 · 180
I dreamt a man descending from a cloud
Amidst birds in a lengthening crowd
Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
In merry notes did rejoice and cheer

Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
Amongst sparrows and many a pigeon
Leading the choir from region after region
Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
In merry notes heralding so fresh a new year

Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
There were robins and many a skylark,
Alighted upon so gentle a wind's back
Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
In merry notes gallivantin' here and there.

Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
Lets fly above the highest mountains
To go quaff nectar from silver fountains
Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
In merry notes were heard by the far and near.

Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
So sung the nightingale and cuckoo too
Till from gazin' sight vanished in clouds of blue
Singing hallelujah Christmas is here
Let the world rejoice and sing hallelujah

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
Honestly, been tryin' to voice out this ode but just can't do it the way I'd like it sound since ain't a musician...LOL. I truly need someone with a mellifluous voice to give life to my lyrics that are likely to go unheard.

Besides, a merry Christmas unto ye all and a happy new year in advance. God bless ye.
"King he was to the realm of Nineva
In great halls that fairly shone forever.
Kaleidoscopic were hues of his blade,
Of burnished gold was it fairly made.
Diamonds, sapphires, pearls, and rubies
In fresh numbers were seen in his vase.
Ninety nine archers guarded the palace,
His horsemen swifter than comets of space,
Over wood, yonder hill, yonder vale, they'd race.

Eternally limpid yet ineffable was his lass's
Diamond-like eyes as dewdrops upon grass.
Winds of hate this beauty beheld and said nay
A beauty reflection as that in my wings must lay.
Roses, lavenders, lilacs, gardenias of the spring,
Daffodils of rolling hills unto her I'll bring.

A star-like diadem I'll press upon her gaily hair
Light buttons of pearl shalt bedight her dress so fair
Eternally mine shalt she be like as waves to sea or
Xylograph upon wood shalt be her soul to my soul.
And 'tis for this reason that all creatures know
Nineva's king since yon day turned cold as snow.
Diamond-like, so hardened his soul that now
Roves in a labyrinth of restless nostalgic winds
Outgribing here and there like wingless birds
Stuck in branches of night or shells neath the sands."

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
A brief history about "Kikodinho Edward Alexandros" preserved for men of ages to come who shall wish to dig into his past.
One day when closed shall be my book of life,
When I am hushed to eternal slumber
To rise and away soar to climes where strife
Of love hath no space to ever whisper,
In lands where tides of thy sweet memories
Might ebb no more unto shores of my heart
That culminated into smithereens
Since yon dead summer's day we fell apart
And thou, fair queen of stars, didst dim thy light
That ever shone upon shores of my mind
And enslaved me in dungeons dark as night
To sight no other star but ever blind!

    Oh hark! Like a wildly rolling river
    So shalt thy love gush my way forever.
Found this sonnet in my alcove of old poems penned yester-year and not posted.

#Shakespearean sonnet #decasyllabic
Dec 2018 · 87
Now that thy birthday is here
Can't wait whispering into thine ear
Sweet wishes for thee to clearly hear
Thou art the one I truly dost revere.

Smile radiantly like the evening star
That evermore smiles from afar
With a splendiferous novelty luster
Upon Heaven's ever gorgeous shore.

Dance lively like wild lonely trees
Beautifully swaying in a gentle breeze.
May joy rush thy way like a sea wave
Or like as wild roving clouds above.

Let from Heaven's stairs peace
Climb down, and flood upon thee
Every fleeting day, every fading night,
So thou may dwell in timeless delight.

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Dedicated this ode to a friend so dear unto me and now here 'tis unto anyone who's celebrating his or her birthday.
Dec 2018 · 212
Not so many moons ago dwelt a swain
Whom beyond doubt bore the fairest maiden
And they loved with a love that no other creature
Ever did or shall ever bear the same love-mixture.

Dreaming dreams of forevermore together,
But as all men know, love, as light as a feather,
As fickle as unfathomable weather,
From his maiden's heart did fell and wither.

Higgledy-piggledy, the winds of conundrums
Drove him unto mighty shores of doldrums
Where waves of regrets buffeted his pale face
Whilst he sank neath sorrow-sands deep as space.

Oh, now didst blissful memories of the past
Of golden honeyed moments that couldn't last
Upon his soul's skin hung like ebony plumes
As those found by shadowy sorcerer's rooms.

Eternity paused, for neither moon nor star
In shimmering garments were beheld afar.
Nostalgic winds sang him a dissonant melody
Whilst tides of despair swished by and by.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
#Lament #Nostalgia #Melancholy #Love #Swain #Maiden
Nov 2018 · 539
Rose (Acrostic)
"R adiance of a mullbery moon,
O palescent splendiferous hues
S tars sprinkle on high upon
E arth's eternally dewy roof."

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.

#musing at the rose flower.
Honestly, though none a gift of roses hath ever gifted me...Loll, the flower I've always adored since childhood, now I'm a young man, still I do and so shall it be when fickle time shalt wrap me in layers of life...Loll
Nov 2018 · 96
Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost,

Upon what distant shore
Dost thou now dwell?
By what shadowy moor,
By chasms of what dale?

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost,

By what pleasant stream,
Oh sweet lover I implore?
Lustrous than my love's cream,
Oh sweet lover I implore?

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost,

By what pleasant glade
Dost thou now rest?
By what slumber shade
Dost thou now nest?

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost,

By what serene bower,
Oh queen of celestial orbs?
By what strange tower,
Oh queen of celestial orbs?

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost

By what novelty fountain,
Oh sweet lover I implore?
By caverns of what mountain,
Oh sweet lover I implore?

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As leaves neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost

Unto my dreams whisper
Wherever thou might be,
By sun, by moon or by star,
Like waves unto shores I'll gravitate.

Thou, long lost lover,
Oh sweet lover long lost
As a worm neath wilted stover
Or leaves neath the frost.

Kikodihno Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
Unto she who will never read it.


STOVER is the leaves and stalks of field crops, such as corn (maize), sorghum or soybean that are commonly left in a field after harvesting the grain. It is similar to straw, the residue left after any cereal grain or grass has been harvested at maturity for its seed.
From flowers so fair picked I the most fair.
Hues of her boughs, a rainbow put to shame;
Her scent, all roses, jasmines draw not near,
Her luster, like shore lamps of heaven the same.
Now that I bore the fairest of all flowers,
Like rays of sunshine parting yonder clouds
So didst I get enriched with bliss showers,
But unto her came many a bird in crowds
With covetous eyes coveting her shine
They were doves, ravens, among so many more.
Though I know not which stole a gem of mine,
Thou bird, flint-hearted thief of my flower,

      Hast thou no pity a flower now thine
      Upon my soul left her perfume divine?

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Los Angeles, California, USA. 11/22/2018.
#Shakespearean sonnet
In woods of life a lion there so dwells,
A lion mortal men dost truly know,
All animals and birds of strangest dales,
For whiter than snow robes his heart doth glow.
His love not of here but of heaven's sphere,
For like as stars of yore and now sleeps last,
His cab's prey he must rummage here and there
Yet like as sun of yore and now wakes first:
His cabs in glee, the cynosure of all
Hence would as lief hunt through the darkest moor,
The entire shadowy un-trodden vale
To dress his cabs in joy-robes evermore.

   Hark! If this be no lion but rather
   An angel proud I am to call mother.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California.

#Shakespearean sonnet

#Been penning this poem since yesteryear
Unto my dear mother and all mothers of that nature out there.

Honestly, I grew up destitute in the ruins of Kampala, Uganda, but there's one hero by the name, Nalugo Florence, she whom I'll keep in the bower of my heart forevermore for turning all my days to hues of gold from her toiling. A hero most gladly I call mother.
Nov 2018 · 507
Funny how someone can
Sunder a heart of thine
And thou still dost adore them
With all thy riven smithereens!

My love, please come to me,
In my life thou dost linger;
Like as salt of a briny sea
Or like as the star's luster.

So long have I endured
A heart sundered by love
Though wherever  I wander
Thy sweet love I dost crave.

Oh! My love, come back to me
So we may pick these riven pieces
That like sea waters scattered be
And I'll shower thee with kisses.

Nevermore shall we ever sunder
For my love will be thy love
Sparking like heaven's thunder,
As thy  love will be my love.

Blissfully we'll dwell ever after
Like twinkling stars of the galaxy
With our enchanted passion
Effulgently lingering in perpetuity.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California.
Unto she who will never read it.

#Infinite Love

A modified version of one of my older poem penned in the wee hours of a dead July of 2015.
Nov 2018 · 192
I sit here in the corner of my mind
And watch our lustrous moments fled
Away galloping like a wild roving Hind
Unto places dark as hair upon my head.

I sit here in the corner of my mind
And watch our moments fled twirl back.
Though of gold they were, I can't rewind;
For them unto thou are now but all dark.

I sit here in the corner of my mind
And think of bewitching eyes of thine
That upon a loss of thee bore me blind
For no star see I matching thy shine

I'll sit here in the corner of my mind
And long for thee my love, my bright star,
That forevermore shines upon my mind
Wherever I go, wherever I wander.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA,
Unto she who will never read it.
Nov 2018 · 1.9k
The Old Folk Neath The Oak
Wandering past Thousand Oaks,
There mines eyes met many folks
And among them was an old man
Whose beard was as white as a Swan,
Whose voice, was as rough as of a Crow
Whose cinder-like eyes all exuded woe.

Hey old folk, hey old folk, hey old folk,
Unto him I called as he laid by the Oak.
Unto me of thy woe speak If thee can,
But softly replied he, "look, young man,
When in days to come old you grow
I pray of woe thee may never know.

For lest thou ever, the less you'll talk.
Not far off lies my child as still as a rock,
For a ******* came, shooting he began;
And my dear child away couldn't run
That now her coldness thrice as of snow
Hath immersed my poor soul in sorrow."

At this, no more could I talk nor walk,
But grew mute and motionless as a rock
When said he, "if we had not a single gun,
Perhaps dear life would truly be fun."
Then vanished he, leavin' me in sorrow
That thee, dear reader might never know.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA.
This poem hath been born of the shooting that took place yester night at Thousand Oaks, a place not so far from where I currently dwell. I wholeheartedly convey my prayers to whoever lost someone there. I wish there's something more I could offer but since there's naught, I pray this ink from a quill of mine might soothe a soul of thine. May God bless ye and strengthen ye all.

#Gun shooting #Death #Thousand Oaks
Nov 2018 · 2.0k
In Nineva, in melted days of yore,
In a very distant verdant realm
Of a shadowy enchanted Moor,
There rolled a nectar stream.

And whoever ever drunk from it
Whilst the sun rained her golden light,
Craved nevermore to drink nor eat
But perpetually dwelt in delight.

Once, upon her banks strolled a couple
Majestically holding each other's hand.
Golden robbed with plush ribbons purple,
All the way from a very far away land

Where dwelleth many a mandrill,
A realm of many a precious stone
And many a verdant rolling hill,
Though creatures there all but forlorn.

King and queen of Merindrill they were,
On a golden quest for perpetual youth
Akin to the luster of many a fiery star
Whose mystery none knows the truth.

Though the stream galloped in gladness,
Though meadow larks chirped in ecstasy,
A roving wind eerily rustled in sadness
As it danced about aspen leaves all sassy.

All birds of evil omen graced the heaven
Whilst darkling clouds blotted heavens' bed
But unto none did it seem a bad omen.
Dyadic ravens perched upon their head.

"Quaff, quaff, oh quaff not from the river,"
Unto the king quoth the first raven.
"In that river deep thou shalt dwell forever,"
Unto the queen quoth the second raven.

"Quaff, quaff, oh quaff not," they didst spoof
At the ravens whilst as quick as drops of rain
Plummeting from earths' eternal dewy roof,
In such haste, they quaffed again, and again.

And 'tis for that reason that all men know
From the ***** of that sweet rollin' river
Did the fanciful couple now as cold as snow
Ever leave, but there dost live forever.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA.
#Tales Of Nineva  #Fantasy #Adventure

#Merindrill is a realm of darkling woods far away from from the mighty land of Nineva.

Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium - a miscellany of tales of mystery and macabre like you've never heard of. Tales such as, "The Mystery Of Lenore," "Woods Have Eyes," "The Dwarf Of Nineva," The Novelty Tea ***," "The Witch's Cauldron," "Jazabel The Witch," "The mandrill of Merindrill," among so many others yet to be posted here.
And what poem might suit thou, love?
When at once I thought of a nonet,
A voice whispered from clouds above,
"Nay, better would be a sonnet."

In a while before thinking twice,
Another sharply pierced mine ear;
"Better would it be in free verse,
Lend no ear unto Shakespeare."

When I thought of one of a kind,
Another said, "better would be a ballad,
And if thou art not mentally blind,
It goes down well while takin' a salad."

Shortly after I'd employed this clue,
Another said, "better would be a limerick
Whilst taking some gin and rotten stew,
To win so fair a maiden that's the trick."

Nay, quoth another, obsolete are all rules,
To neither lend no ear nor Lear,
For he's the chief of the realm of fools,
A crown he holds for many a year.

"Screech no more like a wingless bird,"
Quoth another. "Thy queen's beauty
Is but peerless and thee, blind bard,
Thy quill canst not tell of her beauty?"

At this , I bethought of her raven hair,
Her ivory skin gaily than a silvern moon,
Her eyes that no luster of star doth near,
And I- I fully drowned in a sea of shame.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
Ain't sure about one till now!!! Loll
Oct 2018 · 326
The Little Hut
There's a little Hut
Filled with faded memories,
A Hut but my heart.
(5, 7, 5 syllable format.)
Bring me thou my *** of poetry ink,
Oh bring me thou my quill of a pheasant
And in a sea of beauty I'll thus sink

In a helter-skelter than stars dost blink.
I’ll give up my rubies, pearls and bezant
And in a sea of beauty ill thus sink,

To deepest ends where no mortal can think
And pen my Lass poetry so pleasant.
Bring me thou my *** of poetry ink,

Fair violets, jasmines, and roses pink
So I may brew the finest philter scent
And in a sea of beauty ill thus sink.

Since all near not the perfume from her cheek
That no Eden’s flower bore till present,
Bring me thou my *** of poetry ink

Ere maidens upon the heavens dost wink.
Oh bring me thou my quill of a pheasant,
Bring me thou my *** of poetry ink
And in a sea of beauty I’ll thus sink.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
A villanelle is a dance song coupled with pastoral themes.

In literature, 'tis a nineteen-line poetic form consisting of five tercets (first 15 lines) followed by a quatrain (last 4 lines) that hath a couplet towards the end. There are two refrains and two repeating rhymes, with the first and third line of the first tercet repeated alternately until the last stanza, which includes both repeated lines.

Lines may be of any length, but are often written in iambic pentameter.

#Villanelle #Decasyllabic
Oct 2018 · 338
Drift To Elysium
Thrown like ripples of a star
From a dreamer's somber shade,
I gazed about frisky birds afar
In coats of blue, gold and red,

And they sang: Sky maidens we,
That dost float on high forever
Atop vales, mountains and seas,
Forests, and many a lonely river,

Lets flap our gentle wings and wing
Yonder the land of lofty mountains,
Where dwelleth the mighty King
In halls bedight with silvern fountains

Beneath temples of burnished gold,
Where golden run nectar streams,
Where beauty by any bard yet to be told,
Where leaves dewed by fair sun beams;

In a realm where naught doth ever age,
Where song birds croon loveliest lullabies
In a realm where love is the language
Unto all that walketh – unto all that flies.

And from there we’ll fly nevermore
But mellifluously whisper a paean
To echo golden from shore to shore,
Beauteously through many an eon.
©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
'Twas in the eventide of June
Whilst he didst lay in a pit of despair
When a lass fair as a silvery moon
Stately sailed his way as a zephyr
Yet majestically as drops of dew
Rollin' upon boughs of emerald fair.

Heaven's ever fair golden eye
Had sprinkled her very last ray
To pave way unto night maidens
That evermore bedight heaven's bay
With luster that in perpetuum gladdens
Naked eyes in a way i canst not say.

Radiant hope in his eyes shone bright
To potter beside a beauty queen
Whose eyes thrice brighter than light
Fair like as sails of diamond hewn,
Opalescent as robes of Sirius in the night
Whilst decamping at the fall of dawn.

Euphonious lullabies into her ear
Mellifluously he didst sing and sing,
For her to know she's all he did revere.
A fair diadem unto her he did bring,
For her to forevermore hold it dear
Queen unto him she's, and him her King.

But yonder stars in lone splendor
Coveted him and the beauty queen,
For her effulgence surpassed their luster
That as passes a fiend with eyes unseen
When the wind is hushed into slumber,
So did spy upon 'em with eyes keen.

Alas! As we all know naught lasts forever,
The looming veils of night began to vade
Whilst stars in a splendiferous cluster
Upon celestial shores coyly didst wend;
And his visage grew pale by dawns luster,
For far off with his queen they'd eloped.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
#Tales Of Nineva #Swain #Maiden #Fairy whispers #Imaginations
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
There castles fair as a moon of June
Despite denizens 'neath a pit of despair
Like a night lit not by stars or moon.
Sweet is the silent whispers of a zephyr
When falls dew at the peep of dawn
Upon meadow boughs of emerald fair.

When heaven's ever fair golden eye
Doth sprinkle her very last fiery ray
To pave way unto maidens of the sky
That evermore bedeck heaven's bay,
In woods strange lonely things dost cry
In lament of the sweet melted olden day

Now 'neath the vale of time: In fairyland,
Where days once colorful and bright,
Where novelty gems bedeck each strand,
Where lofty towers shine than star light,
There naught remains that doth stand
And there dawns never but endless night.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
      Los Angels, California.
#Fairyland #Tales Of Nineva #Imaginations
Sep 2018 · 550
Farewell, farewell, farewell unto thee,

Hands of time; 'Tis time to run free.

Though Sun is burning bright to behold

Her sprinkling ripples of opalescent gold

Through trees bedight in robes of green,

Evoking wild lonely leaves to preen

To the sussuration of zephyr's whispers

Sweet as of nymphs beside rollin' rivers,

Nevermore in a pit of thoughts to hide

But far deep in Mandeville Canyons ride.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
      Los Angeles, California.
Penned today on riding through Mandeville Canyons. I wish we had an option of sharing poems with pics, only then ye wouldst have known how beauteous Mandeville Canyons in Los Angeles is.

#Mandeville Canyon #Ride #Adventure #Pulchritude
Sep 2018 · 834
Gone be yon melted summer's day
Whilst shrouded in robes of sorrow
That never quill of a bard can portray
Nor years unborn may ever know
When a fair maiden pottered my way,
Gently as drops of descending snow.

Her eyes fairer than burnished gold
Illuminated the vast shadowy night,
Ebony hair upon her seraphic body rolled
With a diadem of reddest roses bedight
That swifter than a gallant knight so bold,
I plunged to Elysium at such a sight.

For she bore beauty of a silvery moon
In lone splendor upon heavens bay,
The pulchritude of sun beams by noon
Against the sea on a fine blazing day.
Now that love casted her novelty boon,
Timidly I gravitated towards her way

And in fables faintly whispered unto her:
"Little maiden, little maiden, little maiden,
O queen fairer than chalcedonic luster;
Are flowers of yonder golden Aidenn
More fair and redolent than thou are?"
This did gladden - I strayed in a garden;

Her garden of ethereal pulchritude
Where no mortal ever walked through
And now doth hearts gambol with glee
'Neath elm leaves bedight with stars above
That the beauty queen calls it balm of Gilead
To visit her garden - a garden of love.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA
Balm Of Gilead:

Balm of Gilead was a rare perfume used medicinally, that was mentioned in the Bible, and named for the region of Gilead, where it was produced. The expression stems from William Tyndale's language in the King James Bible of 1611, and has come to signify a universal cure in figurative speech. The tree or shrub producing the balm is commonly identified as Commiphora gileadensis. Some botanical scholars have concluded that the actual source was a terebinth tree in the genus Pistacia.

Besides, I'll soon employ the tittle of this poem to my book - A miscellany of love-poetry.
Far over the woods shadowy and old,
Beyond lofty mountains forlorn and cold
Where leaves by no wind stired sway,
There we must seek our enchanted gold.

Though dwarves in dungeons of shadow
Hanged them as dew drops by the bough
And casted spells sharp as the sun's ray,
We must seek our gold ere old we grow.

Through brier, yonder vale, yonder hill,
Yonder beyond many a whispering rill
Where songbirds lament the olden day,
There we must away ere time stands still.

Far over the woods shadowy and old,
Beyond lofty mountains forlorn and cold
Where leaves by no wind stired sway,
There we must seek our enchanted gold.

Through peculiar caverns dim and deep
Where strange lonely things dost creep
Forevermore as waves towards the bay,
There we must boldly ride ere we sleep;

In Nineva, to win our long-stolen gold
Beneath botomless vales forlorn and cold;
Where creatures lugubrious night & day,
Far over the woods shadowy and old.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
3rd. September.2018.

#Tales Of Nineva
A song sang by Kiko and his men whilst passing through a peculiar wood on the quest for enchanted treasures.

Days back whilst in a bus from Seattle to California, I came by a verdant wood floating upon ever rolling hills in the state of Oregon...and upon feasting about her in her lengthening shadowy flock of emerald green, been compelled to accomplish this poem which I started penning a while back whilst touring Zanziba islands grandly floating far off in the indian ocean by the east African coast, in Tanzania.

Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium,  a miscellany of tales of mystery and maccabre like you've never heard of.
Ye men so coward of poor Uganda,
Why dost thou comfortably rest in bed
As though crimes extant all propaganda,
And overlook the rising toll of dead?
Ah, night is nigh, rise now or nevermore,
For deep in dungeons lies thy dear child
Who should have lifted thy hope from the floor
That bliss as merry birds spark in the wild,
As such would bloom again upon thy land
That now lies in a sepulchre of sorrow,
As of a pirate prostrate by the strand
With faded hope to sight a new rainbow.
  O rise up now and fight for thy freedom,
  Before the land sinketh in lasting doom.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Kampala, Uganda, 20th.August.2018.

#Shakespearean sonnet
This sonnet hath been written in defiance of atrocious acts by the current president of Uganda, he who hath been in power for more than 32years. This time round when he detained Bobi Wine, a musician yet politician who is now on the verge of death in dungeons unknown after being subjected to atrocious acts that deserve not even an animal because he stood up against his malicious acts, I had to pen this poem to cowards of my country (Uganda) who have failed to rise up for freedom. God bless our dear land.
Jul 2018 · 4.0k
In days dead and burried in time,
In a very far away enchanted clime,
In the mighty kingdom of Nineva
Where there fairly shone forever,

There once was a strange lonely wood
That ever in fairest robes of green stood
By the edge of a fair shoreline of pearl,
Whose mystery none may tell nor unfurl.

For akin to the most effulgent yonder star
That forevermore scintillates from afar
In a splendiferous novelty golden cluster,
So thrice scintillated the gem's luster.

And 'tis for this that as we all truly know,
All mortals, I say, all mortals  of long ago
Gravitated from corners of distant lands
On the quest for riches by those strands.

Once, sweltering was the noontide
When upon a violent lonely rolling tide
A bunch of desperate pirates were seen
Nearing that wood of emerald sheen.

In a while, they'd gathered all they could,
Leaving not a single gem in the wood.
Alas! A wind murmured upon the skies
In faint whispers: "Woods have eyes"

So muttered all birds - all birds of the air,
All creatures in caverns desolate yet fair,
All leaves upon strange shadowy trees,
And all - all creatures of wild lonely seas.

But, despite the looming dark omen,
Swifter than plummeting drops of rain,
So hastily dashed every single pirate
Blindingly minding not about their fate.

They raised their silvery sails to take sail
But hark! All this - all this was to no avail;
For upon the skies no wind was seen
To render them across so wide a sea.

In a jiffy, louder than birds of the skies
All gems whispered, "Woods have eyes."
From that moment on, all lost their sight,
Doomed never to behold the sun's light.

And now, upon those murky restless seas
They dost weep but no plea can please,
For they were doomed to rove evermore
In search of their long forgotten shore.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 29th.July.2018.
#Tales of Nineva #fantasy #adventure

Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium - A miscellany of tales of mystery and maccabre like you've never heard of. Tales like, "The Dwarf Of Nineva, The Nectar Stream, Jazabel The Witch, The Novelty Tea ***, The Witch's Cauldron, The Enchanted Gold, The Mystery Of Lenore, among so many others.

Thanks for reading.
Jul 2018 · 570
The Swain And A Fair Maiden
'Twas eventide of a dead summer's day
Whilst prostrate by shores of loneliness
When a violent tide of love swept his way
And drew him into a sea of pure ecstacy.

Effulgent stars all decked in flocks bright
Sprinkled their timelessly ethereal glow
Upon a vast shadowy looming veil, night,
While floods of kisses showered his brow.

Dreaming of lands beneath the rainbow,
Lands where blossoms of love never vade
But ever as fresh as dew upon the bough,
Or sweet aroma of flow'rs by a glade.

Alas! Little the swain knew how to swim
Hence dreamt never turning back ashore.
But this, all this was but a bootless dream
For as thee and me all truly dost know,

Long ago, in that sea deep his soul fell
Doomed to sight shores of bliss nevermore,
For of swimming, love she knew well
Hence decamped out of sight evermore.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 17th.July.2018.
#tale #swain #maiden
‘Twas many moons ago in fled days of yore,
In a distant realm of a golden shore,
When there dwelt a maiden of golden hair,
The last fairest by the name of Lenore.

The sweetness of her mellifluous voice,
Like only Angels of high heaven can make;
The beaminess of her impeccable face,
Reflections of a dawn sun-kissed lake.

Once by a golden noontide, so they say,
Perfectly salubrious was the day,
Fairly enriched by heaven's fairest ray
That Lenore chose to potter by the bay.

She marveled at so wide a limpid sea,
That was a vast luminous blue millpond,
Whispering mellifluous lullabies
Like of Angels upon heaven's compound.

“O sea, thou art lovely like a sweet dream,”
Quoth Lenore, “In thy waters I must swim.”
Hence as quick as a plummeting sunbeam,
In waters jumped the little seraphim.

Frosted in sheer elation she galloped
Upon the crest of so gentle a wave,
But every sea creature lifted its head,
Whilst doleful as marigold by a grave,

And in faint whispers didst bid her adieu,
"Farewell Lenore," till she was out of view,
Away where mortals of yore never knew,
Away where none canst ever have a clue.

In a while, the sun had shone her last ray
And solitary stars were beaming bright
Upon heaven's timelessly stonking bay,
But she still alone In the dead of night.

By luck, on yonder was a galleon
Of a sundeck decked with bright neon,
Her glossy sails as if from diamond hewn,
With words golden blazoned upon her stern:

Come thou little maiden, come thou aboard,
But little did innocent Lenore know,
At the back words in clear ruby-red read:
“To the kingdom of eternal sorrow.”

Not so long faded the night, dawn was nigh,
Heaven's molten gold began oozing by,
Whilst silvery clouds waltzed athwart the sky,
That Lenore's eyes slavered with ecstasy.

But then, there came a dog in the manger,
A hateful wave assailed the galleon
And heavens raged with roaring thunder
That echoed louder than the hungriest lion.

Tossing her where the sea kisses the skies,
Hence now but a speck on the horizons,
And there she galloped by and by downwards
Till wrecked upon shadowy blue islands

That bore words by the shores: “Little maiden,
Welcome thou to the kingdom of Nineva,
Where mortals shalt see thee never again,
For here you'll dwell forever and ever.”

This sent poor Lenore reeling far in mind
That with cinder-like eyes stumbled behind
But her galleon she could hardly find
For it had long vanished into the wind.

But hark! Yonder woods sprang a companion,
A lad whose names were Edgar Alan Poe;
Bestrode upon a snowy fair stallion
Who unto her whispered softly and low:

“If the moon be fair, then thy skin fairer,
If the stars be bright, then thine eyes brighter,
If snow be white, then thy lip’s gems whiter,
If the sun be hot, then thy hair hotter,

Then tell me, what bringeth thou to Nineva,
A realm of eternal sorrow and fear,
Where no mortal hath escaped ever,
But ever doomed in dungeons of despair?”

Despite her visage was lugubrious,
Her worries were all now but fugacious,
That yonder fair floral woods susurrous
Galloped whilst trees sang in tunes mellifluous.

For Edgar’s words of kindness had soothed her
Now doth she beam with ethereal luster
Like of night lanterns upon heavens shore
Scintillating in a wondrous cluster.

Alas! strange and covetous myriad eyes
By yon brier coveted the beauty queen
That as passes a fiend in the night skies
Did spy upon her with eyes all unseen

'Tis then when Edgar was away hunting
Whilst the beauty queen was all alone singing
When those dreamy figures came whispering
Amongst each other whilst wildly smiling.

Bestrode upon many a snowy fair horse,
Their strange faces, as pale as death her self.
Their voices, as if thousand snakes didst hiss,
Betwixt them, there lordly sprang an elf

Who unto her said, "how sweet thou dost sing,
Thy melodious voice would so please our king,
Unto thee, rubies and pearls shalt he bring,
Of banished gold shalt be thy nuptial ring."

"Nay", softly replied the little maiden,
To thy king I canst not walk down the isle,
For in violent love I'm with a swain,
Thy king's treasures outweigh not his smile.

"Wretch", why dost thou abhor our proposal?
For soon thou art to regret having done so,
So cried the elf, "opting for a mortal
Than a mighty king who is immortal"?

"Hark! Fair moon, see that morrow by noontide
Thou art by the edge of yon verdant moor,
For then thou shalt come with us yonder side
Neath the sea, and dwell with us evermore."

At this, a wild wind danced by many a leaf
And so vanished the strange troop of the elf
That she busted with a sigh of relief
Though deep within, her soul kindled with grief.

Not long, news sprinkled into the swain's ear
Who gathered a troop of a thousand men
Each bearing a bow, a hummer and spear,
All ready to guard the beauty queen.

When came morrow, they took little Lenore
And laid her beneath a lone sycamore
That stood by the edge of a lonely moor,
And then all matched towards the shingly shore.

No army led by any hostile king
Towards them could ever come any near.
There job was great that they did chant and sing
Songs of triumph of the fled days of yore.

Alas! To match towards the sycamore,
There pale and cold laid innocent Lenore
With not any single bone of poor her
Broken, but her breath taken evermore.

Mute, forlon, and motionless stood the swain
With bitter tears galloping from his eye,
With his soul 'neath a sepulchre of pain
That from yon day on, the realm he did curse.

For in Nineva, a realm dim and deep,
There not a mean ray of light canst now creep,
And there all creatures night and day dost weep
Till sweet Lenore wakes from eternal sleep.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 16th.July.2018.

#tale #adventure #fantasy #Lenore #EdgarAlanPoe #Nineva
"Nineva" is a magical kingdom in "Kikos's Legendarium"...a miscellany of tales of mystery and maccabre like you've never heard of. Tales such as: The Enchanted Gold, The Dwarf Of Nineva, Woods Have Eyes, Jazabel The Witch, The Novelty Tea ***, The Witch's Cauldron, The Lonely Hut, The Nectar Stream, among so many others.
And this tale is as well one of a grand scene in an adventurous movie script im penning.

#Each line in decasyllables
#Lenore is a name of a maiden I borrowed from Edgar Alan Poe's tales of mystery.
Fair rose, now that thou art picked in the prime
Of thy breathtaking splendour to go bloom
By strands of pearl of very far a clime,
Upon roads of life I deserve no room
But as the wind bids adieu unto hills,
The lonely woods, the indignant still cloud,
The silent vales, the gently rolling rills,
As such, I must vade to another world;
But hark! Fair star, though snowy angels fair
In countless numbers bedeck heaven's shore,
Eternal flames of brightest love so rare
By my soul shalt blaze for thee evermore.
  So, until then when we shall meet again,
  My love for thee as fresh as summer rain.

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 13th.July.2018.

#attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet
#iambic pentameter
Written when news sprinkled unto mine ear that she who kindled my soul with eternal flames of love though upon shores she now dwelleth I canst not tell is to walk down the isle in a jiffy.
Jun 2018 · 498
My heart is but a Hut
Of love amid a desolate Moor
Of loneliness. One whose thatches
Of love, the finest of all that doth glow.

My heart is but a Hut
Of memories amid a desolate Moor
Of nostaligia. One whose thatches
Of love now lost her heavenly glow.

My heart is but a Hut
Of wild longing amid a desolate Moor
Of doldrums. One whose thatches
Of love marred with coldness of snow.

For there came a strange day
When winds of hate in robes of sorrow
Assailed her, buffeted her thatches away
Thus now but a roofless heart evermore.

My heart is but a Hut
Of despair amid a desolate Moor
Of memorabilia. A heart now but a Hut
Plumed with golden moments evermore.
Jun 2018 · 201
In United Arab Emirates' land,
In a kingdom of the golden sand,
There dwells a generous humble king
To whose kindness all mortals sing:
"What a kingdom the last fair and free,
What a King as gentle as a halcyon sea,
What a realm, what a mighty paradise
Unmarred by mist of prejudice,
For every person's race is worth,
Such, such a wonderland on earth!"

In United Arab Emirates' land,
In a Kingdom of the golden sand
Where there are lofty towers,
Towers thrice fairer than wild flowers,
A realm where greenery once rarely seen
But now resplendent in emerald green
By whom aI wonder the magic, the art,
For the creator used to mold his heart
That renders despaired men wings to fly,
Glance upon rainbows of hope in the sky.

In United Arab Emirates' land,
In a kingdom of the golden sand,
There clouds of harmony and peace
Float on forever for all eyes to see,
See the wit and wisdom of a humble king
To whom may we garlands bring!
He whose good deeds shall stream by forever
Like as silvery waters of the Nile river,
Yet, eternally as the ancient star's glow,
Or the merry winds that ever blow
From eastern shores to the western clime,
So shall his glory transcend through time,
Echoing a courteous, gracious King whom
I'm proud to call, "Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum."
Written not so many moons ago on knowing the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was to pass by Emirates Flight Catering, a place where I used to work but due to some hindraces, I couldn't deliver my tribute. Now that there's no chance of ever meeting Him, let me whisper it upon the rolling tides of Hellopoetry hoping it'll ever reach Him.
There lived an Old man of a golden fiddle
Who played it telling riddle after riddle,
But tricked by some magical gin,
Stolen was his fiddle by a goblin
And nevermore did he tell any riddle.
Feb 2018 · 747
I wish you were the night
And I were the day,
To ever dim my light
And fade into timeless beauty.


I wish you were the day
And I were the night
To ever roll down and stray
Into the warmth of thy light.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros.
Jumeirah, Dubai. 21st.Feb.2018.
#To she who shall never read it.
Feb 2018 · 589
He who sows seeds of hate
Shalt reap fruits of Hell's eternal fate.

But, he who sows seeds of love
Shalt reap fruits of heaven's joy above.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Jumeirah, Dubai. 20th.Feb.2018.

*Now a question doth spiral thy way: what kind of seeds are ye sowing?
Feb 2018 · 337
Life's too brief
To waste it in nights of grief,
Wake up and live.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Jumeirah, Dubai. 14th.Feb.2018.
#Words Of Wisdom
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