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12.8k · Jun 2016
Two Pools Of Midnight
Thine eyes
Were simply
Two pools of midnight
In which I'd stray
To heaven's celestial shores
#Pulchritude #Eyes #Her #Celestial shores
7.8k · May 2016
A Lonely Poets Soul
Some where amidst
Sanity and insanity,
Some where amidst
Agony and ecstacy,
Some where amidst
Canyons and alps,
Some where amidst
Dusk and dawn,
Some where amidst
Fantasy and reality,
Some where amidst
Spring and summer,
Some where amidst
Autumn and winter,
Some where amidst
Sun and Moon,
Some where amidst
Mercury and Venus,
Some where amidst
Earth and Mars,
Some where amidst
Jupiter and Saturn,
Some where amidst
Uranus and Neptune,
Some where amidst
Pluto and the unkown
Dwells a Lonely poets soul.
‘Twas many moons ago in fled days of yore,
In a distant realm of a golden shore,
When there dwelt a maiden of golden hair,
The last fairest by the name of Lenore.

The sweetness of her mellifluous voice,
Like only Angels of high heaven can make;
The beaminess of her impeccable face,
Reflections of a dawn sun-kissed lake.

Once by a golden noontide, so they say,
Perfectly salubrious was the day,
Fairly enriched by heaven's fairest ray
That Lenore chose to potter by the bay.

She marveled at so wide a limpid sea,
That was a vast luminous blue millpond,
Whispering mellifluous lullabies
Like of Angels upon heaven's compound.

“O sea, thou art lovely like a sweet dream,”
Quoth Lenore, “In thy waters I must swim.”
Hence as quick as a plummeting sunbeam,
In waters jumped the little seraphim.

Frosted in sheer elation she galloped
Upon the crest of so gentle a wave,
But every sea creature lifted its head,
Whilst doleful as marigold by a grave,

And in faint whispers didst bid her adieu,
"Farewell Lenore," till she was out of view,
Away where mortals of yore never knew,
Away where none canst ever have a clue.

In a while, the sun had shone her last ray
And solitary stars were beaming bright
Upon heaven's timelessly stonking bay,
But she still alone In the dead of night.

By luck, on yonder was a galleon
Of a sundeck decked with bright neon,
Her glossy sails as if from diamond hewn,
With words golden blazoned upon her stern:

Come thou little maiden, come thou aboard,
But little did innocent Lenore know,
At the back words in clear ruby-red read:
“To the kingdom of eternal sorrow.”

Not so long faded the night, dawn was nigh,
Heaven's molten gold began oozing by,
Whilst silvery clouds waltzed athwart the sky,
That Lenore's eyes slavered with ecstasy.

But then, there came a dog in the manger,
A hateful wave assailed the galleon
And heavens raged with roaring thunder
That echoed louder than the hungriest lion.

Tossing her where the sea kisses the skies,
Hence now but a speck on the horizons,
And there she galloped by and by downwards
Till wrecked upon shadowy blue islands

That bore words by the shores: “Little maiden,
Welcome thou to the kingdom of Nineva,
Where mortals shalt see thee never again,
For here you'll dwell forever and ever.”

This sent poor Lenore reeling far in mind
That with cinder-like eyes stumbled behind
But her galleon she could hardly find
For it had long vanished into the wind.

But hark! Yonder woods sprang a companion,
A lad whose names were Edgar Alan Poe;
Bestrode upon a snowy fair stallion
Who unto her whispered softly and low:

“If the moon be fair, then thy skin fairer,
If the stars be bright, then thine eyes brighter,
If snow be white, then thy lip’s gems whiter,
If the sun be hot, then thy hair hotter,

Then tell me, what bringeth thou to Nineva,
A realm of eternal sorrow and fear,
Where no mortal hath escaped ever,
But ever doomed in dungeons of despair?”

Despite her visage was lugubrious,
Her worries were all now but fugacious,
That yonder fair floral woods susurrous
Galloped whilst trees sang in tunes mellifluous.

For Edgar’s words of kindness had soothed her
Now doth she beam with ethereal luster
Like of night lanterns upon heavens shore
Scintillating in a wondrous cluster.

Alas! strange and covetous myriad eyes
By yon brier coveted the beauty queen
That as passes a fiend in the night skies
Did spy upon her with eyes all unseen

'Tis then when Edgar was away hunting
Whilst the beauty queen was all alone singing
When those dreamy figures came whispering
Amongst each other whilst wildly smiling.

Bestrode upon many a snowy fair horse,
Their strange faces, as pale as death her self.
Their voices, as if thousand snakes didst hiss,
Betwixt them, there lordly sprang an elf

Who unto her said, "how sweet thou dost sing,
Thy melodious voice would so please our king,
Unto thee, rubies and pearls shalt he bring,
Of banished gold shalt be thy nuptial ring."

"Nay", softly replied the little maiden,
To thy king I canst not walk down the isle,
For in violent love I'm with a swain,
Thy king's treasures outweigh not his smile.

"Wretch", why dost thou abhor our proposal?
For soon thou art to regret having done so,
So cried the elf, "opting for a mortal
Than a mighty king who is immortal"?

"Hark! Fair moon, see that morrow by noontide
Thou art by the edge of yon verdant moor,
For then thou shalt come with us yonder side
Neath the sea, and dwell with us evermore."

At this, a wild wind danced by many a leaf
And so vanished the strange troop of the elf
That she busted with a sigh of relief
Though deep within, her soul kindled with grief.

Not long, news sprinkled into the swain's ear
Who gathered a troop of a thousand men
Each bearing a bow, a hummer and spear,
All ready to guard the beauty queen.

When came morrow, they took little Lenore
And laid her beneath a lone sycamore
That stood by the edge of a lonely moor,
And then all matched towards the shingly shore.

No army led by any hostile king
Towards them could ever come any near.
There job was great that they did chant and sing
Songs of triumph of the fled days of yore.

Alas! To match towards the sycamore,
There pale and cold laid innocent Lenore
With not any single bone of poor her
Broken, but her breath taken evermore.

Mute, forlon, and motionless stood the swain
With bitter tears galloping from his eye,
With his soul 'neath a sepulchre of pain
That from yon day on, the realm he did curse.

For in Nineva, a realm dim and deep,
There not a mean ray of light canst now creep,
And there all creatures night and day dost weep
Till sweet Lenore wakes from eternal sleep.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 16th.July.2018.

#tale #adventure #fantasy #Lenore #EdgarAlanPoe #Nineva
"Nineva" is a magical kingdom in "Kikos's Legendarium"...a miscellany of tales of mystery and maccabre like you've never heard of. Tales such as: The Enchanted Gold, The Dwarf Of Nineva, Woods Have Eyes, Jazabel The Witch, The Novelty Tea ***, The Witch's Cauldron, The Lonely Hut, The Nectar Stream, among so many others.
And this tale is as well one of a grand scene in an adventurous movie script im penning.

#Each line in decasyllables
#Lenore is a name of a maiden I borrowed from Edgar Alan Poe's tales of mystery.
7.0k · Dec 2016

Pale mulberry was the sky,
No bird dared to fly!
Thus all seemed wrong,
But then, you came along
Suddenly like summer rain
And quelled away my pain.


Velvet blue was the sky,
No bird dared not to fly!
Thus all seemed right,
And as pure as a cloud in white,
When suddenly like the rainbow,
You quelled away thy heavenly glow.


Dark grey is the sky,
No bird seems to ever fly!
Athwart my wild blue yonder
Where I, indignantly do ponder
Night and day wondering why,
We can't give it just one more try.


Pitch black is always the sky,
But, faster than any bird I'll fly!
Swifter than a scudding cloud
Whilst calling upon you so loud,
All the way to a strange plain,
Just to ever feast about you again.


Magenta magic will always be the sky,
When once again we'll merilly fly!
Then, flowers once again shall bloom,
To see you and me as bride and groom
By a placid Mulberry Moon on the rise,
To kindle our enchanted paradise.

©Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
1st December 2016
***!!! Can't really believe it that among the myriads upon myriads of beautiful poems here at HP, this poem has turned up the daily. Thank you so much dear friends to have catapulted me to stardom for the second time...I'm really all gratitude.

5.9k · Jul 2015
Infinite Love
Funny how Someone can
Asunder a heart of thine
And thou still dost adore them
With all thy riven smithereens

My love, please come to me,
In my life thou dost linger
A love from my sweet past
That beamed than many a star

My love, long have I endured
A heart sundered by love
Though wherever  I wander
Thy sweet love I still dost crave.

Oh my love, come back to me
So we may pick these riven pieces
That like sea waters scattered be
And I'll smoother thee with kisses

Together we'll never sunder
For my love will be thy love
Beaming so bright forevermore
As thy  love will be my love

Blissfully we'll dwell ever after
Like twinkling stars in galaxies
With our enchanted passion
Effulgently lingering in perpetuity.
#Love #Stars #galaxies #infinite love
5.3k · May 2016
A Waning Love
In here
In my world
Ever since you
Slipped out of my sight
Out there in the
Distance, away
With thy

That shone
Bright to my
Wild blue yonder
Like rays of sunshine
Parting glowing
Clouds on a

Which I
Will always
Crave perdurably
Whilst incandescent
Stars seldom dost
Shine athwart
The night
(A Series Of Ninette)

A ninette poem is a poem made up of nine lines, each increasing in one syllable, then at the mid point, decreasing again. The first and last word may be the same, antonyms or synonyms.

Its structure is 123454321 syllable format
5.0k · Jun 2015
Peer pressure, Peer pressure
Peer pressure, peer pressure

My name is peer pressure,
My father is doubt,
My mother is duress,
My sister is bad choices,
My brother is nervous energy

I was born in a cyclone of negativity
Whipping through an ocean of people
They're the tribe of the unrest
I know im extremely unwanted
But im here anyways at all times

Peer pressure, peer pressure
Is my name
No one is immune from me
Neither the young, the teen nor the old

I'm evil
I wreak havoc and strife
To the human race

I ruin people's lives

I offer illusions of enjoyment
And pleasure to them

Till when
I take their greatest

Till when
I see them departing
From all that is correct

Till when
No more goodness nor kindness
Is detected from them

Till when
Their morals and goodness
Have gone into decay

Till when
I see their senses sedated
And all their energy depleted

Till when
I see them

Till when
I see tears of regrets
Turn into cries of despair

Till when
I see there is nobody
They can turn unto

Peer pressure, peer pressure

Is my name
Those who grant me to their lives,
I make sure i become
A silhouette of lies to their lives

Till when
They're always


Frozen in time
Hopeless forever

Till when
I see them
Completely gone astray

Pile on the agony
For that is pleasing
To my father Satan

Peer pressure, peer pressure
Is my name

"Alas!" Beware when making me your friend
Because i might end up
You to self destruction.
#peer pressure  #evil #havoc #ruin #deplete #despair #sedate  #silhouette #agony #destruction
Once at a halcyon sea thee dare glance,
And you'll see her smiling vivaciously
To render eyes of thine into a trance
By lullabies crooned rhythmically.
And if thee dare saunter by the shoreline
Upon a shingly beach in a brisk breeze,
Kissed by glassy waves you'll feel so fine,
For in mist of joy shalt thy worries freeze;
Yet if thee stroll by a fine golden day
With heaven's eye fairly raining her light,
It'll betoken joy to forever stay
Like of a bird upon her maiden flight.

In sweet delight it'll thus dawn upon thee,
For nothing smiles than a halcyon sea.

#Attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet

**Kikodinho Edward Alexandros. 7th.Dec.2017. Jumeirah, Dubai.
On feasting about a murmuring limpid sea that was a vast brilliant blue mill-pond whilst at Atlantis Hotel in Dubai by the terrace yesteryear on a golden May day, upon the back of my palm there I jotted a faint line "Whispers Of A Halcyon Sea"... Faint, for I really didn't know what to write next but since yon day, fires of my muse about the sea errupted...'Tis once on a fine sweltering day when I decided to visit the edge where waves kiss the shore...Fact that I know not how to swim, I remembered some indelible words of sheer wisdom: "TILL TO SWIM YOU ARE ABLE, SIT CLOSE TO THE TABLE...Loll" by the ancient sage, LEWIS CAROLL".... hence there by the table, that's when I knew what to write. Lest thou art a sea lover, hope thou hast enjoyed my musing about the sea. Thanks for reading. God bless ye, dear friends.
I could write the loveliest poem ever,
A lonely dove went cooing by and by,
Yonder rill, yonder hill, yonder river,
Whilst it winged into a clear blue sky.
Lovely is the sky in her robes of blue,
Velvety blue I mean, as eyes of thine
Never bestowed upon any seraph,
That upon my soul kindled love divine.
I could croon the loveliest tune ever,
And whisper it upon rivers of time;
That fairly stream by and by forever,
A tune that in thy heart could ever chime,

  If only I could glance at thy bright eyes
  To once stray upon shores of paradise.
#Shakespearean sonnet
4.0k · Jul 2018
In days dead and burried in time,
In a very far away enchanted clime,
In the mighty kingdom of Nineva
Where there fairly shone forever,

There once was a strange lonely wood
That ever in fairest robes of green stood
By the edge of a fair shoreline of pearl,
Whose mystery none may tell nor unfurl.

For akin to the most effulgent yonder star
That forevermore scintillates from afar
In a splendiferous novelty golden cluster,
So thrice scintillated the gem's luster.

And 'tis for this that as we all truly know,
All mortals, I say, all mortals  of long ago
Gravitated from corners of distant lands
On the quest for riches by those strands.

Once, sweltering was the noontide
When upon a violent lonely rolling tide
A bunch of desperate pirates were seen
Nearing that wood of emerald sheen.

In a while, they'd gathered all they could,
Leaving not a single gem in the wood.
Alas! A wind murmured upon the skies
In faint whispers: "Woods have eyes"

So muttered all birds - all birds of the air,
All creatures in caverns desolate yet fair,
All leaves upon strange shadowy trees,
And all - all creatures of wild lonely seas.

But, despite the looming dark omen,
Swifter than plummeting drops of rain,
So hastily dashed every single pirate
Blindingly minding not about their fate.

They raised their silvery sails to take sail
But hark! All this - all this was to no avail;
For upon the skies no wind was seen
To render them across so wide a sea.

In a jiffy, louder than birds of the skies
All gems whispered, "Woods have eyes."
From that moment on, all lost their sight,
Doomed never to behold the sun's light.

And now, upon those murky restless seas
They dost weep but no plea can please,
For they were doomed to rove evermore
In search of their long forgotten shore.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 29th.July.2018.
#Tales of Nineva #fantasy #adventure

Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium - A miscellany of tales of mystery and maccabre like you've never heard of. Tales like, "The Dwarf Of Nineva, The Nectar Stream, Jazabel The Witch, The Novelty Tea ***, The Witch's Cauldron, The Enchanted Gold, The Mystery Of Lenore, among so many others.

Thanks for reading.
3.7k · May 2016
Sky's Finest Paintings
opalescent, effulgent
twinkling, scorching, flickering
sky's brightest star, earth's nearest star
shimmering, blazing, blistering
polychromatic, luminous
#Diamante poem

A diamante poem is a poem that takes up a diamond shape when written and its made up of 7 lines using a set of structure as below

Line 1: Beginning subject
Line 2: Two describing words about line one
Line 3: Three doing words about line one
Line 4: A short phrase about both line one & line seven
Line 5: Three doing words about line seven
Line 6: Two describing words about line seven
Line 7: End subject
3.6k · Jan 2017
Doubt Thou, Doubt
Doubt thou the Earth doth spin,
Doubt the skies not to be Heaven's chin.

Doubt that Heaven's green and gold,
Her pulchritude is a fairytale told.

Doubt thou we'll meet the Lord,
At the other side of life's road.

Doubt that in Heaven's pleasant glade,
Life shall dare never to ever fade.

Doubt thou the sight before thy eyes,
Infinite not to be the coyly sinking skies.

Doubt that a pulchritudenous flower,
Akin to any other flower loses her allure.

Doubt thou Hell ain't a woeful grave
But never doubt thy love I dost crave.

©Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
28th January 2017
3.5k · May 2017
By serendipity's sake,
There mine eyes beheld her
Grinning with serenity about the lake,
Peeking from just around the corner;

Ineffably with a novelty luster,
Treading about wishy-washy skies,
Epitomizing all her ethereal grandeur,
That felicity exuded about mine eyes.

Alas! Only to turn around as to behold,
Vividly behold such novelty pulchritude
About her gown and crown of gold,
Than when it didst dawn upon me:

"She was discreetly decamping yonder,
Leaving me a desolate, in a vale of pain,
Down the dumps & a lonesome wanderer
Wishing to catch a glance at her again!"
#Twilight #Pulchritude #Her.

#A repost of one of my older poems with a slight change of flow.
3.5k · Sep 2016
My Darling's eyes:
Embers of molten gold,
An ocean of stars nigh,
Mine eyes dost behold.

My Darling's eyes:
A pulchritude cauldron
Akin to the skie's lanterns
Yet are but of chalcedony.

My Darling's eyes:
To be on the mark
Are but diamond dunes
If not a fountain of sparks!

My Darling's eyes:
Effulgent stars in a cluster
Swaddling velvet night skies
With celestial shore luster.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
20th September 2016
#Be on the mark is an idiom that refers to be accurate or correct.
Not snowy seraphs of heaven above
Nor lustrous gems by heaven's stonking wall,
Shall outshine the eternal mark of love
Thou blazoned upon the skin of my soul.
Though midst my wake and dreaming hours I know,
Heaven's meanest pier is of burnished gold,
And celestial shores chatoyant than snow,
But all not as bright as the mark I hold.
For when fickle time in layers of life
Shalt shroud me, and away I must then run
To meet the judge of souls, lest lasting grief
Were my soul's fate, I mean to burn and burn,
   The fragrance of thy love could still linger
   Freshly upon my soul's fading ember.

#Iambic pentameter
#Shakespearean sonnet

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Jumeirah, Dubai, 14th.Jan.2018.
After reading what is arguably the loveliest poem ever written by man, Sonnet 116 "Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds" by the ancient wise, The Bard Of Avon, William Shakespeare, from such naked truth to transcend in perpetuum, there I drew the inspiration to pen one nighly akin unto his that depicts how far love canst travel hence the sonnet above.

Secondly, long hast I penned poetry unto friends, unto many others, but none unto my parents not until I penned two unto my father not so many moons ago after his death. Verily, it doth hurt knowing I canst never recite him one though from the two I penned, I'll have one engraved upon his sepulchre upon going home.

So, now that I did such a great mistake I canst never forgive of my self, the Sonnet above is wholeheartedly dedicated to the lady who gave birth to me 25 years ago. Honestly, this lady I'm proud to call MOTHER hath been a PHENOMENAL WOMAN unto me in a myriad of ways mere WORDS CAN'T, upon going home I'll have this sonnet with a snap of her and me inscribed...and I'll have it well recited unto her in my local language, something I'm working upon as I've never penned one in my mother tongue, but I dost pray unto He who dwelleth atop effulgent yonder stars to render me ethereal wisdom such that I may capture the images as depicted for her to fully know how much I truly LOVE Her.

Lastly, if thou hast someone whom thou dost revere that way, the Sonnet above sails thy way as well.

Thank ye for reading, dear friends. God bless ye.
2.2k · Jun 2015
When things go wrong as they some times will
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile but you have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must but dont quit

Life is queer with its twists and turns
As everyone of us sometimes learns
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck out
Dont give up though the pace seems slow
You may succeed with another blow

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victors cup
And he learned to late when the night came down
Oh how close he was to the golden crown

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems afar
Hence stick to the fight when your hardest hit

For its when things seem worst that you must never
Q U I T.
#Helen Steiner Rice    #A bed of roses     #Hope
1.9k · Nov 2018
In Nineva, in melted days of yore,
In a very distant verdant realm
Of a shadowy enchanted Moor,
There rolled a nectar stream.

And whoever ever drunk from it
Whilst the sun rained her golden light,
Craved nevermore to drink nor eat
But perpetually dwelt in delight.

Once, upon her banks strolled a couple
Majestically holding each other's hand.
Golden robbed with plush ribbons purple,
All the way from a very far away land

Where dwelleth many a mandrill,
A realm of many a precious stone
And many a verdant rolling hill,
Though creatures there all but forlorn.

King and queen of Merindrill they were,
On a golden quest for perpetual youth
Akin to the luster of many a fiery star
Whose mystery none knows the truth.

Though the stream galloped in gladness,
Though meadow larks chirped in ecstasy,
A roving wind eerily rustled in sadness
As it danced about aspen leaves all sassy.

All birds of evil omen graced the heaven
Whilst darkling clouds blotted heavens' bed
But unto none did it seem a bad omen.
Dyadic ravens perched upon their head.

"Quaff, quaff, oh quaff not from the river,"
Unto the king quoth the first raven.
"In that river deep thou shalt dwell forever,"
Unto the queen quoth the second raven.

"Quaff, quaff, oh quaff not," they didst spoof
At the ravens whilst as quick as drops of rain
Plummeting from earths' eternal dewy roof,
In such haste, they quaffed again, and again.

And 'tis for that reason that all men know
From the ***** of that sweet rollin' river
Did the fanciful couple now as cold as snow
Ever leave, but there dost live forever.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA.
#Tales Of Nineva  #Fantasy #Adventure

#Merindrill is a realm of darkling woods far away from from the mighty land of Nineva.

Nineva is a magical kingdom in Kiko's legendarium - a miscellany of tales of mystery and macabre like you've never heard of. Tales such as, "The Mystery Of Lenore," "Woods Have Eyes," "The Dwarf Of Nineva," The Novelty Tea ***," "The Witch's Cauldron," "Jazabel The Witch," "The mandrill of Merindrill," among so many others yet to be posted here.
1.9k · Sep 2018
There castles fair as a moon of June
Despite denizens 'neath a pit of despair
Like a night lit not by stars or moon.
Sweet is the silent whispers of a zephyr
When falls dew at the peep of dawn
Upon meadow boughs of emerald fair.

When heaven's ever fair golden eye
Doth sprinkle her very last fiery ray
To pave way unto maidens of the sky
That evermore bedeck heaven's bay,
In woods strange lonely things dost cry
In lament of the sweet melted olden day

Now 'neath the vale of time: In fairyland,
Where days once colorful and bright,
Where novelty gems bedeck each strand,
Where lofty towers shine than star light,
There naught remains that doth stand
And there dawns never but endless night.

Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
      Los Angels, California.
#Fairyland #Tales Of Nineva #Imaginations
1.9k · Nov 2018
The Old Folk Neath The Oak
Wandering past Thousand Oaks,
There mines eyes met many folks
And among them was an old man
Whose beard was as white as a Swan,
Whose voice, was as rough as of a Crow
Whose cinder-like eyes all exuded woe.

Hey old folk, hey old folk, hey old folk,
Unto him I called as he laid by the Oak.
Unto me of thy woe speak If thee can,
But softly replied he, "look, young man,
When in days to come old you grow
I pray of woe thee may never know.

For lest thou ever, the less you'll talk.
Not far off lies my child as still as a rock,
For a ******* came, shooting he began;
And my dear child away couldn't run
That now her coldness thrice as of snow
Hath immersed my poor soul in sorrow."

At this, no more could I talk nor walk,
But grew mute and motionless as a rock
When said he, "if we had not a single gun,
Perhaps dear life would truly be fun."
Then vanished he, leavin' me in sorrow
That thee, dear reader might never know.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angeles, California, USA.
This poem hath been born of the shooting that took place yester night at Thousand Oaks, a place not so far from where I currently dwell. I wholeheartedly convey my prayers to whoever lost someone there. I wish there's something more I could offer but since there's naught, I pray this ink from a quill of mine might soothe a soul of thine. May God bless ye and strengthen ye all.

#Gun shooting #Death #Thousand Oaks
1.8k · Oct 2017
When sadly so fades the lonely night
To pave way to the golden dawn light,
In a while, not long, not so long,
Birds embrace the day with a new song:

"The night is fled, the night is gone,
Let us splash in hues of the golden sun,
Let us shake off yesternight's sorrow,
For night is fled, night is no more."
1.7k · May 2016
Novelty Eyes
Twin stars:
"They smiled and smiled
With all rainbow colours,
Exuding felicity upon
The skies.
#A Classical Cinquain Poem
#starry eyes
1.6k · Aug 2016

Once upon a time,
A friend in need at all times,
Time was such my best friend
And so we hopped till the end.

To my castle he'd come,
For he was always welcome
Any time he ever wanted to,
Something my queen loved too.

We'd ramble woodland paths together
As he reeled off one story after another,
All day long having a good time
Till when castle bells could chime.

Time was not of this world,
But a great war lord
Of a very far away land,
King unto the realm of fairy land.

He who had a novelty crown
Bestowed upon him by a fairy clown,
A crown not of gold but of palest silver,
A precious gem from the fairyland silva.

With lurve in the air one morning,
My friendship with Time died aborning
When he chose to do something frivolous
Just when the Sun's rays were so glorious.

Time emblazed my heart,
Something that didst hurt
When he smiled unto my wife,
Such a great shock unto my life.

He gravitated towards her after a deep sigh,
Like a whirlwind, my mind whirled high.
He thus gallantly asked her for a dance,
And was granted a golden chance.

Keenly I watched this flint-hearted boy,
Thought him skint but feared not nor coy.
With alacrity and in broad day light
Together they cwtched in delight.

He whom I always enjoyed with the wine,
There enjoying with a queen of mine
Whilst committing mischief;
This friend of mine such a thief.

Time whispered thus into my Queen's ear,
Whispers I could hardly hear:
Alas! He promised her the moon
For they'd eloped by noon,

To places strange I might never have a clue,
To where mortals have never dared walk to,
All the way to the realm of fairy land,
Such, such a very far away land.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
10th Aug 2016.
I've been sick for the past days though thank God I'm here to share and sip from the well of poetry once again. Oh how i missed you my dear friends! Honestly, I'm all thankful to the Almighty for "TIME" didn't vanish away with my life all the way to fairyland the same way he did to my queen!

#Time #Lonesome #Me #You #Relationships #Melancholy #Fairyland
1.5k · Jul 2015
From the helter skelter
In a helter skelter dash
For solitude at the esker
I strayed in a labyrinth
Of dark soaring woods

Here-upon, trees begun to move!
An optical illusion it seemed to be,
Though a moment my eyes did love;
But in a mean time, out of kilter
Was the avenue to the esker.

Wandering midst soaring woods
Serendipitously there I beheld
An elegant creature,
A creature with a velvety
Pale unblemished skin,
Lilly white as porcelain,
Gaily yet opalescent as an opal,
With curling glossy auburn hair,
Mellifluously whispering a lullaby
With verve in the wanton air
Whilst flapping her wings
To take wing.

On feasting about her impeccable face,
It thus dawned upon me:
"She was not of this our world
But an alien, an angel rom outer space."

Swiftly, I gravitated towards her
And unto her said I was lost,
Lost like leaves beneath the frost
Upon my way for solitude at the esker
However the sheer cynosure
She'd taken my fancy
Hence moonstruck for sure.

She gagged me, cwtched me,
Enveloped me in her wings
And merrily took wing
Whilst I gallantly kissed,
Kissed her nectar kisser.

Past mullbery skies we soared,
All the way unto her land of bliss
Where upon we swam naked,
Naked in halcyon waters,
Waters of her land.

Together, we made poetry
Of love and life so blind,
Cherishing moment after moment
One could search forever to find,

Whilst gallivanting from star to star,
Only alone by ourselves on yonder
To a very distant colourful clime,
Yonder beyond restrictions of time.
# A pie in the sky  #Dawn of love  #Pulchritude #Fantasy #Helter skelter  #Esker #stars
  #Poem  #Poetry
1.4k · Jul 2016
The spark in her eyes
A full orange moon
Hung on the horizons
As we were bleeding
Funny talk
And thrilling tales

She thus asked me
Why I could hardly look
Into her eyes for long

And being enveloped
By timorous clouds
Hardly could I say a word

Her eyes glowed like
"A couple of
Colliding galaxies"

Thus I could hardly
Bear the light

© *
Kikodinho Alexandros
#Eyes #Galaxies #Pulchritude #Her
1.3k · Jun 2015
My Beloved Angel
My beloved angel
One with
Radiant hazel eyes
Chatoyant like clusters
Of stars
On a moonless night

My beloved angel
One with
A warm sultry smile
As to tempt wary kissers
Commit mischief

My beloved angel
One with
A pristine voice
So fresh
As to wake the dead
From their desolate
Silent graves

My beloved angel
One with a vivacious voice
So euphonious
As to elicit
The descent of angels
Down unto earth

My beloved angel
One with
A melodious voice
So harmonious
As to leave one
In a daze
Just mesmerized
Whilst stars scintillate
Athwart velvet skies

My beloved angel
One with
A dimpled cheek
Giving way for onlookers
As to be hypnotized
Whilst stars scintillate
Athwart velvet skies

My beloved angel
One with
Bona fide pulchritude
Which brings about
Myriads of creatures
From across all environs
Surrounding her  
Gravitate towards her
As to crave
Such a ravishing queen

My beloved angel
One whose
Exuberant personality
Had me thrilled to bits
Vanished like whispers
In the wind
#Love   #Poem  #poetry  #stars
     #Hearbreak   #pulchritude
1.3k · Sep 2018
'Twas in the eventide of June
Whilst he didst lay in a pit of despair
When a lass fair as a silvery moon
Stately sailed his way as a zephyr
Yet majestically as drops of dew
Rollin' upon boughs of emerald fair.

Heaven's ever fair golden eye
Had sprinkled her very last ray
To pave way unto night maidens
That evermore bedight heaven's bay
With luster that in perpetuum gladdens
Naked eyes in a way i canst not say.

Radiant hope in his eyes shone bright
To potter beside a beauty queen
Whose eyes thrice brighter than light
Fair like as sails of diamond hewn,
Opalescent as robes of Sirius in the night
Whilst decamping at the fall of dawn.

Euphonious lullabies into her ear
Mellifluously he didst sing and sing,
For her to know she's all he did revere.
A fair diadem unto her he did bring,
For her to forevermore hold it dear
Queen unto him she's, and him her King.

But yonder stars in lone splendor
Coveted him and the beauty queen,
For her effulgence surpassed their luster
That as passes a fiend with eyes unseen
When the wind is hushed into slumber,
So did spy upon 'em with eyes keen.

Alas! As we all know naught lasts forever,
The looming veils of night began to vade
Whilst stars in a splendiferous cluster
Upon celestial shores coyly didst wend;
And his visage grew pale by dawns luster,
For far off with his queen they'd eloped.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA.
#Tales Of Nineva #Swain #Maiden #Fairy whispers #Imaginations
1.3k · Jun 2017
Sauntering by the edge of a calm sea,
I thus squinted through the mirror of time,
And there, I beheld memories of us,
Ebbing like a wave to a distant clime;
Wistfully I saw our golden moments,
Ineffable moments we once relished,
Away vanishing by ragging torrents,
Yonder sea where they'll never be reached;
But, betwixt my despair I beheld clear
Shadows of my heart despite cold as frost,
In a jiffy erupted with sheer pleasure
On sojourning to our sweet golden past;

Truly true love dawns once in a life time,
And in a lover's heart ever doth chime.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
7th June 2017
#Attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet.
There was an aged man of Ghana,
Who was told his cows were attacked by Nagana
"Dare He temper with my herd!
To hell, I'll send that *******!"

Thus replied that ill-tempered man of Ghana*.

Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
27th November 2016
#Nagana: A disease of cattle, antelope, and other livestock....
1.1k · May 2016
The Raven
Most bi*  r  ds call me ugly but
   I'm be  a  utiful & intelligent
     than  v  ultures and most of
  all oth  e  r birds gracing
   the ve  n  *etian skies
#Ravens have long been associated with death and dark omens but the real bird is some what a mystery.

#Acrostic #Raven #Racial prejudice  #Venetian skies #Vultures
1.1k · Jun 2015
In retrospect,
I take a quick glance
A glance at our past
Lovebirds we once were
My wing you were
As your wing I were
To each other's *****
We drew ourselves
So as to fly
Merrily to the skies
Seeking beauteous horizons
Horizons filled with glamour

In retrospect,
As time sailed by and by
I lost my wing
A wing that meant the world
A world to me so blissful
Left in a daze I was
Aghast to my heart's core
Drifting by a violent sea
A sea of retrospections
Driven by tides
Tides of regrets
Past violent storms
Storms of doldrums

On yonder I drift
Drifting to an island
An island marred with despair
Where in a circle of confusion I wander
Wandering in an abyss
An abyss pervaded with loneliness
Wondering if at all
I could ever seek redemption.
While downcast
With relentless tears of anguish
Trickling down my cheeks
In despair I wail.
Drenched in doldrums
I reminisce of the splendor
And the novelty pulchritude
The pulchritude you bear

In retrospect,
Gone are the halcyon days
Days wistfully washed away
Away by the tides of time

In retrospect,
My heart craves thy love
A love that still lingers
In my riven heart
A heart that shall never
Ever ameliorate.
#Melancholy #Retrospections #Loneliness
#Infinite love #Doldrums #despair
#depression #poetry
995 · Aug 2016
There is a beauteous lass of golden hair,
A silky velvet frock she loves to wear.
Akin to a mulberry moon,
She makes me swoon.
My beauteous lass of golden hair so rare.

© *Kikodinho Alexandros

*17th August 2016
#Limerick #Twilight #Pulchritude
988 · Jun 2015
To whoever thinks that life is a disgrace
Full of failure and unending anguish
With no thought of ever surpassing depression
Here is a beacon of hope

Life is akin to a wave
Its got crests and troughs
Never straight it is

But only one thing is for sure
There is always a way out of every challenge
That comes our way

Whilst we put God first in everything before us.
Only then we shall have our eyes wide open
About the resolution to failure

Failure like success
Is part of our lives
And never can we eliminate it
But we can overcome it
And have it vanquished

Waiting to take on the next big challenge
Persistence, perseverance and above all positive mental attitude can render failure hapless in our faces.

Consequently you'll realize
That only three little words can make a difference in our lives
They will help you cement your post
In the realm of excellence

These words are, "Never give up"

Don't you ever despair in this life
And all shall be well with you
And like in psalms 93,
"You'll crush mountains under your foot"

Embrace the life
That the most predominant Lord beyond compare breathed into you
Be grateful for thy life
With a smile every passing day
For its no mishap
It's life with a purpose
And EXCELLENCE is the reason for life.
#Abeacon of hope
There was an old lady of England,
Who sowed a chicken's eggs in her land.
But when they failed to grow,
For it culminated to sorrow
Thus declared to leave such a barren land!

Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
23rd November 2016
912 · Jun 2016
Hastily I boarded her plane
Outrageously exquisite was the flight
Sighting of spectacular neon rainbows
Thus longed landing in her land of bliss
And less did I expect for I was
Going to really end up
E**ternally held hostage into her cockpit
#Acrostic #Hostage, #Love #Poetry freak
There once was a poor cowboy,
Who had one Horse and a Cow toy.
But, one summer day
The Horse eloped away!
At the Cow's back and left the cowboy.

Kikodinho Alexandros
23rd November2016
Akin to Edward Lear's Book Of Nonsense, in a jiffy I'm planning to come up with one as well. It's title being: "The 21st Century Book Of Nonsense" by Edward Kiko, that being my antonym.
875 · Jan 2017
Come let's flap our wings and tails,
Entwined, we'll raise our sails.
Sail away to a rose scented clime,
Yonder beyond the restrictions of time.

Come let's sail where hearts never asunder
Nor ever fall apart, but always wonder.
Wondering the true magic of love,
Like an eagle aloft in skies above.

O come, you'll be Queen and I'll be King,
To thee, sweet melodies I'll always sing,
All day long through the night,
Till the bursting of the dawn light.*

@Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
Jan 3rd 2017
My first poem this year
868 · Dec 2016
Ninety nine** percent of thee
Might be feeling naught for me
Which unbearably doth hurt.
However, one percent of thy heart
Serendipitously could be!
Well, all I crave is: "That one percent."

©Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
27th December 2016
#Craving #Lonesome #One percent
864 · Jun 2016
My head
There is
a mountain,
a retrospection-capped mountain
amid desolate lands marred with despair.
A mountain enveloped by
gloomy nostalgic clouds  
with the coldness of confusion
relentlessly swirling in the air
whilst brazen bells ring reality
to announce the conqueror dawn.
A mountain nothing but
*my head
#Lonesome #Despair #Poem
#Poetry #Nostalgia
Fair rose, now that thou art picked in the prime
Of thy breathtaking splendour to go bloom
By strands of pearl of very far a clime,
Upon roads of life I deserve no room
But as the wind bids adieu unto hills,
The lonely woods, the indignant still cloud,
The silent vales, the gently rolling rills,
As such, I must vade to another world;
But hark! Fair star, though snowy angels fair
In countless numbers bedeck heaven's shore,
Eternal flames of brightest love so rare
By my soul shalt blaze for thee evermore.
  So, until then when we shall meet again,
  My love for thee as fresh as summer rain.

© Kikodinho Edward Alexandros, Kampala, Uganda. 13th.July.2018.

#attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet
#iambic pentameter
Written when news sprinkled unto mine ear that she who kindled my soul with eternal flames of love though upon shores she now dwelleth I canst not tell is to walk down the isle in a jiffy.
831 · Feb 2017
Gold so glitters than any gem that doth shine,
Effulgently than lanterns of night skies,
Dazzlingly than a moon kissed shoreline,
But nears not my seraph's opalscent eyes.
Yes, so fresh are the waters of the Nile,
With exuberance of a silken Moon,
But nears not my seraph's vivacious smile,
That tends to draw all that doth breath to swoon.
Yet I know: "Velvety is Heaven's chin,
Whose frickles bear such a novelty luster
But nears not my seraph's unblemished skin;
More fair than them in a wondrous cluster.

So true love is but a gem that doth shine,
With a luster that at one's soul doth twine.

©Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
6th February 2017
#Shakespearean #Decasyllabic #Seraph Of Mine
#Attempt at writing in iambic pentameter

Honestly, for this is my third attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet thus if there's need for emendation, I'll be more than glad to hear from thee.

Besides, please allow me take use of this golden happenstance to thank everyone out there who finds beauty in poetry of such an amateur Bard like me.
831 · Sep 2018
Gone be yon melted summer's day
Whilst shrouded in robes of sorrow
That never quill of a bard can portray
Nor years unborn may ever know
When a fair maiden pottered my way,
Gently as drops of descending snow.

Her eyes fairer than burnished gold
Illuminated the vast shadowy night,
Ebony hair upon her seraphic body rolled
With a diadem of reddest roses bedight
That swifter than a gallant knight so bold,
I plunged to Elysium at such a sight.

For she bore beauty of a silvery moon
In lone splendor upon heavens bay,
The pulchritude of sun beams by noon
Against the sea on a fine blazing day.
Now that love casted her novelty boon,
Timidly I gravitated towards her way

And in fables faintly whispered unto her:
"Little maiden, little maiden, little maiden,
O queen fairer than chalcedonic luster;
Are flowers of yonder golden Aidenn
More fair and redolent than thou are?"
This did gladden - I strayed in a garden;

Her garden of ethereal pulchritude
Where no mortal ever walked through
And now doth hearts gambol with glee
'Neath elm leaves bedight with stars above
That the beauty queen calls it balm of Gilead
To visit her garden - a garden of love.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros,
Los Angels, California, USA
Balm Of Gilead:

Balm of Gilead was a rare perfume used medicinally, that was mentioned in the Bible, and named for the region of Gilead, where it was produced. The expression stems from William Tyndale's language in the King James Bible of 1611, and has come to signify a universal cure in figurative speech. The tree or shrub producing the balm is commonly identified as Commiphora gileadensis. Some botanical scholars have concluded that the actual source was a terebinth tree in the genus Pistacia.

Besides, I'll soon employ the tittle of this poem to my book - A miscellany of love-poetry.
831 · Sep 2016
True love dawns once in a life time
And in our hearts forever chime

©Kikodinho Alexandros
12th September 2016
#True Love
821 · Jul 2016
One day* *in the dead of night
I'll be but shadows in light
Where I'll be more than free
Fervently you'll search for me

One day in the dead of night
You'll thus wander mazily in the dark
On roads of life which will ache
But I doubt you'll have me back

One day in the dead of night
You'll drown in star pools of light
Coz I'll be all thy heart shall crave
But then I'll be too deaf in a grave

One day in the dead of night
Fervently you'll wish having a sight
Sight at me but it'll be crystal clear
A word from me you'll never hear

One day in the dead of night
As a dive-dapper peers through the wave
Flaccid you'll stare at the infinite sky
Reminisce of mine infinite tenderness
Thus will be drawn to infinite oblivion

But most of all,

One day in the dead of night
As crystal clear as thy calcareous eyes
In-between thy sobs it'll dawn on thee
You must have been too young
To understand what love is
But its when you'll be old enough
To understand what love is

© Kikodinho Alexandros
June 29 2016
814 · Jun 2016
Essence Of Love
Love is nothing but
a nicely penned palindrome poem
that needs not to be plagiarized
as it will loose its allure

Kikodinho Alexandros
Jumeira, Dubai
*June 18th 2016
787 · Jan 2017
I'll Rise With The Tempest
I'll rise with the tempest,
Sail away upon violent seas,
Beyond the sight of mortal's eyes,
And delve into a novelty gem quest.

I'll rise with the tempest,
Drift away to the distant wild,
To the sheer edge of the world,
And seek to ever be held by thy breast.

I'll rise with the tempest,
Whisper a serenade upon streams of time,
Streaming yonder a golden clime,
Wishing it serenade's thee, Heaven's fairest.

I'll rise with the tempest,
Spread my wings past beyond the clouds,
Gather all effulgent yonder stars in crowds,
To guide me to alien shores where you nest-

Kikodinho Alexandros**
             Jumeira, Dubai
        14th January 2017
773 · Jun 2016
Ahem! My name is Doldrums
The mighty perdurable king of kings

King to the realm of despair
Loneliness is my lovely queen

So far we’re blessed with three kids
Our first born was christened heartache

The second born retrospections
And the last born nostalgia

We dwell in a beauteous wonderland
A world with beauteous flowers
Flowers that all bloom no more

A world with amazing rivers
Rivers that all ceased to flow

A world with emerald forests
Forests where birds never chirp

A world blessed with plenty of streams
Streams that all dried up

A world with eye popping mountains
Mountains that all crumbled to dust

A world blessed with soft rains
Rain that rains no more

A world with beautiful starry lit deserts
Deserts where you’ll find not a single oasis

A world with beauteous emerald islands
Islands all marred with despair hence desolate

A world blessed with myriads of stars
Effulgent stars that all ceased scintillating

A world blessed with beautiful seas
Seas where you’ll find not a single fish

*A world enveloped with glamorous clouds
Dark clouds of hate scudding
Athwart our wild blue yonder
Hence it never dawns
By Kikodinho Alexandros
17th June 2016
746 · Feb 2018
I wish you were the night
And I were the day,
To ever dim my light
And fade into timeless beauty.


I wish you were the day
And I were the night
To ever roll down and stray
Into the warmth of thy light.

©Kikodinho Edward Alexandros.
Jumeirah, Dubai. 21st.Feb.2018.
#To she who shall never read it.
740 · Dec 2016
When I'm gone,
When my work is done,
To go meet the Almighty Lord,
At the other side of life's road.

The age to come will say:
"Unpopular he was during his day,
Though, great He was, now we see
It vividly as a star gazing about the sea.

A Poet he was with great poetry and prose,
Nighly akin to the scent of a Heaven's rose,
Thus a Genius whose rhyme
Shall perpetually transcend through time!"

©Kikodinho Alexandros**
Jumeira, Dubai
8th December 2016
This piece is dedicated to every single Poet at Hello poetry with the intent of reminding you that despite unpopular you reckon you might be, with no trending poem or never been selected as the poet of the day, One day you'll be remembered. Let's keep the ink flowing, Pals!
732 · Jun 2016
Not so many moons ago,
You and I in a star-ship

Flitting amongst stars, gallivanting
Whilst remeniscing of moments
Indelible moments trapped in time
Only flying-by, eloping to Elysium

Fancying fair lands
Lands pervaded with flowers
Flowers blooming in perpetuity

Lands with rushing rivers
Rivers serpentining with nector

Lands with novelty sea shores
Shores veiled with diamonds

Lands enveloped by lustrous stars
Stars painting words of desire

Lands with halcyon seas
Seas as smooth as a millpond

Lands where the only air
There is to inhale is love

Lands where love is woven by
A tapestry of truth not lies

Lands where love isn't bought by
Sapphires, Rubies nor Emeralds

Lands where all avenues
Are paved with green and gold

Lands where mountains
Are golden-capped

Distant was the journey
Though at length,
For what seemed a life time,
Our eyes feasted on

And from a distance,
There we gazed about her
In all her splendor
Ravishingly alluring yet resplendent
With all chatoyance
One could ever imagine of

Like any one else would,
At a speed of an eagle
Descending about her prey,
Fervently we gravitated

Only to touch down
Than when the luster about her
Had our vessel* 
combusted to ash!

© Kikodinho Alexandros
4th Jun 2016
#Fly-by: Is a flight by a space ship past a planet with regard to astronomy

#Touch down: if a space vehicle touches down, it lands.

#intergalactic space adventure
#Melancholy #Love #Lonesome #Elysium
729 · Aug 2016
How can I forget
Thou art the apple of mine eye
But live to regret
We're but apples and oranges

How can I forget
That night, that day
But live to regret
A smiling lie danced my way

How can I forget
Thou art a lass so braw
But live to regret
There broke a drunken brawl

How can I forget
Such a twisted malady
But live to regret
For it costed my lady

Kikodinho Alexandros**
30th August 2016
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