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49 · Dec 2018
I the Greatest
God’s DNA running through my veins
48 · Dec 2018
You are the light of the world
Don’t stop shining
48 · Jan 4
My opinions were too
Valuable to become tweets
So they became poems
45 · Dec 2018
You refuse to love
Because you fear
Your heart will be broken
Do you see
How much your
Heart is broken
45 · Nov 2018

We are Kings and Queens
The cradle of all mankind
Grand children of Mansa Musa
Pyramids of Gold
40 · Nov 2018
I want to love you progressively
Loving you more and more when it hurts
Sticking right besides you
And not dare raise a fist aggressively
I want to be there for you through the worst
Step by step me and you
Always remind you no matter the circumstance
My baby you still the best

Embrace your perfect imperfections
Show you whats strong is our real love and connection

I want to love you progressively
wash your pain away with my kisses
Steadily,looking forward to all the good times
meaning sticking by your side through the worst times

Progressing with a liberal cause, with no thought or even a pause
For my love is what i have in you
Progressively loving you
Progressing with a liberal cause, with no thought or even a pause
For you babeh
40 · Dec 2018
Dreamers become winners
39 · Feb 6
Take charge
What, are you scared of me?
It's embarassin'I've been here for you, but how come you're never been there for me?
Wake up this is me your consciousness
The voice inside your head
How can you play victim when it was you who awaken me
You were in charge when you was little a plain  piece of paper and crayons was all it took you to get read of me
I was once boredom but now you have congratulated and graduated me to this state of mind
Depression, regression all seeds of your suppression, but I miss when you and I had scary dreams
I don't really wanna talk about it
Now where were we?
Way back in the day when
You and I had it all mapped out in the basement
Cryin' in your room like a baby
"I wish mom was here"
We all do so we wouldn't have to hear about it
Every single record you don't really wanna change me
You entertaining me feed me more sadness and with gladness no sadness you did this to yourself
Do you really wanna get rid of your main attraction
Look really close i am you and you’re me
So stop playing victim man up
All this negativity you’re feeding me I don’t need anymore feeding
I need you to cure me
Smile again you’re in charge
Let’s play hide and seek again hide me in a place you won’t ever ever find me
Be happy now it’s your time and you’re worth it
38 · Dec 2018
Dear Khama
Your beauty is so righteous it
serves us all
I woke up

Looked outside the window

Took a deep breath as I listened to the enchanting sounds of birds and nature

All of a sudden I heard a thud on the window and there was a little bird likely a thrush
Saw her upside down on the ground, wings flapping, struggling to get up
When I picked her up she fit snugly into the palm of my hand
Her narrow beak, like tiny scissors, was moving, as if trying to say something as she lay on her side
Her eye looked up at me

I hoped the bird was just stunned and that after some rest it would lift up and fly from my hand
Did she know I meant her no harm?
Her legs twitched, but her head lay limply on the cushion of my hand
Her soft stomach pulsed against my palm with each slow effort of breath

She was beautiful: light brown wing feathers streaked with blue, her tawny white and brown underbelly, a dapple of light blue feathering beneath each perfect eye
I sat on the deck in the morning sun, bird in hand, for perhaps five minutes while she gently struggled to rise

As the bird lay there, eye watching me, beak opening and closing, I spoke to her
I told her how beautiful she was
I gently stroked her feathered back
I said she was safe in my hand
Though this was not quite true are we ever really safe from death?

I tried to will her to fly away

I had been rushing to get ready for the day when I heard her hit the window
Now, time seemed to matter less She, too, had perhaps been rushing when she hit the window, the unseen instrument of her death
One minute you are flying, free and alive…then what you cannot see upends you
We mark time constantly in our days to reassure ourselves that we control our destiny, until, in an instant, we are out of time ⌛️

I couldn’t help it but tears ran down my cheek as I listened to the sound of my voice say

Get up, little bird, please. Fly away.

     Then her eyes closed. Her beak opened in a final silent call, then shut. Then her breathing stopped.

The Quiet Presence of Death
Value life
36 · Dec 2018
I am sorry
I am asking you to forgive me
Because i realize my mistake

Never knew hurting you
Could only hurt myself

Holding an abstract abacus
Counting my sins by thousands

The quietness is growing
Forgive me for hurting us
35 · Dec 2018
Looking at all the STAPES WE have taken, conversations made
laughs shared, all the crazy moments, stressful times I can only say with you by my side I will look forward to all uncertainties to come because each moment is worthy by your side every step of the way

You make awkward moments fun
Weird moments easy
Crazy moments even crazier
Your confidence is a dime
And I love that about you
34 · Dec 2018
I want you
No one else
Just you

You you you
33 · Oct 2018
Kill the Devil
Martin Luther had a dream
Jesus died on the cross
Davinci painted the Monalisa
I have a plan
To **** the devil
To kidnap darkness
To marry the truth
And keep burning the light
33 · Nov 2018
How **** your past is determines how brighter your future will  become.
29 · Nov 2018
Demons and demons memories from the past
A thousand shades of grey
Melancholy voices whispering to my soul
How can I let go of this pain
Travelling down memory lane
Childhood memories tainted in pain
Have you ever hurt so much that you become addicted to pain
Love and kindness becomes the stain
You resent it!
It’s the torture you hold on to, the hate
Depression regression seeds of my suppression
Suffocating I am dying in pain
They say there are medicinal qualities down the corridor of introspection
Well not in this section
Love heals but revenge gives satisfaction
23 · Dec 2018
Right at the end of the tunnel
There is light
Hold on to that light

— The End —