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Kelly Anne Oct 2020
here i am
seven years older now
lived five lives
since my mad dash from that town
new hair
but i still think about
how i'll never forget you

in seven years
you'd think that i'd grow up
i guess i gained more faith
but a little less trust
something about you i can't get enough
did you forget me?

or do you still see my eyes
in the old street light
on the corner of gavin drive

do you feel my smile
when  the sun shines down
on the hideout where we rode our bikes

do you hear my voice
when the wind blows through the trees
next to your front porch

do you feel me with you
in every breath you take
Kelly Anne Jan 2020
i’ve seen dark
i’ve seen charcoal storms
i’ve seen a grey hell

but i didn’t know that’s what i was seeing

not until i saw lavender smiles
autumn breeze laughs
and apricot sunshine
you never know how unhappy you were, until you become happier
Kelly Anne Jan 2020
Oh, what a heavenly afternoon,
would it be,
to spend it with you.
To spend it learning about the vastness
of your mind,
and the complexity
of your smile,
and what exactly creates that *******
sparkle in your eyes.
A truly heavenly afternoon.
To fall in love in one afternoon, just seems heavenly to me.
Kelly Anne Jan 2020
i said nothing is perfect
but then i saw your smile
i said that love is for suckers
but then i stared into your eyes for a while
i knew that i was pretty
but never that i was desirable
and i said that i would always stand tall
but now your watching me fall
after all that i said, my forced apologies
i’m wondering why your not here to catch me
starts beautifully, turns toxic
as many things do
Kelly Anne Jan 2020
she was flying
she was thriving
that girl is on fire
she has friends
she has passions
sunshine for a smile
she has everything she needs
everything she wants
and a little bit more
she keeps climbing
she’s on top
and now she’s crying on the bathroom floor

oh no I’m crying on the bathroom floor
Kelly Anne Jan 2020
the seasons will change
they’ll be clear they’ll be rain
but it’s you who will always have love
I may be far
I may forget you, break my heart
then you’ll piece it back together from above

you are apricot sunshine
skipping stones in glitter
you are mint flavored rain
you are love
you are raspberry leaves
and sweet tasting days
and a bubblegum reminder
that everything will be okay
Kelly Anne Jul 2018
You know I still get lost in those eyes
Stay there for a little while,
but then your smile brings me back to life
You know I still get caught up in the moments
where we both lean in,
then pull away real quick

We still have that connection
Air heavy with tension
When will we stop pretending
That we wish these moments were never ending

We still wish our hands were clasped in one another's
We still feel the need to protect each other
We still want to hold each other into the night
You still dream of seeing me dressed in white

But we don't call it romance anymore
So no  one can get hurt
We don't call it romance anymore
too scared of being left in the dirt

But we both know
what we feel
I guess this is what life is like
When your afraid of anything real
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