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Kawa Oct 2020
We’re too zoomed in, too obsessed with details, our vision is microscopic, it’s concentrated, tense and without any relaxation.
Our field of vision is narrow, there’s no observation outside the central area of focus.
But from time to time even the artist and painter must step away and see his work from afar so that he does not get lost in the details.
We never see things a whole, this has always been a part of the doctrine, everybody is seeking for their own, focused on personal identity and autonomy.
You’re taught to be self reliant and assertive, independent, but all this is keeping you away from seeing the bigger picture.
We lack human qualities, or characteristics like being kind, being self sacrificing, dependable and generous, people’s self image is defined in terms of “I” or “me”, this is not you, it’s your ego.
Kawa Oct 2020
The whole of life is a miss understanding, to see the world afresh as the moment we were born, all self conditioning must expire, and thus must be quelled.
The true beauty of life like a fog has long been blanketed by our own perception, restricting us from seeing life as it is, naked.
Kawa Oct 2020
An so a time came where the social media became our digital playground, a place where we used to hang out, where everybody was in touch with each other’s, yet not.
Kawa Oct 2020
My fellow atom within this universal body, within you exists an innate intelligence that is connected to a source from which all knowledge streams.
Admire but do not become a product of the societal or the social influence, do not reflect the image of the other or he whom you gaze upon and deem beautiful, for you’re beautiful yourself.
Tap into your inner genius that lay dormant within the core chambers of your heart.
There are enclosed spaces within you and like caves within a mountain contain gems that shine with a light like no other.
Dig deep into these cavities, there lies knowledge that has been forgotten, knowledge that has been repressed and hidden from you by the outer world, scared that you may some day find them and become who you truly are.
Kawa Apr 2020
Funny how i feel blue,
yet all i see are grey clouds,
There’s no sun beaming through the canopy, only rain that falls.
Kawa Apr 2020
I met a soul, beautiful,
No matter what, she matters most,
So everyday I send her letters to let her know that I won’t let her go,
My love for her, I let it flow and let it grow,
Let it slowly expand within me explode and throw me at her like stones in catapults, my home is the heart that beats under her flesh and the corral of bones, so let me die there, bury inside a tomb in your catacombs.
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