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Katey Aug 31
The irony,
If only we could see,
How easy it is to care for someone else.
To give your all until there is nothing left.
The disappointment life brings can never measure up to the hatred in my bones as red as blood, that we harness for "I"
Katey Aug 29
It will come again, creeping on cats' paws,
But not tonight.
When those scars have finally faded, the angry slashes and the story they told,
When the snow melts and the fire burns itself out,
When new birth abounds in plenty,
That is when the dark comes.
But with you, I know I can face it.
There are no words to convey the gratitude swelling the hard black rock of a heart into something open and welcoming.
The scars have faded, and new ones will come, but tonight?
The stars shine brightly guiding the way towards tomorrow.
Katey Aug 19
I'm tired of pretending day after day,
     So lost in my lies I can't find my way...
It drains your energy, thinking you're okay
     When you can't get out of bed to face the day...
What happens when I believe the lie?
      That's the goal right?
To feel until you can feel no more.
     Born to die.
Life until death, chaos until calm.
     Restlessness until you can pace no more.
You want the real me? Here I am in all my disappointing failure.
     Welcome to life, pretend until it becomes your reality.
Katey Jul 2
How does one write a breathtaking poem

One that inspires, not conspires.

How do the stanzas go, when I just feel so alone.

How can I write, when I can't even pick up the pen.

I've never been good at words, so I will pass on all of yours.
Katey Jul 1
It's back again
Churning and burning it's way through my shield and into the souls of those around me.
Affecting and inflicting damage that cannot be undone.
If I said I was sorry, I think I would be wrong.
Then again, my own soul feels kind of gone.
This torrent of feelings cannot be contained,
They want out, and will destroy anything in their way to thrive on their own.
They will move to the next unwilling host, and leave behind a husk.
An empty shell, yet a ghost of what was once a formidable being hollowed out to the feeble warrior at heart
The feelings want freedom, as much as the host, and they will destroy the world for their only goal.
Katey Jun 18
A leaf adrift in the wind,
Turning, and spinning and floating around
No aim, and no goal.
Without the wind, the leaf lays alone on the forest floor destined to rot.
But the wind brings life, characteristic, and hope.
Katey Jun 5
All I can dream of is death
I have no goals
I'm failing in life, because I care no more.
Please, when I'm gone, don't cry. Don't miss me.
All I ask is for a few nice words when I'm in the wooden box. And to not try to stop me.
The fight was over before it even started.
Goodbye, I'll see you never
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