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Katey Apr 8
I'm falling down into my shadow
It seems I had no light after all.
So comes the night, enveloping my soul in a cool star kissed breeze
So comes the distant lights, shining comfortably and constant
When all have abandoned...
Katey Apr 6
Tomorrow's another day.
Katey Apr 5
I couldn't say it in words,
So instead my pen bled.
Hesitant at first, written with a shaky scrawl
Then more confident the loops and lines became.
Then silence as the mind hears all.
Blocking out the noise with its own emptiness.
Withdrawing inside this castle of mine
Here I reside,
Here I hide.
I couldn't say it with words, so my pen wrote it instead.
Katey Apr 5
A gaping hole
Pain in emptiness
Someplace the sun never reaches
Someplace forgotten
Someone left behind.
One with a mask,
With ugliness hidden deep inside.
An empty blackness, I'm falling.


And then I hit the bottom.
Katey Dec 2019
We are nothing but mindless drones,
Wandering from daily chore to chore,
With the goal in mind, yet no one knows what they really want
You lose. A lot.
As the sun exists, so do shadows.
But eventually you get through it.
It's like running, it hurts now, but eventually it gets better.
You just have to keep going.
Or else you get left behind.
And that's the truth.
Katey Dec 2019
If I had one wish,
I'd ask for my life to cease to exist
Because I refuse to go on living like this.
Or would I beg to be rid of this disease?
The one that plagues every thought, tinging them grey at the edges,
Blurring my vision
This must be my life's final mission,
To make those happy I can, and mourn those I cannot
For the hole in my soul where I lost my own identity,
I will go on in the day, and cry myself to sleep at night, and hopefully fate will be kind enough to drown me in my tears
Katey Dec 2019
I found the light I needed,
The one to keep me strong,
The one who is my equal and will never berate me.
Yet why do I feel so empty
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