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KatInMyHat Nov 2019
Feelings rush in like tides from a storm.
Regret fills your being
Like shattered glass in the homes of all those burdened.
Sharp edges poking at your core.
You feel alone despite everyone around you feeling the pain.
All you can do is wait for the storm to pass.
Clean up the mess and be thankful you're alive.
But you can't help but wonder, what if..
  Nov 2019 KatInMyHat
Chelsea Rae
Blow the candles
Make merry wishes
Don't matter
Soon comes farewell kisses
School crammed down like medicine
Or you can work everyday
Which is worse in comparison?
Don't matter
Either way you're losin' that money
Hope you can keep a roof and your ride.
Poor kid, oh honey,
Ain't anywhere for you to hide.
No one told you this is what you were signin' up for
Life of work, Life of chores.
Now you're in
And there ain't a way out.
Here drink this alcohol
It'll help without a doubt.
It's how the rest of us cope
Maybe add a lil' dope.
Ask yourself how in the hell
Did your parents even get a house?
When you're over here
Fishin' out the quarters from your couch.
You lay your head down to go to bed
Dreading the time the sun peeks through the window
Gotta go back to work,
With depression following you like your shadow.
Oh you wanna cry?
Dear child, I couldn't fathom why.
This is just how life works.
Maybe you need to go to church.
Oh yes, God will help
He ain't even there
But delusions are nice
When you're not in the best of health.
Just be patient, keep waitin.

Clutching, grasping, reaching, grabbing,
Tear, Seize, Rip, Claw, and sink yours hands
Into whatever you can
To make it feel like you're alive
And that you're not quite ready
To close those pretty little eyes.
Grab whatever you can
Life's a ****** ******' mess
Find something you can sink your teeth into
Cause as everybody says,
This is just the way to success.
KatInMyHat Oct 2019
Ever seen from the otherside?
A mirror of your own thoughts.
Does the reflection see you,
Or do you see the reflection?
Perception is an echo.
Ripples in a pond.
Ever changing,
Yet only
KatInMyHat Oct 2019
You put yourself out there,
They shut you down,
Like the shade obscures the light.
Little do they know,
Darkness is just a contrast,
To the illumination of the soul.
The darker the shade,
the brighter the radiance.
KatInMyHat Oct 2019
That body so divine,
that soul so fine,
beauty from this galaxy to the next.
Depth deeper than the farthest stars.
Your meaning coursing,
through the veins of the unknowing.
Feeling closer to emptiness of the void,
But given the understanding of life,
With just the presence of your smile.
All is one and one is all.
Your love connecting all that is.
KatInMyHat Oct 2019
The fire of the soul,
Burning hot with passion,
Burning all who touch,
Empowers all who master it.
But where is the line?
The fearful would say
The ashes from the corpse.
The wise would say
The fire incinerates all,
Who limit it with lines.
KatInMyHat Oct 2019
Billowing and treacherous,
A cavern below the water,
Are you scared of the cats death,
Or is the curiosity enough,
To seek beyond the fear,
Of drowning
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