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Kage Jul 2020
I just want
Warm embraces
And silent hugs.
I don't need your kisses,
I just want read messages,
Phone calls and dates,
Telling me your in love.
Kage Apr 2020
Is it possible
to love a little more
and care a little less?
Kage Mar 2020
Have you ever spoke,
in partial responses?
Felt other hindered hands
across your chest,
in a staggering approach.

Did you feel the way the warmth,
came across your chest?
Did you feel the pressure,
climb up against your throat?

At first,
it filled me with warmth.
a nice,
gentle embrace.

Soothing, loving arms
that spoke face to face.

That spoke face to face(s),
That spoke face to face(s)(s)(s)...




Kage Feb 2020
I loved you,
no matter what you did,
or how much you hurt

I loved you,
no matter how you felt,
or how much you hated

I loved you
no matter what you said
or how you fell down for

I love you,
even at your weakest,
as you try to climb up again.

I love you,
no matter what.
Kage Feb 2020
There is something wrong with me,
I want to see the scale.
To gorge myself on ignorant
Like a boy w blue eyes and blonde hair.

For now I succumb to the troubles of sugar,
And the trials of sweets.
That blacken the whites of my
"Perfect teeth."

I'm ravenous and hungry
For something not good for me-
Like the lost daydreams of an altered reality.

I see the effects on my mind and my body,
I can pinch the moments where my thoughts have escaped.
Or my stomach,
I so lovingly hate.

Or my cheeks and my neck
Or with everything else.
What is my worth?
I always feel third, forth.
But I wanna be first

Better, beautiful, brainy
So I can smile
Successfully happy.

I eat up all my hatred and envy,
I feed this constant- lonely anxiety.

Save me, save me, save me
Save me please.

I've tried and I've failed
I know what i need.

You to get me through all of this.
Tell me I can do it.
Tell me it's going to be okay
Help me believe in myself

Set me free.
Help me become,
The real, true me.
Kage Feb 2020
I didn't want to,
disappoint you.

So I tried to,
reassure you.

But I can't make a reflection
feel emotions
Kage Feb 2020
It's not easy,
And you have to
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