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Kage 3d
With honeyed lips and candied eyes,
I **** to get my mouthful
of such
delicious breath
so burning hot,
sweet sultry
and enjoyable.
I sip until inside gets numb,
but still can't get enough
your taste
your lips
your thighs
your hips
a decadent feast
all to my touch.
With candied eyes
I feel the honey,
it goes
in climaxing eager
filling me with warmth.
Kage 7d
What if I can't kiss you anymore?
What happens when I walk out?
As the,
times I've done before.
In the months between
You Refuse to call
Just text me in a bathroom stall
Not worth your time
Are you worth mine?
Kage Mar 5
I want to be happy.
I say.
We say.
But I find myself grasping for paper.
So delicate
but not more
then the memories that fade away.
We put a price to the paper.
The paper's all we want.
My mind grows weak
and my heart remains soft.
They say that those with paper
find happiness better,
While those without struggle
and nevertheless, linger.
On this unfathomable material
that means nothing
What matters are the souls
that live.
We love too little,
and want too much.
We take for granted,
what we already have.
I live in the future,
thinking it's stressful and sad.
I'm already grateful,
of what I've been given.
Happiness is not the things that I live in.
Or what I've bought,
what I've taken.
Humans are beaten and broken.
And it's funny how we turn to paper,
to try to hold us up.
But you are my happiness.
You are more than enough.
Kage Mar 5
Is it love that make me grasp the sheets?
Edging, waiting, until our lips meet.
**** eyes, yet poisonous tongue
You leave me baren and undone.
What's more these feelings, like scattered clothes.
Picked and plucked,
Hidden when clothed.
Your touch ignites me, and lingers there
Even when you're no longer here.
Is it love that makes me grasp the sheets?
Searching scents,
When our bodies met.
In fine tangem,
now a whispered caress.
Either I want love, or I want ***.
Kage Jan 13
I think it's easier to focus on things that don't necessarily matter as of right now.
Instead of being overwhelmed by the things that do.
People ask me,
Why I feel the way that I feel.
Why I don't do any more then I could be doing.

Because it's so much easier to kick back and relax,
then open up and explore into the outside world.

It's so much easier to not care,
because caring too much just hurts.

So I guess that's why we always care about the little things,
it's better than focusing on the bigger things.

But then we end up getting more emotional over little things.
So I always find it disappointing.
The fact that,
I was made to be broken over the big
and I'm being ******* by the small.
Kage Dec 2018
You gave me fireflies, not butterflies
And he gave me dandelions and ladybugs

you sparked something within me in the shadows
but he was the one who saved me from darkness

To you, I am a constellation that shines
and you drown me in creative colors.
you fill in the boxes,
but he strays from the sidelines.
Bringing dust to the gold
but I still feel brand new.

With you, I see through
with him, I break through.
and he breaks me in two.

and you've done so much to pick up the pieces
but are you picking up yours
to replace mine?

When I need growth he gives acid rain
When there was finally sunshine
he shows me pain.

but isn't pain needed?
Or maybe I'm just crazy

Crazy because you are all reasons perfect
but maybe just not enough

I need safety, tranquility
But he shows me how it feels to be lost


In a turbulence unbound

You give me oxygen
but he gives me carbon dioxide
both are needed
both are of importance

But they aren't the same.
Kage Dec 2018
You hurt me
My feelings,
That I have.

But the thing is, I respect the way you always say whats on your mind
Doesnt matter if it hurts me
You just want to make things clear

And I think that in many ways
Pushes me to also talk about myself
Like im a person
With an opinion

You never let people push you around
You have so much confidence

I feel like you would laugh
At how embarassing these feelings are
That I have of you.

I know I do.
But you do challenge me
And hurt me

I just always wonder..
If its worth it?
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