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Lael Kafsky Nov 2016
Under blankets I whisper softly
Words of wisdom
Words unseen
Our new president will set us back
To when our hearts were mean

He'll deny the climate's changing
He'll ignore unequal pay
He'll delay our water rights
Billions hurt along the way

Grabbing for more pillows  
I do not find relief
Donald Trump will do what he likes
And take whatever he keeps

I toss and turn for Syria
For my Middle Eastern friends
I worry for our planets health
Is this where our story ends?

I cry out for the children
That look to teachers eyes
Who's poverty hangs like a noose
From the tree of Donald's Lies

My pillows wet for civil rights
For muslims everywhere
They are as American as you and me
I quickly say a prayer

Dear Donald,
Don't you see my friend
Your greatness isn't great
You teach our sons and daughters
To fill their hearts with hate

You play with friends like Putin
You appease the KKK
You build walls instead of bridges
You call names if it's not your way

I pull my blanket towards my chin
As I think about corporate greed
You may not of had a super PAC
But I know where you truly feed

Your hands are deep within the pockets
Of big oil companies
I see the person that you are
I know the president that you'll be

You've tricked the American public
You've scared our Hispanic friends
You've hurt our reputation
Will the United Nations make amends?

I know you will not read this
As I slowly close my eyes
But there is good in this world
And WE will stand side by side

Our love will surround your towers
That you've labeled conveniently
Different races, genders, and religions
Will protest peacefully

When millions stand together
We cannot be divided
When millions work together
We will not be short sided.
Lael Kafsky Mar 2013
I know your type
I see right through you
You’re the bottom side of a glass boat
See through and unworthy
Collecting ****
And nonsense
Lael Kafsky Feb 2013
Let me introduce him.
half smile and half manipulation
He will take you out to fancy dinners
and then pinch your inner thigh under the table
He will sweep you off your feet
but forget to grab you shoes
Because you see
he doesn't want you to stand on your own
Like an air traffic controller
He is dictating your landings and departures
But all you want is a departure
Warmer skies
And a healthier landing
But he keeps you
Firmly planted on the ground
And then He bribes you with affection
and later handles you with his tongue
But as his hands cover your mouth
And you feel muffled by his presence
you lose yourself
You used to be a rainbow
You used to be seen only in technicolor
Now you're wearing black
submitting to his obsession
your simple lies turn him into a monster
and you're quivering like a child
Scared to put a toe down
Because his anger lurks beneath the bed
holding the blanket close around your neck
You beg for his forgiveness
He calls you his princess
and builds you a tower
But girl it doesn't matter how long you grow your hair
He will find a way to criticize it anyway
And you're bound to pay
I can't satisfy his anger
He hides behind it
Jabbing your sides with little suggestions
That dress is to short
That's a lot of skin
Excuse me *******?
Who's body am I in?
And I don't need a fairy tale
What's it to ya anyway
I'm just a bird with a broken wing
You see I used to have two
One for luck
And the other for navigation
So why is leaving him resound with hesitation
And somedays I dream of a different life
One that's filled with witty repartee
And symphonies
Cellos play sweet melodies
And I take my two wings and fly between the notes
And I float
Catching air
I'm up there
But he takes his water hose and shoots me down
Because he only likes me wet and vulnerable
I think he is catching on
So I turn into sand
And taking a fistful he squeezes
I'm falling through the cracks of his insecurities
And I find myself there
And I dust myself off
And fly

That's goodbye.
Lael Kafsky Feb 2013
I fall asleep with books in my bed
Praying that somehow there language will meet me in my dreams
Cause being 8 weeks
8 weeks late
Means I get some kind of redeeming
God I hope I'm just dreaming
And this late is not the kind of late that gets you half credit
Or misses the morning train
No this is the kind of late that haunts you
and you are left waiting
Takin extra precaution
Gracing you hands over your abdomen
A resounding "I'm not ready"
Pounds the inside of your skull
And you feel guilty
Because when the little pink t
you feel more like a woman
And less alone
But you know
This ain't the plan
I didn't opt out for the cheap seats
I got places to go
And things to do
So tuck your piece of plastic in the tiny trash can
Because this **** is got to be negative
I'm 25 and knew better
Knew better than to mix myself up with an ex
**** it. He looks good. It's only ***.
And I've been drinking and he has too
The *** sets off a buzz like halogen bulb
Knock knock He approaches the door
Swagged up and ready
I hold myself steady
And we stepped into something
And We got our shoes wet
He looked blurry
Like the road he took to my 3rd floor walk up
Aged him
And as quickly as I had forgotten
his hands covered my mouth
And he kissed my arms and chained me to the bed
Come on baby just give me a little head
I'm not ur baby
And I don't want yours either
Get the ******* of me
Because things have changed
You don't get to make my decisions for me
You don't dictate my story
My ink is at the press
I'm already in love with someone else
If I truly confess
But you tricked me
What was a little fun turned into a nightmare
And what I thought was mere inches
Was a ******* long *** mile
And You smile
The evil corners of your mouth twitch upward
Like bully
You forced me into a decision
Well I got something to say to your little vision
I went to the doctor
And he said its true
I'm not having your ******* baby
So go *******.
Lael Kafsky Feb 2013
This story must not be written for me

No. No. not for me.

Not for me to tell

Not for me to decipher the twisted glances at the unseen truth

Not for me to hold the upstanding citizen

Quivering like a child at its first chance alone.

I Bury myself up

Tuck my chin beneath the sheets

Beneath the very sheets that touched our skin

Bury me beneath the tired old tree.

But do not leave me there

Bending there I pray before

Screaming “save me, save me”

But like a tree lonely in a forest

You forgot me.
Lael Kafsky Feb 2013
I paced
I paced the entire apartment
I hadn't really felt anything.
And i worried
maybe the nothingness meant something
Like the way a nod can mean something from across the bar
Or the way a quick glance can tell the whole entire story
Or the way a text message vibrates in you pocket
Maybe the nothingness meant I had cried every tear I ever had
Or maybe it didn't
Or maybe it meant I couldn't busy myself with emotion
Like a bird to its nest
I couldn't occupy my time with tears
Maybe it meant the sound of my laughter was more important.
It was more important than kisses on the forehead
And a date to the party
Maybe it was more important than photo ops and family dinners
Maybe smiling now spoke 5,000 more words
Then any tears that had fallen then
Because freedom melts in my mouth
Because laughing rinses away tired memories
Like water hose to ***** paws
Like bees to there busy hive
My happiness pursued me
It romanced me
It took me out to fancy dinners
And dressed my face up with a smile
Maybe my happiness was my nothingness
And maybe I finally deserved it.
Lael Kafsky Feb 2013
I heard the earth wept today
She looked scared as her branches grew up towards
The twisted rays of the sun
She moaned as the wind took its own shape across the ocean
Inside she could feel warmth that blew holes
Into her beating heart

The earth wept today
Beneath her blankets of sorrow
I could hear her sigh
Conforming to her energy
She took a deep breath
And her rivers raged on

The earth ached today
She tossed aside her former self
As she looked painfully into her future
Her grass filled with anger expanding into thistles
Towards the sun
The sad creatures of her abode crawled into their dark corners
And requested her forgiveness

I heard the world weep today
She told me to pay attention
As I laid shirtless in December
On the ground
And I listened

The world is weeping.
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