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JustJune Sep 2019
Wrestling until exhaustion.

I run miles, never taking a step
JustJune Sep 2019
Even salt tastes like sand
JustJune Sep 2019
Constant stillness to push me past precedent markers.

               You do refine with fire.
JustJune Oct 2018

You took his hand

Dark shadows danced

Now your left

Just a shell of before
JustJune Oct 2018
Holding hands won't fix it
"You didn't mean it", isn't true

Your words aren't stitches

Not even band-aids

They're just words.
JustJune Oct 2018
If I was there, he couldn't take all of you

You just needed somebody

Everyone needs somebody
Everyone needs


Im never there
Not even for myself.
JustJune Sep 2018
Show your face

Im beyond belief

Should I stare into your eyes

Sculpting hands

That made me

Mending love
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