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Jake Jun 2019
Entangled in each other’s arms
Laughing in an old pickup truck
Stress and anxiety don’t raise any alarms
As we sing along with Thunderstruck

No light but the starry night sky
And her brown eyes
Nothing matters other than her and me
And the songs made in 1983
Yes I know thunderstruck wasn’t released in 1983. But good songs that where are China girl, Rock the Cabash, and Stray Cat Strut. Go check out those songs if you haven’t before.
Jake Jun 2019
I was born in a small town
A town where we had
The school, The park, The theater, The bar
A town where you could never get lost
And I remember when I was 7 or so
I could climb a hill behind my house
And from the hill I could see the entire valley
The river, the forest, the swamp.
You could see the entire galaxy
Every little star, at night the air was still
The only sound you could hear was your own breath and heart,
When I was 12 years old
Friends and I would ride our bikes,
Down old dirt roads to explore,
Explore the old mine shafts and abandoned buildings,
One day
We found a place that was nothing
But sagebrush for a mile all around
Except in the center stood
Three large oak trees, like some oasis
So we called this place Three Trees,
At Three trees I
Had my first kiss, rolled my truck, broke an arm falling out of a truck, sat and watched the clouds and stars, made many friends and lost a few too. We had so many good and bad memories there.
But now that small town is a small city
Every week there seems to be a new school,
The park looks more like a Hooverville
than anything else
The bar was replaced by a McDonald’s
At least the theater still stands,
Now I need a gps to navigate my town
From the hill you can no longer see
The stars, River, forest, or swamp
Cars pollute the air with constant noise
Mine shafts and abandoned buildings
Now gone,
Replaced with a sea of cookie-cutter houses,
Yet as if that wasn’t enough
They’re tearing down three trees
For more houses and a mall
And I feel like a foreigner, in my own town
And once I brought up
That I missed the small town
A foreigner told me there was nothing to do, and life was too simple
In the small town until they moved in
How would they know, they never lived in a small town,
simplicity made you find things to do
Which in turn made some fun stories to tell,
I was born in a small town
I really do miss living in a small town
Jake May 2019
No longer living
No more emotions
Eating just enough
Drink just enough
Work just hard enough
Study just enough

To see another day
To give to the world
To keep from starving
To dissolve the mind
To work another day
To get the credit

Nothing but a machine
Not living
Continuing on
Without thought
Marching to madness
Left wandering through the void
Jake Sep 2018
Held against my will
Unable to get my fill
Forced to work
For some heavy handed ****
I feel like a slave
Being thrown into a fabric cave
and soon I’ll be dead
If I continue to bleed my lead
A quick personification of a pencil
Jake Aug 2018
She came tears filling her eyes
Pouring a drink as she cries
Settling down she explains her story
Taking a sip I say not to worry
Life is often lonely
But don’t think of yourself so lowly
Said a million times but true, time heals
We’ve been deserted, I know how it feels
But I’ll be here when you need an ear
We can even sit in silence my dear
Please stay clear of the tempting
In time there will be no weapping
Jake Aug 2018
The beggar explains eagerly
Asking for more than I have
All I offer are words
The beggar pleads
Asking for something
All I offer is wit
The beggar cries
Asking for love
All I offer are tears
I only cause her misery
Yet she’ll wait another day
to be stabbed by the same knife
Wrote this on a whim so sorry it’s a bit sloppy just had to get this out of my head
Jake Jun 2018
back is against the wall
With nowhere else to crawl
Passion has left a drought
Nothing left but doubt
Emotions poured down the drain
Only given the insane
Never had any glory
So I’ll burn this story
What do I deserve
If I am always in reverse
What can I write in a page
If I’m stuck in my own cage
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