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Joan Jan 2020
Now that I'm back
I don't know what to feel

Everytime I think
I cry
And everytime I breathe
I chuckle

I'm beaten down
And bleeding on the floor
At the place I call home

Left my lover for nothing
When I had everything

Getting called bitter
But really I can't sleep

Now that I'm back
I'm saying my goodbyes again
Joan Dec 2019
I try to say yes at things
Cause I know what I will feel
After I say no
Joan Dec 2019
Green paint, tinted glass
Looking at the big white moon
Knowing that the sun
Will be there pretty soon
Joan Dec 2019
I want to go home
And wash myself away
Can't let you take control
I feel so changed

I want to pretend
Just us forever
The world's final end
Let's die together
Joan Dec 2019
**** me when it starts
Bury me when it's over
Can't lose an other life
Scars appear and my bones are broken
Joan Oct 2019
I have done a lot of listening
Thought about it for a while
I even laughed a little

You like to talk
But talks always ends in screams
You even cried a little

I’m cruel and heartless
You brought me back to reality
To see without my eyes

You’re kind and warm
I dimmed your burning light
Now you don’t whisper anymore

We’re back together again
Nothing can tear us apart
It’s a shame, we don’t know each other
Joan Sep 2019
I’m not afraid anymore
To let you see
The one that’s hiding inside of me

I can’t control anymore
I’m tired to be
Someone I never saw as me

I can’t wait anymore
You set me free
Finally I feel like I’m really just me
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