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Jessica May 2018
You think so low, you must with the
blows that you throw.

I'm not one of your old hoes.
As you can sit back like you counting those
crows, as I sit here in all my woes.  Keeping
me on my toes.  

Making me feel all these lows, but '
that is how life goes.  Hoping that you are not
wanting  this chapter to come to a close.
At the end I'm not the one to play pretend,
you just don't know that you .  You are
our god send.  So run away with us , and
lets not fuss and start a bigger chapter staring us.
Jessica May 2018
Why do I even care ?
Just to feel such despair.
I know better, as you sit there acting all unaware.
The truth is , you just don't care.
Why do I even care?
I don't just change for anyone,
but silly me I even changed my hair.
The truth is you just don't care.
If you truly did ,you would not be able to bare.
The truth is when I think about you not
being in our life I am the one that gets scared.
Supposed to be a team, only in my dreams.  
Something like Bonnie and Clyde , but I see it was
not cause of pride.  No , you just ******* lied
Hope my feelings will subside, because
it wont be you it will be me the one that cried.
Jessica Mar 2018
THESE FEELINGS  BUILDING UP INSIDE ME Have to find a way to for a release before I ruined one of the best things that's ever happened in my life . Constant cause of my strife,  my mind it won't stop it plays games on me.  It makes me try to believe you're not the one for me, but only a blind man can really see those feelings deep down in me.  In time it[OR HE ] will go away, just like all the rest when they all take that test .  I wish this was still the Wild West , oh how I try my best to let things rest.
  Feb 2018 Jessica
Jessica Moneymaker
Looks can be deceiving, even kinda misleading. You get this look of pure disbelieving, far away in your ****** expressions show more than you let on wish I could take a peek what is coming a dawn, or what's really going on.
  Feb 2018 Jessica
Jessica Moneymaker
Why do you think your left behind or even standing in line, when I'm clearly here by your side. I wish you could see inside me you would have no fears all that lurks,lumes, and Lear's. One day you will see I am pure of heart. And you was the one that was a lie from the start.

Wouldn't you believe it's just my luck....
  Feb 2018 Jessica
Jessica Moneymaker
Don't know if I can do it, don't know if I will make it Much longer, time is ticking and it always runs out. Can never say I was innocent it was stolen at an early age made me a dark person in the end, but change comes around made it easier on my nightmares so many, but **** if it is new one starting of losing a life I thought I could have. Just My Luck I'm always saying it maybe that's a sign now it's my time holy s* but I'm still the one left in line. Don't want to be left behind pushed around and forgot like everybody's daily grind , but some say I'm the blinds I can't see what's in my face but in the end its theother way around........
  Feb 2018 Jessica
Jessica Moneymaker
Overanalyze try my mind on for size running at full speed. Realize words change but have the same meaning. Lingering but forgotten Shurley I heard them spoken only one thing can come up this. I will be left broken and choking struggling with my own insecurities why can I have some kind of security. I'll even take some kind of purity
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