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Sep 2015 · 364
Janielle Mainly Sep 2015
Well it's time to count the good things,
to distract the fact your life is fleeting slowly,
so bring it; there's nothing to be pouting about,
when life is fine you're supposed to be glad even if there's some strange lonely feeling you don't attempt to satisfy right?
Simple questions begin to spin into webs of unanswered riddles,
but let's not kid ourselves, everything is just fine.
Jun 2015 · 341
In a new place
Janielle Mainly Jun 2015
I'm travelling, on the rode again,
and it feels so good and nostalgic,
I feel like a far away dream has arrived,
but there seems to be obstacles that will end..

It's just gonna take some time,
'cause life is forever changing,
for better and sometimes for worse,
I'm just hoping that this travel,
will get me closer to where I'm going..
May 2015 · 545
De verdad
Janielle Mainly May 2015
De verdad pienso en ti,
extraño tu cariño, tus frases exageradas,
tus miradas y ese beso que se convierte en varios...
Cuanta dulzura, pero ala vez , que amargada soy!
Cuando te tengo bien, me cambias de humor,
cuando no estas te tengo rencor, pero te amo,
de verdad, y quiero ser romantica, pero realista,
no se si se puedan los dos....
May 2015 · 3.3k
Feel good!
Janielle Mainly May 2015
Feel content every once and a while,
Distract yourself from stress and sorrow,
Fake a smile, eventually it will get there,
You think it's all going south but then something great happens,
Or it doesn't but c'mon!
Don't be like me,
Be happy.
May 2015 · 320
Janielle Mainly May 2015
I know this is an old line,
But actions speak so much frickin' louder than words,
And your words may be sugar coated, but you honey..
You're not so sweet,
Get yourself together, 'cause I love you,
And you don't want to mess up on me..
I'm not perfect, but I'm trying as hard as I can to be my best,
And you're not picking me, you pick the rest,
This problem has to be addressed ,
'Cause promises must be kept.
May 2015 · 207
Janielle Mainly May 2015
Now, the only thing worth calling my home is your heart,
we found each other in this sea of possibilities,
and I don't plan on leaving my love behind,
even if you're a distance from me,
I will love you all my journey,
sailing through so many known places,
and I may cry from time to time but I feel fine.
May 2015 · 408
Janielle Mainly May 2015
I was built on ship,
so they told me, I bit my lip 'cause,
I didn't believe what they said,
I was sold before I was old enough to even speak,
and there are so many secrets I've kept,
nights that I've wept,
but I'm still working..
May 2015 · 354
Janielle Mainly May 2015
Jealousy drains my heart,
I don't feel love or anything,
if you threw me down a hill, I'd roll..

A stone fills the void my heart used to occupy,
I don't want to confess my suffering to you,
'cause that's what good people do? Right?
Keep it to yourself, crying alone at night,
wouldn't want to interrupt anyone's flirting..
sometimes I feel I'm going insane.
Apr 2015 · 292
After midnight
Janielle Mainly Apr 2015
No one reads my melancholy words..or maybe they do,
but haven't taken notice in the meaning, you know,
I am usually a truly content human cyborg, here in cyberspace,
but lately I feel so lonely...drifting through the comment sections,
drifting through the stories I've been force-fed by this "holy" media we all live and abide by now,
maybe it's just late, I mean it is, but maybe that's the reason,
the reason why we all stay up and cry.
Janielle Mainly Apr 2015
The blues come marchin' in at night,
that time, when you're all alone,
and nobody can relieve you of those tears,
'cause they don't even know you're still conscious..
That feeling is always the same,
there's a name for it,
and that would be the blues,
but the blues have been used so many times..
So cry with somethin' else in mind,
although the feeling is always the same.
Apr 2015 · 264
Send me to the moon
Janielle Mainly Apr 2015
Learn the coordinates to the moon,
we'll be sending you there soon,
ignore the strange sounds outside,
they don't mean any harm,
they don't mean to alarm you they're friendly...
What would you think if I didn't say a word?
What would you do if I couldn't be heard?
Send me to the moon.
Mar 2015 · 410
I love my world
Janielle Mainly Mar 2015
I live for worldly desires,
And all of its fires,
Yes I'm proud of my love for time,
I cherish the now, I hold tomorrow in high regards,

Understand me,

I don't see my body as a shell,
I don't expect a reward such as "heaven",
I do not fear such lies as "hell",
Can you be a good person just by knowing that this is all there is?
What more do you want?!
Now that is true greed,
Not wanting what you have,
and waiting because you feel you deserve more than you are getting,
That is true sin,
Restricting yourself in the one life you posses,
Betting your greed on a strangers guess,
Help the planet that has birthed you, and your loved ones,
Do 't turn to the skies for forgiveness,
Cherish your world and its incomparable beauty!
Do not deny the ones who support you,
Who bear your good and bad days,
Throwing yourself at the feet of an unknown "god" of your choice,
Could you not suffice with this galaxy?
You need heavens?
You need more than what your under-appreciated planet has given you?!
That, my dear listener is Greed.
I love my life here and now, I don't expect anything more , I have no god that I count on for expressing my delusions.
Mar 2015 · 417
Nowhere to go
Janielle Mainly Mar 2015
I'm immensely saddened,
I don't know what's happened,
A smile has fallen low,
I've got nowhere to go..
And I'm aimlessly walkin' back and forth,
In a cage..
Mar 2015 · 383
Janielle Mainly Mar 2015
Verses, ebb-n-flow,
My mind, is moving slow,
Everyone should really know,
That they're not the only ones...
No one is the only one...
Mar 2015 · 8.7k
Rainy sunday afternoon
Janielle Mainly Mar 2015
A rainy sunday afternoon...
I'm stuck inside singin' a tune..,
The weather's  forcing me to stay,
I'm not runnin' away...

It's a rainy, dreary, fogged out town,
Just a couple days ago everything shined,
But now, no one can leave
No one can breathe...
It's such a rainy, pourin' sunday, afternoon.
It's raining hard! I wish I could go out :/
Feb 2015 · 445
Only natural
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
I'm bleeding,
and it's only natural, only factual,
And I love my body,
even if there're aches and pains,
cramps and stains,
'cause I know my body loves me too,
and my body,  sure loves you.
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Te vi...
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Hoy te vi,
Como si fuera hace meses,
Esos meses en las que me cautivaste..
Te mire otravez la sonrisa de dientes,
tus miradas suaves y calmados,
tus besos suavesitos sobre mi cachete,
senti los pulsos de tu corazon sobre mi mano,
otravez volviste a sorprenderme con tu amor,
espero que no cambien las cosas mañana,
ni en unos meses, ni en años!
Te amo , hoy fue un lindo dia.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
You've got to be kidding,
I could never find what you're looking for,
You don't just give away these things,
No one does that anymore..
Maybe I've been asleep,
And now suddenly the world works in new ways..
Maybe it's just one of those days,
Or maybe I'm just tired of hearing your secrets.
What is everyone thinking about?
Feb 2015 · 589
You are not alone
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
You are not alone,
The public can see you,
You are not alone,
Sitting in your reflective cage, sing it!
You are not alone!
In your stark room with one painting
You are not alone,
Get off your chair, give a dog a bone,
You are not alone!
No one is alone, now with the internet :)
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Sadness is flooding the verses of all,
I can't imagine how everyone feels
I hope they get a break from their self made cages,
And go dance in the sun once more...
Poetry today sounds so sad
Feb 2015 · 456
Entre vivos y fantasmas
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Entre vivos y fantasmas,
Ahi es donde vivo yo..
Donde nuestras emociones ya no son enteras,
Pero nuestra capacidad de revivirlas si,
Como estar atrapado atras de un cristal,
Aunque estemos en el medio de todo,
De tanto sentir ya no sentimos..
Feb 2015 · 388
La oscuridad
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Creo que me volvio a dar miedo la oscuridad,
Algo ha pasado, algo a cambiado,
Siento un fogonazo en el pecho,
Pero ya
Siento un refugio en mi melodía ,
Me escapo de todo, es mi musa,
Mi musa que eres tu.
Feb 2015 · 264
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Do you understand me??
Of course you don't, no one does...
I find this quite fun.. Maybe it's just me xD
Feb 2015 · 3.2k
Love song to the breeze
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Tired, exhausted and beat,
But nothing really matters anymore,
Let's talk about the trees
and the flowers
and the bees,
But no you'd never write a love song to the breeze,

I'm so hungry but I can't eat,
sure I'm tired, there's nowhere to sleep!
And the breeze is blowing helping me stay on my feet,
Oh I'm so tired but I can't sleep,
Sure I'm hungry, there's nothing to eat!
And the breeze is blowing helping me stay on my feet,
But no you'd never...write a love song to the breeze...
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
No podemos pretender ser robots por siempre,
No somos maquinas, la sangre corre entre nuestras venas,
nos picas y no reaccionamos,
Repito que no somos de metal,
Estamos construidos sobre los huesos de nuestros antepasados,
Criados con la carne de nuestras victimas, y eso tristemente nos alegra,
Aunque pretendemos ser plasticos y sintizados,
Somos todos de una substancia frágil,
aunque se idealize un mecanico o una postiza,
cuando todo se acabe,
Cuando nos veamos a base de quien somos en realidad,
nos daremos cuenta de lo débil, de lo exagerado que es nuestro especie,
No tenemos ni la capacidad de ser hormigas,
Ya, no podemos pretender ser robots.
Feb 2015 · 1.7k
Clowns in society
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
I'm taking the paint off my face,
I feel clean again, I feel me again,
Everyone expects a layer but I feel like a clown,
"Cover yourself" that's what you're told,
"Be like the rest, you're naturally broken,
fix yourself up, don't be so stubborn,
and learn to stand above the ground
but don't loose your balance or your temper".
As a woman there are a lot of pressures to be certain ways, this poem is the perspective of someone in that circumstance just trying to be themselves.
Feb 2015 · 1.9k
A scared little girl
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
I appreciate who you are,
You don't have to apologize
for talking about something you know about,
I'm confident with what you've got to say,
If you mess up it's okay,
So confidently share with me, don't beware and self depricate,
Let go of that scared little girl that you aren't.
Girls find the need to put themselves down sometimes :( I don't know why
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Do you have the will to choose, or do you watch the pictures hanging on the wall, calling out your average name , and if they have commanded their message,
Do you, now preach the same?
Shackled in fear of the might known,
Feeling good about the certainty of strangers guesses, will you ever truly know?
How does one run away without making a sound?
What is kept from the eye stored underground?
Do you have the will to choose, or do you watch the pictures hanging on the wall, calling out your average name , and if you have consumed their message,
Do you, now preach the same?
This is about TV consumption, I feel like now a days you can't escape from the screen, they are hanging on the walls trying to replace true art .
Feb 2015 · 706
The year
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
This year feels like a review of the last,
Maybe it's just 'cause the beggining's a bit rough,
And everyone revisits the past..
But you with those eyes like jewels and your shining smile,
You make it all worth the while,
February, March, April, May,
I'm tired but that's ok,
Let's create some memories to review..
Feeling in love
Feb 2015 · 414
Los animos
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Mis animos huyan de mi,
de repente tan contenta de repente tan arrepentida,
celebraciones, malaventuras,
algo de importancia y amor pura
el tiempo no es lo suficiente?
Sonrie con ese rostro que tienes de deprimente..
La vida se te escapa.
Feb 2015 · 328
Los afortunados
Janielle Mainly Feb 2015
Los recuerdos que creamos,
solo aparecen en las realidades de los mas afortunados,
Yo soy tu afortunada,
Y tu mi afortunado.
Jan 2015 · 373
De paso..
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Hay tantas cosas por aprender en este mundo,
pero aveces se me complica entenderte a ti, a lo otro y esto ,
aveces estoy perdida, pero al final de cuentas te encuentro,
pierdete conmigo, encuentrame de nuevo,
seamos felices junto a nuestra locura y deseo!
Jan 2015 · 461
Como estan las cosas
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Como estan las cosas..
Aveces tan brillantes,
pero aveces esta todo nublado..
y esa oscuridad te lleva al silencio,
el silencio tenso,
pero ese silencio se resuelve,
la luz vuelve,
despues de todo.. valio la pena.
Jan 2015 · 645
Te amo
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Te amo, aunque suene a cliche,
te recuerdo siempre que puedo,
siento que es necesario,
yo se que este no es un poema muy elaborado,
lo se.
Tu mereces los versos mas estupendos,
los versos que representan los pasiones tan vivos de la vida!
pero por ahora yo soy tan simple y enamorada,
te amo.
Jan 2015 · 877
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Do you know what you mean?
Have you seen what you've seen?
Do you need someone to second-guess you every second of the way?
Why not? How come? Are you driven insane? By everyones unnecessary questions? Well then we have something in common.
Jan 2015 · 394
Stories of love
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Reminiscin' your love,
seems like it was ages ago but it was only yesterday... when..
You and I looked out over this small city,
So many stories, written by the hour,
I'll whisper some in your ear, if you've got time,
if they were forgotten it sure would be a pity,
So pass on the many tales of love,
For some are lost.
Jan 2015 · 2.9k
The rumors about me are true
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
I don't know what it's like
I'd never understand
I'm just living on a cloud
Hopping through my fantasy land,
I look down on the rest
And i don't wish you the best
I'm a two faced liar
My pants are on fire
And this is just the reality!
It's not you
The rumors about me are true.
I don't have a sense of humor
I don't play well with others
I'm a selfish unkempt snob
I'm a disrespecting law breaking,...I even make clowns sob!
You're right
It's not you..
The rumors about me are true,
Yeah sure
The rumors about me are true.
I love to find out things even I didn't know about myself xD, I'll be turning this poem into a song soon
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
A midnight rhyme
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
It's that moment
when the sun is hidden away
the moon must have chased him out of the sky..
She sang him hit the road Jack,
but soon he'll be back...
And she'll have to hide away...
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
I'm full of anticipation for life and everything in general,
I'd like to share some thoughts and things,
Dedicate some words to those who still believe in pursuing something of their own,
If you're talking, share your ambition,
Listen to your intuition,
But don't leave me behind,
If you make me feel welcome I'll return the favor,
If you're nice I'll be your helpful long distance neighbor,
Motivation must be be
Something other than a dilly dally.
Jan 2015 · 3.5k
A musician
Janielle Mainly Jan 2015
Tell me about a fellow, who played the guitar or something similar,
How he starved playin' night and day,
The way he didn't have enough to eat,
Tell me about his technique,
If I were to try it, you'd keep me quiet wouldn't you?
You say he died young but lives on through the unique melody he brought you and I, but back in those days he was told to play a different way, the same thing would happen today! I tell you,
The same thing would happen today...
Many musicians are recognized for their greatness years after they die.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
I've got my shadow
Janielle Mainly Jul 2014
I've got a shadow , that I pull over me
I've got a shadow, that I just won't let be
My shadow's here to stay, it keeps me out of harms way,
Yeah! I've got a shadow and I'm not giving it away..
No one is ever completely alone, remember you've always got your shadow.
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
It seems as though we all live in separate worlds..
In that case I'm hitchhiking through the galaxy, won't you come with me?
Hitchhike through this galaxy with me!
We'll see new and old worlds, hear some odd dialects, remember to bring your guide and babel fish and if we are lost we musn't panic!
We'd all love to be hitchhiking through the galaxy, so come on!
Hitchhike through the galaxy with me!!
Jun 2014 · 745
Pocket sized writer
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
You're so sweet, I want to carry you around,
Shrink ya, place you in my pocket...
You can whisper little stories to me 'cause you're a great writer,
From my jacket pocket you can get all the inspiration you need!
Now all I have to do is shrink you, get you a little pad of paper and a little pen, oh and then...
You'll be my pocket sized writer..
Jun 2014 · 610
Let me in
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
Where are you hiding?
Come out from your shell
I've been ringing the bell, but you refuse to open your door politely,
Finally you answer my call..
I've been waiting half an hour, outside your window,
I didn't have anywhere else to go, so let me in!
Jun 2014 · 571
Have you ever?
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
Have you ever finished something without ever starting it?
I just did.
Jun 2014 · 287
I've always known
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
I've always known a path would appear before my running feet,
Though somehow I swear, I'm running on air,
No roads, no blocks nor streets.
And I look back as I'm moving ahead and I see, a path appearing right behind me,
In truth we all must build our roads as we go,
Choices may change, and change is something we all know,
Although we've lived and learned our patterned ways...
Jun 2014 · 271
I don't know
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
I don't know what to think anymore,
I don't know what to believe anymore,
I don't know how to perceive anything... Anymore.
I don't know what I see
I don't know what you're telling me
I can't draw a straight line
I can't tell what's mine... Anymore.
Nothing's yours.... Nothing's mine
We're all stranded, in this point of time.
Jun 2014 · 309
Weird beyond repair
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
It's so weird beyond repair,
And I don't even care anymore,
I'm closing the door,
It's so strange, and I don't think it's gonna change any time soon,
So I'm inflating a balloon, so I can fly away,
Seems like the sanest option in the world!
You must know by now, I don't take destructive criticism well,
You probably can tell by the way I leave
And I know I should sit and think but I would rather flee
I wouldn't recommend you to deal with me,
I'd rather rhyme than make a sensible song... I may be wrong.. So long!
Jun 2014 · 471
I'm not changing..
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
Not gonna change my ways ,
Not gonna be well behaved for you,
If I'm gonna change it's gonna be for me, and myself,
Does that sound stuck up? Do you think I need help?
Well behaved women rarely make history,
And one mans gibberish is another mans philosophy...
Jun 2014 · 324
A dedicated shedded tear
Janielle Mainly Jun 2014
I'd like to dedicate this shedded tear, To someone dear,
With all this emotion I could fill an ocean,
This is for anyone who finds this worth hearing,
It seems as though i'm appearing odder than I usually am,
I'd like to take flight in my dreams tonight,
Look at everyone lookin' up at me, and say "I can do it, and now I've done it, no more speculations"
And a crowd in my head will exclaim "congratulations"
But I continue staying awake...
So I'd like to dedicate this shedded tear to you, for you are someone quite dear...
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