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555 · Aug 2018
Ominous silence
Irena Aug 2018
Not a single sharp sound
of high heels on the wet
Just the dark
and nothing more

The passion that evaporates
from the city streets
sticks on the accidental passerbys
The asphalt holds secrets
More than this night
More than this dark

Dead,barren silence
A grave,ominous silence
Inbetween these walls
beauty becomes as death
Inbetween these walls
pain plays distant music
that slowly lures all the gods of chaos
to lay down on these beds
In a moment
all turns into a weary cry
of a cut throat
A fare-well to the soul that
has just begun to travel

The asphalt holds secrets
This sticky asphalt hold secrets
More than the night
More than this dark

Tell me
How much would you pay
for a single little
placed in your heart
How much would you sacrifice
for the lips that would
waken from the marble stupor
from time to time
Would you sell yourself

There's silence screaming
A dead,barren silence
Grave,ominous silence

Do not destroy the cult of chaos
that I've bought from the
dead wanderer
From the dead demon outside
my threshold

I don't need to hear
the sound of the raging
sea waves
to know that the sea is close
I carry the sea in my eyes,
but my sea is a slave of this dark
Now it rests under my eye-lids

Across my sealed windows
I see bridges of no significance
There is nowhere to go
There is nothing to cross

The asphalt holds secrets
More than the night
More than this dark  
The passion that evaporates
from the city streets
sticks on the accidental passrebys

Inbetween these walls
there's the cry of an unborn child
A white little angel
that carries a message-
we're not forgotten
It lives and dies in a moment

And there's silence again
A dead,barren silence
A grave,omnious silence
Here beauty becomes what death is
Here pain plays silent music

We lay naked on these beds
For a moment,
there shines a line in your eyes
that merges the two distant horizons
And I know that you feel
that in that thin line
There's so much life and destiny
So much of your life
For a moment
And then there's the dark again
And theer's the silence again

Not a single sound of heels on the
wet crossroads
Tell me
How much would you pay for me
to end this charmed circle
in which we are the centre
the only motion
What would you sacrifice
for ten pale fingers
that would dance vividly  upon you
From time to time
Would you sell yourself

We lay naked on these beds
But I do not feel you next to me
There's just this absent scent
as gentle as the Sahara snow
And there's silence screaming
from the outside
A dead,barren silence
A grave,ominous silence
167 · Aug 2018
I am
Irena Aug 2018
I am the night that covers me
The crescent moon, both pale
and bright
I am the light that goes through
Every place and sight

I am the birth and the cry
of every bird
that has ever flown
I am the tree that grows
upon every stone

The root that sinks in the  
The wind that forever blows
I am the rain that falls  
on you
Ever since you were born

I am the flower that blossoms
I am the lamb that cries
I am the bird that sings
I am always mine

I am darling.
I am!
153 · Aug 2018
Gone when I need you
Irena Aug 2018
When someone's gone
it doesn't matter if he ever came
I need you when you're gone
You're gone when I need you,
but that is a different story to tell
I do not believe that you will hear
beyond your hearing
I do not believe that you will see
beyond your sight
And you shall never understand
further than your own thoughts

I could have come to you,
both naked and barefoot  
With all you ever gave me,
I could just grow old
Grow cold
For a woman cannot dress herself in
She cannot put a distant touch
in her hair
A woman cannot trimm her neck
with someone else's dreams
For the eagle is an eagle
only if able to fly
I didn't come to you
for I had only what you gave
on me

There in the corner
cats make love
It is strange that  nothing is born
in this time of night
The night is the deaf time of day,
and the day is the mute time of night
What could you say today
that can last me a lifetime
What words can I shelter hidden
in the heavy cloths of the night
There is nothing  

When someone's gone  
it doesn't matter if he ever came  
All the knockings on the doors
are in vain
All the tiny stones on the windows  
All in vain
When the road always leads  
on the wrong side
Always further
Always the furthest
When you're gone
81 · Aug 2018
The tie that binds
Irena Aug 2018
The tie that binds
It's the tie that binds
It's the hand that ties
all the knots we have to cut

Come take me,
from these skies
to the green mountains
I hate these black drapes too,
my dear
These pale,white marble hands
with palms that bled
and led me here
I wished not these pillows
of thorns
but that is what destiny is

It's the dagger that shines
in your eyes,love
It's the pain I once felt
It is everything I ever wished
to not forget
But that everything is what
you always carry in your pockets
when you come to me

My love
I wish not to wear
these black drapes
I wish not to cut
these ties that bind us
Nor the hand that tied us
Love,my love...
Take me,carry me
Far from these skies
to the green mountains of your soul
78 · Aug 2018
Away away away
Irena Aug 2018
That drop of wine
that rests at the corner of your lips
while you sleep
Turns into poison every autumn
And I kiss you goodbye
And I go with the birds
I fly
Away away away
So that I can come again
With the warm winds of spring
With the silent rains mixed with sun
With the children we never had
But we still named them
That drop pf wine darling
is as deadly as a snake's poison
But I've drank it oh so many times
It tastes like honey
That drop baby is not my first
Is not my last
Away away away
With your wishes and your words
Away with those swords
Just kiss me in your sleep
And wait for my return
Irena Aug 2018
I can read the destiny  
from your palms,you know
Kiss me,
but this time with your eyes
And in your thoughts
send me to sleep
Erase me from your flesh
and every little trace I leave on
turn into dust and wind
What once is written,
now it's been erased
And when this fragile dream passes
I shall set these beds on fire
I shall paint your eyes red
And I shall seal your lips,
for I do not want your words
And forget me do
For I have killed you in
my thoughts...
that was the destiny I read from your palms
68 · Aug 2018
Fragile dream
Irena Aug 2018
While the fragile dream  
abandones me
I can read the destiny from your
Kiss me,
but this time with your eyes closed
And in your thoughts
send me to sleep
Erase me from your own body
And every little trace of me
turn into wind and dust
What once is read
now it's been erased
And when this fragile dream passes
I shall set this bed on fire
I shall paint your eyes red
And I shall seal your lips
I don't want your words
Forget me-for I have already killed you
in my thoughts        
And when this fragile dream passes    
I shall set you free
67 · Aug 2018
When love turns to death
Irena Aug 2018
When love turns into  
Describe me the line
that separates life from death
And are day and night one and the same
Are we a part of the great wakening that
happens before our eyes
Are we good where we are  
Many of us passed the same way,
and we stayed on the same ground
On no man's land
Many of us passed the same way,  
and we slept before the dawn could break

When love turns to
Describe me the warmth of your blood
And tell me,do walls grow around us
on their own
Tell me
When love turns to hate  
Will you hate me
When love turns to death
Will you let me die
58 · Aug 2018
Irena Aug 2018
Coffe-shops were closed
when we arrived
Our baggage was lost,
our wallets empty
You asked me if I wanted
to dance
I said "Yes!"
You smiled.
52 · Aug 2018
Irena Aug 2018
We had no need to speak
Had no need to talk
To eachother
To every other
Like children chasing kites
We think our words are dragons
that spit fire
so we keep them to ourselves,
fearing and aching

But one day,
The ache will go away
Our thoughts will become bigger than us
and we will use them as our shields
The kites will fly away
The dragons will die
Words shall remain
And we will tell them to eachother
50 · Aug 2018
Irena Aug 2018
Tell me,
how did we forget to see
the beautifull things?
Such as the firebugs
on a warm july evening?
When did we last run
among the bushes to hunt them,
while they sleep on the calm grass
that rests from the light night breeze?
When did you last caught one for me?
When did we last stop
to smell the red tulips,
that we place every spring on the table,
in a vase
They slowly turn to the window,
stealing light from the sun
Since when have we stopped
next to them
to watch their waking in the morning
and falling asleep at night
Tell me
Tell me,
when did we last
lay under the trees in the yard
Among the grass
To watch the clouds,
as they travel across the blue skies
over the day,
or the stars at night,
As they stand peacefully on the
black cloth,spread across the sky
Quietly,like soldiers that watch the land,
in the absense of the Sun.
Like guards that watch upon us,
while the night passes
Since when did you not gave me a star?

And the firebugs rest upon the
quiet grass every summer
The tulips stand upon the table every spring
and they hug eachother,
in the small vase,
like hidden lovers that curve gently
around eachother,
fearing that someone might separate them.
The clouds travel still
across the blue sky,every day
The stars lay still every night on the cloth
spread across the night-sky and watch over us
The stars peacefully guard us,every night.
And we still pass next to eachother,
silently like trains,
through the coridors and labyrinths
that we built for us,
and we didn't even know that we could.
And yet,we never remembered
to build a small station to stop in
and lay our burden to rest.
You and I,
we still look at the clock on the wall
every day,countlessly
and yet,we never notice
the time passing by.
We sharpen our pencils,
and the pieces of paper stand blank
in the drawers
We empty the ashtrays,filled with butts
and we don't even count how many times
did we kiss them,
instead of eachother.
The coffee is always cold
on the table.
From waiting.
From silence.
That is why I ask of you
When did we forget to see
the small things?
The important things....the days of our lives
that count.
49 · Aug 2018
Irena Aug 2018
Inbetween the two brows
on your forehead
the sun sets a ray
in the morning
Every morning with dawn
you wake me up
with a silent kiss
ang get out of our bed
and into the world
I pretend not to know
I pretend not to see
I pretend I sleep
Inbetween the eyebrows
on my forehead
there's a wrinkle that appears
every morning
and it does not go away
until  the next one
And this is the place
you like to kiss
I wait  for you,my love
Every day I wait for you
To come back at sunset
Take me from our garden
where I lay amongst
the yellow tulips
and put me inside our
bed of hopes
But you never do
You only go out
every morning
but never come back
at the evening
And this song is never
written to the end
48 · Aug 2018
In the middle of winter
Irena Aug 2018
When spring comes  
in the middle of winter
And it strikes you,
with all its colour,warmth and scent
And all the rains fall upon you
The moon and the sun and the stars
And the wind
Gather all around you
And the rivers and the streams
And the birds and the sheep
And every single stone
from the beginning till the end
of your journey
They all come with spring
In the middle of winter
48 · Aug 2018
No new world
Irena Aug 2018
Are we going to build
a new world
upon these cracked fondations
A new religion
in these destroyed temples
I am waiting for you
by this altar
covered in the scent
of a thousand faded candles
Like a sacrifice,
with noone to be sacrificed to
Like a believer
with noone to pray to

Now all fades
The moon from which
we stole silver in the quiet nights
now moves to another sky
and takes all the stars
with her
With dawn the sun shall go
We are condemned to darkness
and exile

Tell me
Have we sinned
All we did was love
And if love can be a tyran
isn't then life as same as death
A kiss same as a whip
and how can we build now
A new world upon these scatered grounds
A new religion in these destroyed temples
Irena Aug 2018
I have no courage,
nore the need
to ask for name and habits
To ask for age.
I may love you
just the way you are
I have no courage,
nore the need
to ask for hopes and fears
The scars you may have
The love you may never
I may love you
just the way you are
to me.
Pale and a little forgotten
So you can rise
from the depths
of my soul
and sink my ships.
So that I could start
and over
and over
47 · Aug 2018
Irena Aug 2018
With flying commets
above our heads
Our bodies lay
on the soft ground beneath
We're like little angels
twisting and twirling
with our hands like wings
on the snow
46 · Aug 2018
A promise
Irena Aug 2018
You will look for me
Inside the caves that rest deep within your soul
That I might be there
That I was the only one
That knew they’re there
You will look for me,I promise
You will look for me
Far ahead in the horizons
Thinking I might be the shadow approaching, but darling
I am not a shadow
I am a lightning that will never crush
On you!
You will look for me
Thinking I might be the reason for your hunger
But baby, you will
Never be fed!
You will look for me I promise!
You will hunt me, high and low
But I am no longer the prey, nor the trophy
You will look for me, I promise!
But you will not find me!
I also promise that!
45 · Aug 2018
Portraits faded
Irena Aug 2018
Our portraits faded
In this land of no opportunities
we bought a little hope
and earned a little tear
No colour for our eyes
No glitter for our lips

Our flowers died
No apples,nore oranges
No birds in our gardens
Hell is cold now
Heaven's too far
Battles started and seem to have
no end  
My nails are ****** from digging
bones from the dirt
Digging bones from the flesh
My womb is hungry for peace

In this land of no opportunities
only cascets travel the road at day
Only death by night

Our portraits faded
Rings and earrings
Tapistries from the walls
Tiny hidden notes
All gone

Letters travel  with no destination
They will tell stories
to the nations yet unborn
Mournings travel even faster
They will write  elegies
to the children unknown

Years shall pass
Armies will march
Songs shall be written and sang
Our portraist will be drawn
But no earth shall rise from these
No earth shall rise from these graves
Yesterday was too soon
Tomorrow all will be gone
44 · Aug 2018
Back in my shoes
Irena Aug 2018
I flee from these shoes
so that I could come
and meet you
And in an instance
I am scared by the innocence
that trembles upon your smile
And you
You're afraid I might not
like you

"What would you think of me",you say
"I come hours late"
And I think
If you were a minute earlier,
I wouldn't have been here  
"You come on time",I say
and go back in my shoes

The cab-driver
doesn't know the destination,
and we don't care
If it is too far
we could walk
so to trick the time to last

Your pockets are empty
I put my hands in them
It is warm
This is where I belong
I want to cover them with leaves
and dirt
so that I could hide it from
Like a dog hiding it's bone

There are no wrinkles
on the photographs
You're always smiling on your
passport picture
Now I know why there aren't  any
on the travelling tickets
The conductor would have cried
if he ever saw the passenger's eyes
It is easier this way

You come on time
but you never stay long enough
I always miss you
and have to go back
in my shoes

The cab-driver says we're there
and I wonder whose address is this
and why he always takes us
to the station
The platforms have remembered
the soles of our shoes
and the tiny,little wrinkles on them
made by the little pebbles
on the street
The benches know exactly when we're going
to sit  
And the whistle of the train
knows exactly when to shout
So that you can't hear me say
Come back...come back again...
43 · Aug 2018
We spread words
Irena Aug 2018
We spread words
out to the big world
We spread words
out in the open
but no echoe came back

Memories are dearest
when they are short
and rarely coming back
Strange men come
and strange men go
Women in beautifull dresses
Children laughing
Memories are best when

We spread words
to the world
and winds blew-
carried them too far
We spread words
to the world  
and rain fell-
washed them away
Our words will never make the difference
42 · Aug 2018
If I could
Irena Aug 2018
If I could close my eyes
It would be to see you

If I could change my skin
It would be to touch you

Never yours
Never mine
The sky is just a blue paper
spread above our heads!
40 · Aug 2018
A land of war (You and I)
Irena Aug 2018
We're like tired
that walk these nameless  
We have no destiny
so we could blame
our failure upon
We have no excuse
for being here
You and I,
we should have known better  

This is not the land in which
flowers are born
This is not the land in which
children are born

The cities are empty
can't you see
The Wind that blows
beneath our feet
carries a newspaper with
an imprinted date long gone
All the faces we try to forget
there they are,on the last page

This is a land of wars
There we live,You and I,
My god against your god
My sword against yours
During  the day
we w ash the bandages
in the rivers that flow
carrying rust
from the factories that no longer
make bullets
At night we sleep
next to eachother and
who knows  
We may even dream the same dreams
We sometimes even make love
so not to forget what love
looks like
We sometimes even sing
Song we write ourselves
Songs of heroes
Songs of hope
Hope that someone hears us
and saves us
Tells us this war is over

You and I,
we're the whole civilization here
We write with fingers
on the walls of the abandoned houses
so our descendants could read
We write with fingers
on the walls of the abandoned homes
hoping  we could enter
the history books
or some prophets books
Something like Adam and Eve
But you are not Adam
and I am not Eve
We will have no history
for history dies here
No prophets shall be born
This is the clash of worlds
This war killed everything
it might as well killed us
Barren as we are,
You and I
we could only fight by day
and dream at night
38 · Aug 2018
The door in the floor
Irena Aug 2018
Sunshine on my eyebrows...
I can't seem to find the door
The door in the floor  
that leads to lovers passed
The door in the floor  
that leads to conscience lost
I never seem to find you
Never seem to heal you,never hurt you

From the hands of a boy
I drink waters
All the little boys grew into soldiers
All the little girls liked them
Never met them

We carried woods
and nails
Carved our names and put hinges
so the door could open,
but never close  
I put carpet on the door
The door in the floor
So noone could see,noone would know
of my lovers passed
Of my conscience lost

Sunshine on my eyebrows...
I never seem to find the door
Never seem to find everything I've lost...

— The End —