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Aug 2018
When someone's gone
it doesn't matter if he ever came
I need you when you're gone
You're gone when I need you,
but that is a different story to tell
I do not believe that you will hear
beyond your hearing
I do not believe that you will see
beyond your sight
And you shall never understand
further than your own thoughts

I could have come to you,
both naked and barefoot  
With all you ever gave me,
I could just grow old
Grow cold
For a woman cannot dress herself in
She cannot put a distant touch
in her hair
A woman cannot trimm her neck
with someone else's dreams
For the eagle is an eagle
only if able to fly
I didn't come to you
for I had only what you gave
on me

There in the corner
cats make love
It is strange that  nothing is born
in this time of night
The night is the deaf time of day,
and the day is the mute time of night
What could you say today
that can last me a lifetime
What words can I shelter hidden
in the heavy cloths of the night
There is nothing  

When someone's gone  
it doesn't matter if he ever came  
All the knockings on the doors
are in vain
All the tiny stones on the windows  
All in vain
When the road always leads  
on the wrong side
Always further
Always the furthest
When you're gone
Written by
Irena  33/F/Macedonia
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