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I cannot,
Soar through the air,
And fly freely,
Across the thermal,

My outstretched hands
Cannot delve into,
The rain clouds,
And disperse,
The ever growing,
Fractals of grey.

Water droplets,
Causing my skin,
To concave.
Leaving me limp,
Exceedingly fragile.
My bones,
Crumbling under,
The pressure.

It's as if,
I am your paper plane,
Left lying,
In the murky,
Puddle water.

*Daunghting realms,
Of forgetful delight,
Causing me,
Too all but,
you gave me the life,you protected me from everything that was bad,now let me help you,with the little angel you have,your my reason to de here,I love you mom
I got on the trampoline,I moved my hands front and back,I jumped as high as a bird,I touched the sky.
Iraira iraira my bestest friend, how I miss you , you're like my sister, I love you, all those memories we have together, I'll never forget you, i love you
Iraira my bestest friend, like my sis, I can tell you everything, you always say how I am, you've always been there all the times im down, you never leave me alone, you never leave me let do things by myself
I ran on the grass, I saw the sky, it was stormy, I shouted mom its getting cloudy, we ran to the car got inside,what a cloudy picnic
My bestest cousin, how I love you,we always play
My bestest sisters , how I love them ,there are my intire life
 Mar 2014 Iraira Cedillo
 Mar 2014 Iraira Cedillo
You’re immensely profound, it pulls me in;
Listening to you is like
Scraping the layers off your physical mould
Discovering something delicate and beautiful
Residing in the core of your soul.

I fear being too attached
For I have this tendency to latch
Onto the vessel that encapsulates the thinking, living heart
The one that rearranges the deepest perspectives
Into something even more enigmatic,
Desirably more unfathomable.

And so I have decided
Where your heart sleeps and breathes the rest doesn’t matter
It doesn't matter at all.

This attraction is unlike any I've felt before,
It forces me down and deep, engulfing me in layers of obscure matter.
I sieve through the flesh of your illuminated intelligence
Bringing you out with me, devouring you from inside out
To fill me up, in the ironic hopes of completing you
I love the challenge.
I think I'm coming down
with the spring sillies
My dafty thoughts are feverish,
budding, blossoming,
Impulsive, daffodilly

My thigh muscles are stronger
And start to twitch,
As if they now prepare
To bound and leap in meadows
Like the mad march hare.

A cheeky imp is glinting
In my left eyeball
Calling me to frolic
With the April fool

There's happy hope in spring growth
Nature's clever ploy
And I'll not let any April showers
Dampen down my joy!
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