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Eliza Mar 2020
In the heat of the moment
I hear the sun, my mother, say
Listen to your instinct
And it makes me wilt
The thought of solitude
How I flow with the wind
And where I choose to lay
Are all my responsibility
I dream of a field full of rich stimulation
The heartache we feel helps us
To ultimately find what we need
A message to all the flowers out there
"You belong to yourself my dear,
Not someone else's greed."
Eliza Dec 2019
Do you think you are strong?
Do you think you are brave?
Do you think you could be loved again?
Eliza Dec 2019
It’s like an addiction see
So I’m counting the days
My world completely changed
I have survived a whole week
My past self would be proud
That I don’t have hate in my heart
My greatest accomplishment to date
Eliza Dec 2019
Shouldn't it mean when you stay forever
For company in the dark
Even with how unwanted you may feel
Wandering around for attention
For acknowledgement somehow
Seeking some kind of approval
And chasing redemption
It is to be transparent and reflective
While spending decades regretting
Unsure of your purpose or meaning
No feeling of peace or control
But facing the truth despite it all
Lingering with unresolved memories
Wishing the time away like a guilty prisoner
Wanting to go back to good old yesterday
To not make the same mistakes
Surely punishing and repetitive
He is loving me like a ghost
From Christmas past
Showing me how good life can be
Instead of leaving me behind
Without saying a word
Nothing worth having comes easy
A ghost is just a human being
What is there left to be scared of
I hope he never stops haunting me
Eliza Dec 2019
And suddenly it came to me
How desperately would I miss me
If I was no longer myself
Eliza Sep 2019
It's between us
But from both sides
We have different
Human minds
I don't know
What it's like to be you
I can't imagine
I long to know
Without the barrier
How would I love you
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