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Jul 17
I spend my downtime digging holes
that five fifths couldn't fill
Snakes and serpents in my grass don't hisssss
But they ****

Still digging, digging
To find how deep the self-hatred goes
When I finally reach the bottom of the pit,
I'll let you know

But you'll never really know.
Not unless you're down here with meβ€”

And you're not.

It's me verse the world.
I rehearse my curses
And inverse my pearls
I clam up, clamp shut
And let darkness unfurl

so dark, So Dark
But I can still see the stars
I also see that they're all yours
And not ours

I don't see the light nor do I feel the guilt
I hark the barters of midnight
And watch the eyes in the hills;
Geminis cry for more heighth
While my wrists mine for stilts
We pray and prey in the forest
for more, and more, and more mills

But the trees don't fall.
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