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Hawk Flight Aug 2014
To me family is:
All the people that mean something to you.
They dont have to be blood.
They dont have to  be the same race, gender, age, religion.
As long as they mean something to you
As long as you love them with everything you have.
is what I call

So you mean Like you are to me Fenix?

Yes Hawk. That is what I mean.

Fenix you know you are my sister.
I love you through and through
You've pulled me out of the gutter more times then I would like to admit.
You've been there for me
And I have tried my hardest to be there for you.
To my children you will Always be Aunty.
To my wife you are consider sister in law.
I will always be your big brother
There to protect you.


Yes Hawk you are my big brother.

Infinity and beyond

What are we?
Toy story?

I am Buzzlightyear
Hear me Roar


Dear Gundi
if your are buzz lightyear
we are all doomed

hums you got a friend in me

*And this is why we are family
Me and my "little Sister" tried to write a poem. I kind of made it go off course.
I am the Bold Italic, she is just the italic
Her name on here is FENIX FLIGHT
Hawk Flight Aug 2014
Goddess Don't you do this to me!

Magnum is the only father figure
I have in this hell!
Dont you Dare take him from me!

It happened so suddenly!
One minute it was sunny
so he took his harley for a ride
A sudden down pour hit
So he turned it around
for the safety of home.

It was raining so hard
He could barely see
Did not notice he was straying from the road
CRASHED into a big ******* tree

Wrapped his bike around the trunk
Hit his head pretty ******* hard.
No one else around for miles
Laid there knocked out for a few hours.

Somebody found him called 911
In the hospital he now resides.

Broke a few ribs
internal bleeding
In an induced a coma.

Goddess I pray to thee
Please dont take
the only father figure I know
Away from me
A good friend of mine Magnum hit a tree last night (8/6/14) and it is pretty serious. the docters had to stop the internal bleeding and now he is in an induced a coma. the doctors said if he stablazies they will wake him up. I pray to goddess Isis that he stabalizes. He is the only father figure I have ever truly known. So what if he is only 5 years older then me.
Hawk Flight Aug 2014
My six year old daughter yesterday came up to me with a bunch of danilions in her hand. she ran up to me yelling "DADDY DADDY I WANT TO ASK YOU SOMETHING!" I held out my hands and she jumped into them.

Now My six year old can act VERY serious when she wants to. its like she goes from six to twenty-six in a blink.

Now she pulls a serious moment and looks up at me. her Big Green and I do mean green eyes are staring at me all serious. What she said next brought tears to my eye.

  " I love you daddy. Will you marry me?" She asks me. I'm not an emotional guy but THAT brought me to tears. Me. A guy with a very bad past and present being asked by his six year old, if she could marry him. her innocence it kills me.

   "I dont know baby you're going to have to ask mommy on that one, I'm kinda already married to her." I said putting her down. She put her little hands on her hips and stomped her foot, Such little six year old move.

    "Well Not anymore she isnt! I"M marrying you now!" She says and stomps to my room where my wife was. I try hard not to laugh but I'm sorry that was just adorable.

I hear from my bedroom her little voice slightly yelling at my wife (her mom).

"Mommy you are not married to dad anymore! I AM MARRYING HIM!!!" I stand in my door way and see sophia standing infront of her mother who is trying hard not to laugh.

"Oh really is that so? Well then I would gladly love to be the one to marry the two of you." She says scooping  up sophia who tries hard to wiggle out of her arms. a giant smile on her face. she starts chanting 'I'm marry daddy, I'm marrying daddy!"

My wife kaitlyn goes to our daughters room and picks out last years easter dress which is white and pink. She helps put it on her and then puts some pretty pink lipstick on her. THEN they fibnd the dandylions that she drop and well We all go into the living room.

I had put on my best dress shirt jsut for the occaison.

   my wife stands in front of us and trying hard not to laugh "marries" us.

   "Sophia, do you marry him?"

"YES I DO!!!!" she says giggling.

"Ok then you are married to him. you may now hug him."

And my little daughter turns to me and hugs me so hard.

" I Love you daddy I'm so happy we married now!"

" I love you too Sophia, always and forever."

Goddess **** my daughter makes my cold heart melt.
Hawk Flight Jul 2014
The love of a parent is to hard to explain

It's when your life isnt just about you anymore
It's about that tiny human life
that you have created
its when their life becomes
more important then yours

When your universe becomes off kiltered
and slowly revolved away from you
and centered itself around them
They've got you wrapped around thier finger
and thats the way its meant to be.

You would do ANYTHING for them.
Whipe away every tear
Grab your baseball bat and beat the crap
out of the person who created them.

Check under the bed
for those fictitious monsters
just so you can see that fear
dispear from their eyes.

Hold them close
and in your heart.
Selfish thoughts
forever gone
Its not just about you anymore

Its all about them.
Anyone who is a parent knows what I meant.

this is too my Two Daughters.
Hawk Flight Jul 2014
Tá tú an réalt ag taitneamh
i mo domhan dorcha

nach bhfuil rud ar bith sa saol seo
Ní ba mhaith liom a dhéanamh ar do shon

Ba mhaith liom dul ar fud an domhain seo
Ba mhaith liom troid ar bith Demon
Má chiallaigh sé tú a choinneáil
ag mo thaobh.

Tá tú mo Shlánaitheoir
Mo shlánú
Mo bheannacht
Ní leor faoi cheilt a dhéanamh mar sin

Is breá liom tú Kaitlyn
le gach snáithín de mo á

Is breá liom tú
Its all in Irish. My wife is Irish and I wanted to write this for her. Look on Google Translate they have the BEST translation of this.
Hawk Flight Jul 2014
The fireworks explode above my head
lighting up my daughers faces
Arianna wide eyed with fear
Sophia wided eyed with wonder

Kaitlyn met my eye
Smiled at me
knowing what I was thinking.

Fourth of july is my Holiday
something about the fireworks
And seeing my children light up
just like me it made me smile.

Arianna's first 4th of july
Sophia and I's first one together
Kaitlyn and I's first one
As Husband and wife.

My favorite holiday
just got even Better
TO my WIFE and Daughters.
Hawk Flight Jun 2014
I am the predator
that flies through the night shadows.
I am the hawk
that will be your undoing.
Thought of this a few years back while I was under the influence of Coke. Its not good but it stuck with me.
Yeah I know the name isnt origianl
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