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Haley Nov 2014
Love is ******* crazy.

And it makes me crazy.

And i hate it.

And i love it.

I don't know what to do with it

Or without it.

And i don't know how to handle it.

But i do know that i need it.

I need him.

I need to know that i can tell him anything,

That i can trust him with everything,

And that we can be happy together doing nothing.

I want love.

I need his love.

*(and i have it)
Haley Sep 2014
Before I fall asleep everynight,
I go through and close all the apps I used during the day.
But I always leave my messages open
so that I know he's just one click away.
Not really a poem. Just something silly that I do and I wanted to right it down. But it rhymes at the end so I guess it's a poem......
Haley Jul 2014
But I can't think of a thing to say
that is more beautiful than the way his presence makes all the pieces of my life feel complete.

Nor can I think of an arrangement of words that can express the emotions I feel when our eyes connect and our bodies collide.

The only words that come to mind are the three most overused words in our language, and at this moment, I cannot think of a way to put them to even begin to show him how I really feel.
I love you.
Haley Jun 2014
With hugs and kisses and holding hands. Slowly getting a feel of who and what they are.

Then tongues join in with the kissing, and hands start to wander to different locations. Letting go and giving yourself to them, while feeling them letting go and giving themselves to you.

Then kissing other parts of the body and wandering underneath the clothes. Learning more and more about them with every touch.

When clothes come off sparks fly. Bodies begin to move in sync, heavy breathing and slight sweating. Not only your bodies, but your emotions combine. Becoming one in each other, and feeling the emptiness that you once had, slowly but surely start feeling complete.

Then before you know it, almost 2 years have gone by. You've continued growing closer together with every kiss, every touch, and every ******.
There are no regrets, just love. You're completely and utterly in love.

And now you know.
Now you know that this is why you're here,
and he is all you need.
Haley Oct 2013
It's been a year today
And i think that's insane,
Cuz i remember meeting you
Like it was yesterday.
You said"hey Haley i'm Willem"
And i felt really dumb,
I managed to say hello
And i couldn't stop thinkin bout you when i got home.

The day we started dating
The skies were grey and it was raining,
You tried to hold my hand
But when you did your pants almost fell down.
And when we first kissed
Well i think we kindof missed,
But when we tried again
I felt our whole lives begin.

I can't wait til we can live together
Eventually somewhere with colder weather
But we're gunna have to wait
At least 2 years 1 month and 2 days.
There's a lot more i could talk about
But we've made it here, and there's no doubt
That it's been the best year of our lives
And someday you'll make me your wife.

It's been a year today
And it really is insane,
But there will be many more
And i can't wait for what is in store.
Anniversary present for the most wonderful person in my life<3
Haley Sep 2013
it's true that your mind wanders more,
and you can't keep yourself from thinking of the things you try to avoid throughout the day,
when you stay up too late.

but once you've stayed up all night,
and forgotten to sleep at all,
it all sort of goes away,
leaving you with the thoughts of things that really matter.

like the warmth of his arms around you,
and the sound of his voice when he tells you you're beautiful,
and the sincerity you feel when he whispers i love you,
and the smile on his face when he looks at you.

and these are the thoughts,
with the comfort that they give you,
which allow you to slowly start drifting off to sleep.
Haley Aug 2013
Nothing gets me through the night
like the smell of your roughly worn flannel.

And the thought that some day
i'll get to snuggle up next to you
every single night
with the warmth of your arms
and the sound of your breath
and the beauty of your face
when i open my eyes.
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