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Haley Jul 2013
Seven days,
   Six nights.
Spent with the best kisses,
   The best laughs,
      The best love.
                    The best boy.
Filled with cuddles,
                     And tears.
   A Scottish wedding,
      The ocean,
                    *And some beer.
And in a couple years, we'll  be together for more than just seven days, and six nights.
Haley May 2013
I'd rather have you,                                            
              th­an a field of sunflowers,                          
                      a tree house in Ireland,                    
                                or a waterfall in my backyard.
Haley May 2013
I hate myself,
   and everyone else.
Except for you,
   of course.

      But when i'm with you
         I tend to hate
               a little less.
Haley Apr 2013
I will love you like a flower loves rain in the summer and the summer loves the river.
I will want you like a believer wants a god and a god wants belief.
I will need you like a candle needs fire and that fire needs wind to calm it down.
I will hold you like a mother holds her newborn baby, and as her baby will someday hold the hand of a man, half as magnificent as you.
I will stay with you like your scar from a lighter and like the light that shows you the way.
I will love you like a flower loves rain in the summer and the summer loves the river.
Haley Apr 2013
Every time our fingers interlock,

Our lips connect,

And our tongues collide.
Haley Apr 2013
You're the best.
(Even though you say you aren't.)

And everyone knows it.
(Except apparently you.)

And I want you to realize it.
(So you won't ever be insecure.)

But I'm scared for you to realize it.
*(Because then you'll see you can do better than me.)
Haley Apr 2013
I'm not here as your guest,
Because guests never plan on staying too long.

I'm not here as your guide,
Because it is rare for a guide to ever be wrong.

I'm not here as just a friend,
Because friends often fail to stay strong.

But instead,
I'm here as your lover.

Because although I'll often be wrong,
I promise to always stay strong.

And I plan on staying very long.
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