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Jun 2014
With hugs and kisses and holding hands. Slowly getting a feel of who and what they are.

Then tongues join in with the kissing, and hands start to wander to different locations. Letting go and giving yourself to them, while feeling them letting go and giving themselves to you.

Then kissing other parts of the body and wandering underneath the clothes. Learning more and more about them with every touch.

When clothes come off sparks fly. Bodies begin to move in sync, heavy breathing and slight sweating. Not only your bodies, but your emotions combine. Becoming one in each other, and feeling the emptiness that you once had, slowly but surely start feeling complete.

Then before you know it, almost 2 years have gone by. You've continued growing closer together with every kiss, every touch, and every ******.
There are no regrets, just love. You're completely and utterly in love.

And now you know.
Now you know that this is why you're here,
and he is all you need.
Written by
   Jeremy Duff
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