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6d · 146
‪You’re the gem that I keep for the longest time, but maybe I hold it too strong, my palm bleeds.‬
6d · 36
Have. Had.
When what we have become what we had, the happiest memories are the saddest memories now.
Jan 29 · 34
Nard Wolfe Jan 29
You put on your armour and shield
Whenever you’re facing them
It’s heavy, it’s baggaging
And your nerve is tense
And you listen and see everything
Alert for the smallest details

How does it feel to be naked?
To finally drop everything and feel free
Have you ever found somebody
Who you’re letting them to see the scars
Without slightest of doubt
Paranoid of being misunderstood and judged

Even if they do, would you able to explain?
Introduction, ****** and the conclusion
So smoothly, as if you’re telling a bedtime story
Probably stutter and finding for the correct words
But when you talk, do they listen?
Or you put back your armour and walk away with shield in hand?
Dec 2019 · 63
Would you?
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
If I wrote you poems, would you rewrite it in your memories?
If I gave you songs, would you hum to it while you are listening?
If I showed every part of me, the shattered, broken pieces, would you still see me as one?
Dec 2019 · 99
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
If words could make your heart skip a beat, then I would write 10,000 poems and 10,000 more.

Because describing love is more than 10,000 ways.

All the roses and its thorns are intertwined, but it tells the story of one.
Dec 2019 · 35
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
You push people away,
Because sometimes you want them to try harder
Because you're confused and unsure
Because no one ever taught how to or what to
Because they understand, but none lead you.

You understand how it feels, you just don't know how to react to
You have this strong will, you just not sure which path to go to.

You're alone and cold, people try to come and hold
But most of them withdraw themselves because they failed to warm you up
Now you're not disappointed with them but yourself
You told them to leave, but that dim light heart of yours shows that you're actually hoping that they'll stay.
Dec 2019 · 107
Would you take my hand?
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
‪I’m still looking for you‬
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?
You don’t have to tell me what happened back then
Come here, to my shoulder, you can cry, I’ll wait and lend
I’ll bring you out of here, I’ll get your heart mend
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?

But if you don’t, I’ll still be near you somewhere at the corner end.
Dec 2019 · 44
My love for you.
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
‪Feel my love how you feel the wind‬
Feel that breezy and soft kisses on your skin
Feel how it caress your hair and lips
Breathe deep, feel the sensation
Listen to the whispers
Close your eyes and tell me if your feet ever leave the grass.
Dec 2019 · 31
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
Sometimes I need no words.

Just eyes that shows understanding
Smile that says, “I’m here for you”
Hand that holds the shivering me.

We could say nothing at all, be in the crowd of silence and feel the presence of each other.

I wanna feel that kind of warmth.
Dec 2019 · 33
For You
Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
Hi.. this is for you.

I want you to know that pain and pleasure come hand in hand.

When you get the pleasure, live it passionately. So you could collect it as your good memories.

When you have to face the pain, go through it patiently. Don’t rush it, don’t ignore it, don’t skip it. Be hold, you will get over it.

Because both pain and pleasure won’t be forever. They come and go. And as long as you live, you’ll face it over and over again. Because that’s just how it is. How life works.

As a person who live the life, we have no choice but to walk it through. And we gain something from it, and we lose something from it.

But in spite of everything, I hope that He’ll lend you some strength, He’ll guide you and shower you with His love; and you could feel His presence. He’s there.. always there. He never leaves. Believe in Him.

You won’t understand much with what’s happening, but sooner or later, you’ll figure things out.

Take care.. I’ll always pray and hope the best for you.
Nov 2019 · 99
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
Sometimes I wish there’ll be someone stay on my frequency
While everyone else keeps changing channels and pass by mine
Where we could sing harmoniously in the same genre
And start to sway as my feet listen to the beat as if it was a great dancer.
Nov 2019 · 87
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
‪You make me feel greedy‬
You make me go stingy
I want you to myself
I want you and what you have
Black and Blue, Grey as well
All the even and odds
All the heaven and hell
All in one, that is you

I keep you hidden
As if you’re a shining golden
Far from people’s sights
So they won’t point out what’s wrong and what’s right

At times I didn’t tell you enough
At times I told you too much
But most of the times you’re like a draft
Leave to the peak after the fall
Up and down too many times
Giving the beats I never saw before

I used to be someone who was rich with words
So blunt with what I feel and how I think
But when it comes to you I couldn’t come to blurt
I’m scared, I fear, so in silent I’m humming.
Nov 2019 · 167
Finish this feeling.
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
If only the tears that stream down the cheeks drain the feeling away.
Nov 2019 · 103
That is why.
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
‪Sometimes people don’t intended to end their lives.
They just want to quit from whatever things that draining them.

When thing seems like unsolvable, when every effort would never be enough to settle things down, when life kinda block every chances.

Tired of trying.
Trying to live another day with the same ***** to deal with.

People said, “Tomorrow’s a mystery”
That’s the thing.
Tomorrow is promising nothing
That’s why people tend to give up.
Nov 2019 · 286
My best is not your best.
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
I swear I’m trying my level best to be the best version of me
So people would stay, so I would get people’s love and attention, so I won’t lose anything
But when will I learn, that everyone leaves; and not everyone that you love would love you back.

People think what they want to think and do what they want to do.
They are selfish that way.

But my best isn’t enough for you, I guess.
It’s never gonna be enough.
Because it’s from me
The one who never been accepted and belong anywhere.
Nov 2019 · 49
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
‪No matter how it ends, I want you to remember the good things that we used to have. Those were ours; are still ours to be remembered.
Nov 2019 · 98
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
I wait for you at dusk so we could dance under the moon and the stars just to watch you walk away at dawn.
Nov 2019 · 96
My Last Wish.
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
‪The world is full of catastrophe, and we might wouldn't able to dodge the meteors that hitting the only earth the we have; but as‬ long as you have the chance to live, I want you to run and save your life.
That would be my last wish.
Nov 2019 · 212
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
The cloud was sobbing so badly that the rain can't stop falling.
Nov 2019 · 396
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
I have a feeling.

That sometimes she feels just the way you feel,
She wants you to fight for her because she's worth it,
Prove to her that what you feel is real cause she's tired of doubting,
And gave you thousands of test and trials to see how far you'll past,
Hold her hand and be bold enough to stand for your love.

And my dear,
She's actually feels hurt if you stand back to watch her departure,
She's actually kind of offended when you're the one who building up the walls,
She's actually disappointed to see you're coming half way and then giving up,
She's actually don't really mind how things will end cause she's living in the present.

I just have a feeling and letting you know.
It's your choice to fight or to withdraw.

But I have to tell you that I have another feeling too.
Which is opponent with this one; that she really don't.
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
Some things are meant to be ended and stop at where it’d stopped.
It never meant to be at present or future
But it surely meant to remain as memories and to be missed
And there it belongs, even sometimes we long for it again.
Nov 2019 · 41
Cotton Flower
Nard Wolfe Nov 2019
‪People talk about love, about roses and sunflower‬
But to me, darling, you’re my cotton flower
You look so classic and the pure of your colour
Comfort, unique, all that simple thing that matter
You’re light and perfect but soggy and heavy once weightened by water
How soft you are, my cotton flower
Makes me want to care more than ever
More than anyone, or other that never.

— The End —